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This Apple Watch Ultra Black Friday deal hasn’t ended yet

The yellow circle shows the Apple Watch Ultra is in Low Power Mode.
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There are still some Black Friday deals floating around even after the shopping holiday has ended, but we’re kind of surprised that the Apple Watch Ultra remains on sale, as this is rare for a high-end Apple product. Well, if you’ve had your eye on one and want to buy it, Amazon has them on sale for $739, down from the usual $799 they go for. Similar offers have started going offline though, so you should hurry if you want to avail of this one, especially since it’s unclear if the smartwatch will be part of the upcoming Cyber Monday deals.

Why you should buy the Apple Watch Ultra

There are many great things to say about the Apple Watch Ultra, and while it certainly is pricey, it has all the features that make it worth it. For starters, it has a large 49mm screen that gives you a lot more real estate to work with, and WatchOS 9 takes advantage of that, being more streamlined and having buttons that are designed better and are easier to work with. Of course, the new OS also brings a lot of improvements to fitness tracking, supplemented by newer and better hardware on the watch itself. For example, it not only displays more data tracking when you’re working out, but it also has better heart rate and blood oxygen sensors, as well as a couple of new accelerometers that can sense if you’re in a car crash.

That said, the two big standout features on the new Apple Watch Ultra are the Wayfinder watch face and the digital crown, both of which have a lot of customization. Wayfinder can show everything from longitude to compass direction. The digital crown can be set up to do whatever you want when you press on it so that you can pop open the app or features you use the most easily. As for battery life, you’ll be happy to know that it can hit the promised 36 hours and possibly even twice that if you have it in low-power mode. But, of course, if you lead a very active lifestyle and use all the fitness features, you’ll still have to charge it every day and a half or two, but that’s not necessarily a considerable downside.

Overall, the Apple Watch Ultra is precisely that: ultra. It comes with a premium price tag but is packed with features that make it worth it, especially if you’re big into fitness and are already looking at fitness watches in the several hundred-dollar price bracket. Luckily, you can still get it a little bit cheaper from Amazon for $739. However, it might also be worth looking at the other remaining Apple Watch Black Friday deals for alternatives, as well as our comparison between the Apple Watch Ultra vs. Apple Watch 8 to see if the extra price and features are worth it.

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