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Where to buy the PS5 on Black Friday 2021

The Sony PS5 console and controller.
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If it feels like forever ago that the PlayStation 5 came out, and you still don’t have your hands on the next-generation console, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s been just over a year since the console launched, and it’s been nearly impossible to buy one ever since. With the global microchip shortage hitting hard and predicted to carry on until 2023, bagging yourself a PS5 this Black Friday could be a bit like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Unfortunately, we’ve got some bad news: There are unlikely to be any discounts on PS5 consoles this Black Friday, as no retailers have pledged to restock the consoles, meaning it’ll probably be just as hard to purchase one on Black Friday as it has been for the rest of the year. Don’t despair, though — this doesn’t mean you definitely won’t be able to pick up a PS5 console this Black Friday, but if you do spot one over the weekend, we recommend snapping it up, whether it’s at a reduced price or not. With next-gen consoles so hard to come by right now, you never know when the next restock will be!

To help you in your quest for the Holy Grail of next-gen consoles — otherwise known as the PS5 — we’ve put together some links to make it easy for you to check and see which retailers have PS5 consoles in stock. Retailers have been announcing limited restocks every few months, so we recommend checking these links frequently throughout the day in case new stock lands:

  • PS5 at Amazon —
  • PS5 at Best Buy —
  • PS5 at Walmart —

Even if you don’t manage to find a PS5 console in stock this Black Friday, you can still snap up amazing deals on a huge range of the best PS5 games and accessories. If a console’s on your wishlist, this is the day to load up on everything you need to enjoy your PS5 once it finally arrives! It’s also the ideal time to shop the Black Friday sales for games or accessories for someone who’s already got a console, in time for the holidays.

Some of the best Black Friday PS5 games deals include discounts on PS5 games like the slightly frustrating yet stylish Deathloop, the latest in the Far Cry franchise, Far Cry 6, and Marvel’s Avengers. You’ll also find great deals on PS5 controllers, headsets, cameras, and other accessories. We’ve rounded up some of the best gifts for PS5 owners if you need to know what to get the console owner who seems to already have everything.

It’s also worth checking out our pick of the best Black Friday gaming deals, as well as our more general roundup of the best Black Friday deals, just in case you miss anything. Remember, if you’re eyeing a tempting deal, snap it up fast, as the best deals aren’t around for long this Black Friday!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on retailer’s sites for your best chances of bagging a next-gen console before the holidays:

  • PS5 at Amazon —
  • PS5 at Best Buy —
  • PS5 at Walmart —

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