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Will groceries be on sale during Prime Day 2022?

Amazon groceries

Prime Day deals are kicking in tomorrow and we’re expecting to see some fantastic deals on all kinds of items including some highly sought after technology and gadgets. How about more ordinary purchases though? After all, we all need to buy groceries on a regular basis and those costs add up fast. Let’s explain what we know about the chances of groceries being cheaper during the Prime Day sales.

Will there be Prime Day grocery deals?

In a word, yes! Prime Day isn’t just about all the obvious things on sale, it’s also about the daily essentials. That means we’re counting on seeing some highly appealing Prime Day grocery deals when the event begins. Right now, you can enjoy 35% off many grocery essentials with more likely to come.

Amazon has a whole section devoted to groceries which includes all kinds of produce such as pasta, chips, baby food, and all manners of essential things to make your life easier (and tastier).

Like with all the Prime Day deals, it’s important to consider ahead of time what you need most. Many of the Prime Day grocery deals will involve purchasing items in bulk, so you don’t want to end up with a large quantity of something that you don’t actually want to eat. It’s useful to think about your grocery habits and stick with bargains that will actually save you money in the long term.

Will other retailers have grocery deals on Prime Day?

Amazon is far from the only online retailer that is likely to have grocery deals on Prime Day. One of its biggest competitors in the field is Walmart, which has its own unofficial Walmart Prime Day deals. The popular bricks-and-mortar store is always keen to be as competitive as Amazon wherever possible, and it has a head start with groceries.

That’s because, understandably, pretty much everyone thinks of stores like Walmart when they think of picking up their groceries and household items. In which case, Walmart will be keen to take advantage of that and offer some keenly priced grocery deals at the same time as Prime Day.

Besides Walmart, we’re also counting on seeing some deals from Whole Foods. The hugely popular grocery retailer offers an extensive variety of foods throughout the year along with its only weekly sales. It’s likely that it will also dive into the Prime Day season and launch its own sale around the same time. Whether you should favor Walmart or Whole Foods mostly depends on the food you most like to buy and enjoy. The important thing to remember is to keep an eye on both retailers for the best offers.

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