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Fortnite: How to find Cursed Llamas and use the Techniques they drop

Continuing with the trend of anime crossovers, Jujutsu Kaisen has come to Fortnite, bringing with it a new reward track and a fresh collection of themed challenges. But perhaps the most fun addition is the two exciting curse powers that players can now find and use in matches as part of the Break the Curse! event. If you want to get your hands on these Hollow Purple or Straw Doll Techniques, you’ll first need to find some Cursed Llamas on the Chapter 4 Season 3 battle royale map. Here’s how to find Cursed Llamas and how to use the Techniques they drop.

How to find Cursed Llamas

Screenshot showing a Cursed Llama exiting a rift
Epic Games

Much like the normal llamas that have populated Fortnite‘s battle royale map for years, Cursed Llamas can spawn in a variety of random places. Since there are no guaranteed spawn points, you’ll just need to play until you eventually find one. Luckily, these special llamas will show up on your map when they spawn to give you a heads-up about where you can treat them to some bullets. When you round one up, shoot them like any other llama until they pop and drop you some healing and utility items alongside both of the new Mythics: the Hollow Purple Technique and Straw Doll Technique.

How to use the Hollow Purple Technique

Fortnite character casting Hollow Purple
Epic Games

You can find the Hollow Purple Technique by defeating a Cursed Llama, but it can also sometimes be found as part of the normal loot pool. This power has three charges and is on a 20-second cooldown, meaning you can earn back a maximum of three charges per minute.

When you find a Hollow Purple Technique, pick it up and then be sure it’s equipped. When pressing the fire button, you’ll charge up a giant purple orb for a short period of time before unleashing it. It will move relatively slowly in whatever direction you were facing when you fired it, destroying structures and dealing damage to everyone in its path. This makes it an extremely useful tool for getting opponents out of buildings or clearing a forested area to keep them from hiding behind trees.

How to use the Straw Doll Technique

Fortnite character using the Straw Doll Technique
Epic Games

You can find the Straw Doll Technique by defeating a Cursed Llama, but it can also sometimes be found as part of the normal loot pool. This item has three uses and is on an eight-second cooldown, so you’ll be able to earn back a maximum of three charges every 24 seconds.

When you find the Straw Doll Technique, pick it up and equip it, then use the fire button to sling cursed nails at your opponents. These deal a small amount of damage with the initial hit on a foe, then it deals a big chunk of AOE damage a few moments later when the projectile explodes. This makes it especially useful for surprise attacks against tightly grouped opponents and can ensure you start any fight at an advantage.

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