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Fortnite Wrapped: how to get your end-of-year Fortnite stats

Just like the end-of-year PlayStation and Nintendo wrap-ups, Fortnite also offers a way to look at your stats for 2022. However, the wrap-up stats for the year aren't generated by Epic Games, but an unofficial site called FN Zone.




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Still, it's a great way to check out your performance for the year, giving you an accurate idea of just how well you performed in 2022. But how exactly does this work and what sorts of stats does this wrap-up cover? Here's how to check your 2022 Fortnite stats using FN Zone.

How to check your 2022 Fortnite stats

Since Epic Games doesn't offer a 2022 end-of-year wrap-up, you'll need to visit an unofficial site called FN Zone to check your stats for the year.

Step 1: First, visit the FN Zone Wrapped site.

Step 2: When you arrive, you'll need to input the Epic Games ID associated with your Fortnite account. If you aren't sure of what your ID is, jump into Fortnite, open up the options, and then navigate to the top to see your Epic Games details.

Menu with Epic Games account in Fortnite.

Step 3: After that, input your Epic Games ID to retrieve your account information. If it's the wrong one, simply refresh the page and you'll be able to add a different account.

Fortnite 2022 Wrapped stats page.

Step 4: After you've added your Epic Games ID, you'll see your stats for 2022, including details about the number of hours played, total eliminations, wins, and match count. This also gives you information about your most played season for the year. It isn't the most comprehensive list of stats, but it's definitely worth checking out still.

Step 5: Below the stats card, you'll see an option to Download or Share. You can download this 2022 Wrapped card to save to your device, which can be shared as an image. Clicking Share will copy a link to your clipboard, and you can then take it to social media to paste in the link. This way, you can show your friends just how well you performed in Fortnite this year. Or simply use this as a reference point for 2023.

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