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Fortnite: how to throw holiday presents for Winterfest

As part of a recent holiday-themed quest in Fortnite, players are required to throw holiday presents at three different named locations on the map. This objective is actually far trickier than it seems due to a handful of factors that make it tedious to complete. While there's no surefire way to finish this one, it does help to know how it works.




1 hour

In this guide, we'll explain everything you'll need to know about this quest to hopefully make it as easy as possible for you.

Present in Fortnite.
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How to find presents

The hardest part of this quest is actually getting your hands on presents. There isn't a guaranteed way to find one while playing, making this quest super tedious to complete. Holiday presents spawn as floor loot and from chests with a very low drop rate. Players have reported playing for up to an hour before finding one on the map, unfortunately.

So, your best bet is to run around and loot as much as possible, while visiting as many locations as you can. You can actually pick up presents from eliminated enemies, so keep your eyes peeled as you battle foes across the map. They might have a present on their body.

Keep in mind, for this quest, you need to throw three presents at named locations, but they don't all need to be thrown in the same match.

How to throw presents at different named locations

Once you finally get your hands on a present, you need to throw it at a named location. Named locations are main points of interest (POI) across the map such as Faulty Splits and Anvil Square. Hopefully, you're already near a named location when you find a present, and if not, you'll need to make the journey to a main POI as safely as possible. That means utilizing a vehicle and as much cover as you can so you don't get eliminated before actually getting to throw the gift. There's nothing worse than finally finding a present, only to get eliminated before being able to throw it at a named location.

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