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Fortnite season 5 week 2 challenge guide: Where to find clues in Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, and Lazy Lake

For the third stage of the Doggo challenges in Fortnite during season 5 week 2, you’re required to find clues in Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, and Lazy Lake. As usual, there is no indication as to where these clues are located, but we’ve got the details on where to find them.

In this guide, we’ll show you where to find each clue in the three named locations. Remember, since this is stage three, it means you must complete stages one and two first, which require you to destroy mailboxes and plant evidence at Flush Factory or Catty Corner, respectively. Once you’ve completed those two challenges, you’ll be ready to move onto the third stage. Here’s where to find clues in Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, and Lazy Lake in Fortnite.

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Clue in Pleasant Park

Fortunately, this challenge is quite simple once you know where all the clues are. The clues in question are all specific blue mailboxes that are found at each of the named locations. You can collect them in any order, but for the purposes of this guide, we’ll be going in the order each location is listed in the challenge’s description.

First is Pleasant Park, where you’ll find this blue mailbox on the northeastern side of the area, by a wooden fence. Simply walk up to it and press Square on PlayStation, X on Xbox, and Y on Nintendo Switch to interact with it. Use the map and video above for reference.

Clue in Holly Hedges

Next up is Holly Hedges. This mailbox is found in the southwestern corner of the area inside a small building. Go into the far back room, past the NPC, and you’ll see the mailbox on the ground, turned over on its side.

Clue in Lazy Lake

Finally, the mailbox at Lazy Lake is found on the western side of the area, against a building. Interact with it to complete the challenge and earn 20,000 XP.

One thing to note is that you can certainly grab all three mailboxes in one match, but it might be easier for you to quit out after you collect each one since the locations are so spread out. If you don’t want to quit, you should use a helicopter or other vehicle to visit each location quickly. However you choose to do it, your progress will save whether you quit out after each mailbox or if you choose to grab them all in one match. After you complete this challenge, you’ll unlock the fourth and final stage of the Doggo challenges, which requires you to destroy dog houses.

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