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Fortnite season 7, week 14 challenges and how to complete them

The latest set of Fortnite challenges are here, this time for season 7, week 14. The season is nearly over, but before you move on, you’ll definitely want to complete the latest challenges so you can earn some last-minute XP. This week, you shouldn’t have too many difficulties with the challenges, as many of them consist of objectives you’ve already completed throughout the season. But if you’re stuck or simply haven’t played much lately, you might need some assistance.

That’s where we come in. In this guide, we’ll show you all the newest challenges, along with tips on getting through some of the trickier ones. These are the Fortnite season 7, week 14 challenges, and how to complete them.

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Season 7, week 14 challenges

As always, we advise taking a look at the newest challenge list before diving into a match. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of what to look out for as you play. Doing this will likely save you a little time, as well. Below are the new challenges for season 7, week 14:

  • Activate a rift after purchasing it from a character (1)
  • Collect foraged items at Corny Complex (4)
  • Destroy alien eggs (3)
  • Eliminate an attached alien parasite (1)
  • Ignite structures in Holly Hatchery and Corny Complex (25)
  • Damage opponents while in a vehicle (150)
  • Pop tires on IO vehicles (1)

For those trickier challenges, we’ve got guides on getting through them below.

Season 7, week 14 challenge guide

Activate a rift after purchasing it from a character

Coming out of rift in Fortnite.

The first challenge you’ll attempt is for activating a rift after purchasing it from a character. There are specific NPCs who can help you reach your goal, so check out the guide below to see where to find them.

How to activate a rift after purchasing it from a character

Destroy alien egg

Destroying eggs in Fortnite.

Destroying an alien egg is tricky, but our guide below has all the details for completing this challenge.

How to destroy alien egg

Eliminate an attached alien parasite

Chickens around alien parasites in Fortnite.

Arguably the toughest challenge of the week is for eliminating an attached alien parasite. Click the link below for a guide on getting through it.

How to eliminate an attached alien parasite

Pop tires on IO vehicles

Popping an IO tire in Fortnite.

The last challenge you’ll likely go for is for popping tires on IO vehicles. Thankfully, this one is pretty simple, so check out the walkthrough below for the steps to completing it.

How to pop tires on IO vehicles

And with that, you’ll have everything you’ll need to finish the latest set of challenges for Fortnite season 7, week 14. As long as you follow the steps laid out in our guides, you’ll be able to get through these objectives with ease.

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