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How to kill every Visionary in Deathloop and break the loop

Deathloop has one essential task: Kill all eight Blackreef Visionaries in one day to break the loop once and for all. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Hunting down all eight Visionaries isn’t as easy as kicking in their door, saying something witty, and then blowing their head off. Colt must learn their movements, habits, desires, and love interests to get them in the right place at the right time. While there are several ways to kill every Visionary individually, there is only one way to kill them all in the same day. So how do you kill every Visionary in Deathloop? Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Gear up, head out

The Tribunal pistol from Deathloop with the best Trinkets.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Below, we’ve laid out how to kill each Visionary in Deathloop individually. Killing them one by one is the best way to obtain every Slab in Deathloop and teaches you how to kill them most efficiently. Below, we’ve detailed the ideal loadouts for taking on each Visionary, including the best weapons, trinkets, and Slabs to use.

Best loadouts for hunting Visionaries in Deathloop

With plenty of weapons, Trinkets, and Slabs to choose from, knowing what to bring on each Visionary hunt is crucial for taking them all down one by one. In some instances, you’ll be killing multiple in the same area.

You’ll be cycling through three Slabs when Visionary hunting. Equip the Nexus, Aether, and Shift Slabs to Colt’s loadout, with Nexus being the permanent keeper. You’ll switch between Shift and Aether when it comes to killing different Visionaries. Karnesis is fun but ultimately useless when it comes to taking down Blackreef’s leaders. We also found no reason to run the Havoc Slab, as it goes against the point of the game.

Weapon-wise, a silenced Tribunal is going to be your best friend. Equip it with the Straight Shooter and Lighting Strike Trinkets for the best results. The third Trinket is a toss-up, but Shock Absorber and Sure Shot make good choices.

Creeping Death is the best Character Trinket in the game and is a must-use along with Spring Heeled. Other than those two, we like Sprinter and Turtle Shell for max movement speed and damage resistance.

How to kill Harriet

Harriet should be your first target because she carries the Nexus Slab, which is arguably the best Slab in Deathloop. She’ll also be the first target in the final killing spree since the only way to kill her is during the morning in Karl’s Bay.

Hug the right side of Karl’s bay until you come across a bridge. There’ll be a few Eterenalists and a sentry turret blocking your path. You’ll arrive at the hangars from the coastal side, thus providing the easiest way to get in undetected. Dispose of the Eternalists in your way and hack the turret. You can crouch behind the box on your right to hack the turret safely.

Two Eternalists will be standing between the hangars once you arrive. Use the Nexus Slab to link and kill them. There is a hole in the wall to your left; use it to sneak into Hanger 1. To your right is Frank’s firework stash. If you have the code to get in, make sure you do so and rig his fireworks. We’ll go over how to get the code later on.

Now, there are two ways to kill Harriet while she’s giving her morning sermon. You can sneak up through Hangar 1, doing your best to remain undetected, or you can find the secret service tunnel code that links Hangar 1 to Hangar 2.

Hangar 2 service tunnel code location

Service tunnel door code location in Deathloop.
Hangar 2 – top level Image used with permission by copyright holder

The service tunnel is the best way to sneak in and kill Harriet. However, the code is located on the top level of Hangar 2, so you’ll have to either sneak around or run and gun your way in to find it. Once you arrive in Hangar 2, you’ll see an Eternalist, Amador the Mask Maker, ready to sacrifice himself for Harriet’s cause. On the opposite side of the hangar, on the top level, there’ll be a note titled “I Got Nothing” on a box. You’ll find the code for the service tunnel in that note. Since all the codes are randomized in Deathloop, we can’t just give you ours.

The service tunnel is located in Hangar 1. Head through the crawl space from before and hug the right wall. There should only be one Eternalist you need to kill to remain undetected. Do NOT go up the stairs. You’ll find the door tucked in the corner. If you arrive at the front door of the Hanger, you’ve gone too far.

Killing Harriet

Once you sneak through the tunnel, you’ll need to activate your Aether Slab and make a break for the open garage door on the left side of Hangar 2. Sneak up the stairs and kill the Eternalist who’s keeping watch on the top level. Position yourself on the crossbeam; you’ll see two Eternalists. Use your Nexus Slab to link them and Harriet together and then headshot one of them, thus killing Harriet.

Suppose you can’t find the tunnel door code or haven’t found the Aether and Nexus Slab yet. You can get on the other side of Hangar 2 via the catwalks and then use the Shift Slab to bypass the security laser beams in Harriet’s office. Head through the door and kill the top-level Eternalist. Looking down at the two enemies below, headshot the one on the right, then the left. Then, sneak up and assassinate Harriet in front of her crazy followers. By now, you should have encountered your first scripted Julianna invasion. If she dropped a Shift Slab, you’re in luck.

How to kill Frank

There are two ways to kill Ramblin’ Frank in Deathloop. One way earns you his weapon, Constancy Automatic; the other involves rigging his fireworks in Karl’s Bay. Let’s focus on how to kill him in his club on Fristad Rock first.

Frank’s club is very exclusive. So exclusive that you’ll need a special Slab-canceling wristband if you plan on walking through the front door. However, we’re not going through the front door. Instead, we’re going through the bottom, through a secret tunnel below the underground bar on Fristad Rock.

In the morning, hug the left side of Fristad once you exit the Tunnel and kill any enemies in your way. You’ll see debris blocking the road ahead of you. Climb up the rock on the right and hug the cliffside until you find a narrow tunnel you can crawl through. Kill the enemies in the underground bar and then head further down. Specifically, look at the bar and then jump off to the right. You’ll land in shallow water, so be ready to take a little damage.

Once you land, spin around and head right. You’ll find another tunnel in the rocks. Disable the lasers to come up underneath Frank’s club. You’ll have to hack doorways to pass through the club, but that’s a small price to pay for full use of your Slabs.

Frank’s club is crawling with enemies, so be careful not to trigger an all-out gunfight. Instead of fighting your way through the club, turn right once you leave the bathroom and climb up the rocks. There’ll be enemies at the top so stay crouched, and take them out quietly.

Head into the red fireplace room on your left, hacking the camera to remain undetected. There’ll be two enemies staring out a window with their backs to you. Nexus and kill them both. Once you emerge on the other side, you’ll see a camera, a door, and an Eternalist on your left. Kill them and hack the camera.

Do not hack the door ahead of you. Instead, jump up to the ledge above and climb through the window. Sneak out onto the ledge on the right and Nexus the three enemies below. This will alert Frank to your presence, but he’s currently locked in his sound booth.

Hack Frank’s sound booth via a hackable button to the left of it, then toss a grenade inside when the door opens. The grenade will kill both enemies and send Frank flying out the other side. Gun him down when he’s trying to get up.

Rigging Frank’s fireworks

You’ll learn early on that Frank is something of a pyromaniac. You’ll also learn about his secret stash of Fireworks in Karl’s Bay while exploring his club. However, the fireworks are sealed behind a door, and Colt doesn’t know the code. Thankfully, Frank’s friendly firework guy, Otto, does.

Unfortunately, Otto’s not the most responsible person on Blackreeef, and his overworked generators burn his fireworks shop to the ground with the code inside. Head to Updaam in the morning to prevent the fire by blowing up the power generators connected to his shop. Follow the thick wires on the ground to find the generators. Shoot them to destroy them.

Return to Otto’s shop at noon to find the code on his computer. However, you’re presented with four different ways to rig Frank’s fireworks, so what’s his weakness? Frank doesn’t know how the rain flaps work. Jamming the rain flaps on his fireworks will kill him later that night in Updaam, and Colt won’t have to lift a finger. You’ll confirm this after flipping Frank’s bedroom and finding a recording of a drunken conversation between him and Harriet titled “Fishing for Fireworks.”

How to Kill Charlie and Fia

Charlie and Fia, Blackreef’s odd couple, are the two hardest Visionaries to kill on their own. The easiest way to kill them, and the only way to break the loop, is to find them when they think they’re alone in their secret hideaway on Fristad Rock. However, you’ll have to complete a handful of steps before you can get them together.

How to kill Charlie (and learn about Fia)

You’ll learn of their odd relationship the first time you play through Charlie’s weird alien invasion game at noon in Updaam. If you can sneak up to 2-Bit and have him evacuate the building, then do so. If not, the best way to get through Charlie’s game, especially if you don’t have the Shift Slab and don’t know what 2-Bit is, is to play it. Gun down every enemy in sight and be ready to die a few times for the sake of information.

If you do have the Shift Slab, along with the Airborne and Reach upgrades, hug the right side of Charlie’s mansion and Shift your way across the rocks. Kill the Eternalist looking pensively into the distance. Then, from that enemy’s spot, aim for a catwalk up and to the left. There’s another door you can then zip to once on the catwalk.

You can also Shift your way up to Charlie’s office at the top of his mansion. Instead of Shifting to the catwalk, head down the path in front of you and climb up the rocks until you can’t climb any further. You may have to Shift up them until you get stuck about halfway up. Then, Shift to the next level. Rip through Charlie’s office until you uncover evidence of their secret relationship.

How to kill Fia, find the pictograms, and disable the reactor

Once you uncover the lover’s secret hideout on Fristad rock, you’ll need to find four original “works of art” by Fia. They’re littered around her Fristad fortress, and you’re given a series of clues as to where they are. These clues are both helpful and confusing. We had better luck running around Fia’s fortress and finding them through trial and error. Colt only needs four specific ones.

Deactivating the reactor is the most important thing to do in Fia’s fortress. She has no problem blowing Blackreeef sky-high, thus killing Colt in the process (it doesn’t matter how many lives you have left — Fia will auto-reset the loop if the reactor blows).

With the Aether and Shift Slabs equipped, head to Fristad at noon and go through the tunnel door in front of you. Kill the enemies and hug the right side until you find the coastal area with all the containers and trucks. Shift across the trucks to your left until you find a hackable Turret aimed at two enemies. There’s a door below the turret, so deal with this however you’d like.

Head through the door and down the elevator shaft. Kick through the wood panels and kill the two enemies in front of you. Then, Hack the camera and break the glass to your left. Hop through the window and head to the back of the room. Here, you’ll find a blueprint-looking piece of paper with the correct order to cut the reactor wires. Memorize or write it down.

The Blueprints to Fia's Reactor in Deathloop.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Sneak your way to the reactor in the middle of Fia’s fortress however you prefer. The Aether Slab makes it much easier as seen in the video above. If Fia knows you’re there, she’ll blow everything up. Hack the reactor and then cut the wires in the correct order. Once deactivated, you don’t have to worry about staying quiet. However, Fia’s Havok slab makes her challenging to kill, so sneaking up and assassinating her is the best strategy.

Follow the route shown in the video above to enter Fia’s fortress through the back and quickly discover how to disable the reactor.

The green paintings on the walls are the keys to unlocking the lover’s hideout. They’re easy to spot, so inspect every one until you find all four while trying to follow the clues as best you can. With the right pictograms in hand, you’ll be able to kill Charlie and Fia in the Afternoon on Fristad Rock. We’ll explain how in a later section.

How to kill Wenjie

Wenjie is the first Visionary you’ll kill in Deathloop as she unlocks the key to Infusion. There is no real strategy to killing her. The game will mark all of her clones, so kill them in whatever order feels most natural. However, to kill Wenjie along with the others, you’ll have to convince her to attend Aleksis’ party.

Follow the What Wenjie’s Want lead, which will bring you back to 2-Bit in Charlie’s mansion. 2-Bit can help you out, but he’ll need a sample of Aleksis’ voice to craft the custom massage. So, where do you get Aleksis’ voice?

Early in the game, you probably stumbled upon a lead suggesting some serious Firepower in the Updaam library. Head there in the morning to find it crawling with enemies. Once you’ve dealt with the enemies in the library, you’ll find a gift box in the middle of the floor. Inside is an Aleksis Dorsey statue that plays a long (and very annoying) voice recording. Bring this to 2-Bit and let him work his magic. Since 2-Bit’s memories carry over between loops, he’ll know to play this message every morning, which will get Wenjie to attend Aleksis’ party at night. See the video under “how to kill all eight Visionaries in one day” for the walkthrough.

How to kill Aleksis

Aleksis Dorsey is the most insufferable person on Blackreef. He’s also the trickiest to kill as his party is swarming with Eternalists. It also doesn’t help that they’re all dressed the same. Aleksis does have a tell, though. He’ll be the only one carrying dual LIMP-10s on his hips.

To lure him out, sneak into Dorsey Manor through a secret entrance in the cliffside (hug the left side of Updaam to find it). Jump through the window and head up the stairs to find a door overlooking the party below. Climb up on the snaking rafters and Shift down to a catwalk below. You’ll find a button to activate Aleksis’ trap door. Aleksis will eventually stand over the door. However, there’s an easier way to lure him out.

Shift through the window in front of you, kill the enemy, and head right. In the room with the piano, you’ll find Alexsis’ mixing board. Head through the door in this room and kill the two enemies outside. Then, turn around and Shift up to the window above. Now, you’re in Aleksis’ bathroom. Next to the toilet is another mixing board. Apparently, Aleksis comes up with his best party mixes while on the toilet. Plug this mix into the mixing board below to lure him out. You’ll hear him say something arrogant like, “all eyes on me!” You’ll also notice his dual LIMP-10s. Shoot him with a Nexus Blast to connect everyone in the room. Then, headshot one or jump down and assassinate anyone connected to Aleksis. See the video under “how to kill all eight Visionaries in one day” for the walkthrough.

How to kill Egor

Egor doesn’t require any special setup to kill him while he’s making scientific breakthroughs. Head to the Complex at night with the Shift Slab equipped; you’ll need it to zip past all of his defenses and lasers. If you head out the left tunnel door, you can easily sneak up behind and assassinate him.

Once dead, inspect the first floor of his office to find the frequency he’s currently obsessing about. Once you learn the frequency, you can head to the Complex at noontime to disable it, thus forcing Egor to attend Alekisis’ party.

How to kill Julianna (outside of invasions)

To kill Julianna (and break the loop), complete the Radio Silence lead. This should be the first thing you do in Deathloop after learning about Infusion. We won’t spoil anything further for you, as you’ll learn some fantastic world-building information through this lead. Just track it via the Visionary Leads menu and let the game guide you through the mission.

Killing Julianna during an invasion does not count as killing her to break the loop. As explained, the Juliannas that invade you come from different timelines, similar to how three are multiple Wenjie’s in the Complex.

How to kill all eight Visionaries in one day

Now it’s time to break the loop once and for all. As long as you’ve gotten 2-Bit to play Aleksis special message for Wenjie, you can rest assured knowing she’ll show up at the party every time. Here’s how to kill all eight Visionaries in Deathloop in one day.

Morning: Karl’s Bay — Harriet

Follow the instructions laid out above for killing Harriet. However, you must rig Frank’s fireworks before leaving Karl’s bay in the morning. Remember, he doesn’t know how the rain flaps are supposed to work.

Noon: The Complex

Head to the Complex and disable Egor’s machine. You’ll need to deploy a signal jammer nearby to deactivate the cloaking device. There are plenty of jammer’s in his office; however, his office is rigged with lasers and turrets. You can Shift through the window, grab a jammer, and then Shift back out without setting off the alarm. However, if you kill every enemy in the area and hack the turrets, you don’t have to worry about setting off the alarms.

Afternoon: Fristad Rock — Charlie and Fia

Now it’s time to kill Charlie and Fia in their meeting spot on Fristad Rock. You’ll learn about a secret way to flood the pumping station. However, it’s easier to kill them both by using the Nexus and Aether Slabs. Once you’re through the door on the lower level of the pumping station (the only way to get inside), head left and climb up a thick pipe. Activate Aether, duck under the lasers in front of you, and head up the stairs. While looking down on the lovers, Nexus them, then assassinate one from above. A headshot also works to kill both of them. This method is better than flooding the pumping station for two reasons. First off, you don’t have to escape the incoming water. Secondly, you can gather their Residuum, Slab upgrades, weapons, and Trinkets upon killing them. Otherwise, it’s all lost in the flood.

Night: Updaam — Aleksis, Frank, Egor, Wenjie, and Julianna

Once you spawn into Updaam, Frank will kill himself with his rigged fireworks, so you don’t have to worry about killing him yourself. Follow the path laid in the previous section to sneak into Aleksis’ party and lure him out via his toilet mix. Remember, this mix changes between loops, so you’ll have to sneak up to his bathroom to find the new mix for this loop.

Wenjie and Egor are on the roof of Dorsey manor. Head up the main stairs and go right down the red-carpeted hallway. You’ll see another set of stairs leading up to the attic. You’ll see more stairs in the attic that lead up to an access balcony on the roof, providing a better vantage point to take out Egor and Wengie.

Nexus them both and unload on Egor. Since Wenjie has no Slabs, Egor should be your primary target. Then, make easy work of Wenjie. There’ll be a few other enemies on the roof with them, but it’s nothing you can’t handle by now. The two are distracted as they look over the Balcony. If you can kill every other enemy on the roof quietly, you can sneak up behind Wengie and Egor. However, Make sure to kill Aleksis first before heading to the roof. The ensuing roof-top gunfight may disrupt things for the party below.

Now it’s time to finish off Julianna once and for all. We won’t spoil the game’s ending, so follow the markers and be ready to make a pretty tough decision.

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