Journey through Nintendo’s gaming history with 30,000 dominoes

journey through nintendos gaming history with 30000 dominoes nintendoIf you’ve ever held a controller or whiled away the hours of a long trip with a handheld device, than you’ve probably played a Nintendo game in one form or another. The Japanese gaming company has been making toys since 1889 but it didn’t begin gathering legions of fans until the 1980s with the Nintendo Entertainment System.

They’ve built up a lot of love, and several memorable characters over the last 25 or so years, and its hard to encapsulate how many icons the company has produced. 

That didn’t stop 15-year-old “ShanesDominoez” from giving it a shot. Using 30,000 dominoes, Shane set up various domino images of Nintendo consoles, controllers, cartridges and iconic logos. Classics like Mario and Pokemon give way to Zelda and, for some reason, Sonic (according to the ShanesDominoez YouTube page, he included Sonic because Sega’s blue racer has been on Nintendo for more than decade now). Sonic first appeared on a Nintendo system in 2001 when Sonic Adventure 2: Battle showed up on the Gamecube–2001 was also the year that Sega stopped making consoles.

Collapsing dominoes is always a fascinating watch, and we particularly enjoyed some of the more innovative structures that Shane put together. Make sure to keep an eye out of the Nintendo 64 symbol and Sonic’s rings.