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Play Smash the right way with this PowerA Switch controller Prime Day deal

Anyone who has ever played the Super Smash Bros. series will tell you that the GameCube controller is the only true way to enjoy the games. You can buy an adapter and honest-to-goodness GameCube controllers for use in the Nintendo Switch’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but you have another option in PowerA’s wireless controller that works just as well. During Prime Day, you can get a great deal on it.

Available now on Amazon for $27, which is a 46% savings compared to its standard price, the PowerA Wireless GameCube-Style Controller for Nintendo Switch is set up almost identically to the traditional GameCube controller. You have the four face buttons in the correct positions, as well as the left analog stick and right yellow C-stick to perform your smash moves.

The main difference compared to Nintendo’s own GameCube controller is that there are two shoulder buttons rather than one, as well as the Home and Capture buttons in the middle. The directional pad is also slightly larger, but it is not traditionally used in Super Smash Bros. games unless you plan on taunting your opponents.

Because of the additional buttons, as well as Bluetooth 5.0 and motion control support, PowerA’s controller is fully compatible with the Switch’s other games. It has a 30-hour battery life and comes with a two-year limited warranty, as well, so you can feasibly make it your primary Nintendo Switch controller and keep the Joy-Con controllers permanently attached to your system in its dock.

If you’re picking up a Nintendo Switch for Prime Day, you’ll almost certainly get Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to go alongside it. It’s one of the system’s best games, and this controller provides an experience like the designers intended. Even using a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller can’t compare, as the sticks and buttons are all just slightly off from where we expect them to be.

Controllers aren’t the only Nintendo Switch items on sale during Prime Day. Check out our dedicated Nintendo page for the best deals from Amazon as well as competing retailers, and save big on the Nintendo games you’ve been dying to play.

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