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Save $110 on this Logitech 920 racing wheel for Prime Day

There are a lot of great gaming Prime Day deals going on right now, and one of our favorites is on this high-end racing wheel from Logitech. The Logitech G920 is probably one of the nicest wheels you can grab, and it even made our lists of both the best Xbox one accessories and the best PS4 controllers, so you know it’s an excellent device regardless of your gaming platform. Amazon currently has it for just $190, with the usual retail price of $300, so that’s a pretty big , or roughly 37% off.

Why you should buy this Logitech G930 racing wheel

One thing that’s always been great about Logitech is that it knowshow to make a good accessory, whether it’s headsets or keyboards. Well, the same also applies to the Logitech G930, which is built extremely solidly and is packed with some great features. For starters, it uses a racing wheel that feels good and is quite responsive and accurate, which is important when playing racing games where a few inches can mean winning a race or smacking directly into the wall.

Even better, it has dual-motor feedback, otherwise known as rumble, and helps identify what you’re doing since you can feel things like oversteering and drifting. The wheel can also rotate 900 degrees, with the internal gears being helical and similar to what real gear shifts use, making the wheel action smooth. You’ll also notice that it has convenient features loke a D-pad, gamepad buttons, and triggers, which makes life so much easier when navigating a menu or changing a keybinding without grabbing the controller. And while it does have a big Xbox button right in the middle, it does work on Xbox, Playstation, and even PC, so there are no worries there.

While the Logitech G920 doesn’t come with a gearbox, it does faeture a nice pedal set that includes a brake, gas, and clutch. The brake is pressure sensitive and responds like a real car, rather than the linear pressure that many other lower-tier gaming pedals have. The pedals are also built from rolled steel and are easy to reposition and place in a way where you can use them in the heel/toe configuration if you prefer.

Overall, the Logitech G920 is easily one of the best racing wheels on the market, and regardless of the platform, you can use it to play the top 10 best racing games on PC, the best racing games for the PS4, or the best racing games for Xbox Series X.

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