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Walmart Prime Day: Nintendo Switch Sports is 20% off today

Today's Best Nintendo Switch Sports Prime Day Deal

Nintendo Switch Sports key art showcases the Joy-Cons being used for various sports.

Beef up your Switch game library with one of the best family games out there. Nintendo Switch Sports is only $40 at Walmart today, $10 cheaper than its usual price of $50. Walmart Prime Day deals are your best bet until Black Friday if you want to get cheap games, so grab this one while you can.

Why you should buy Nintendo Switch Sports on Prime Day

The player throws a bowling ball in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports is the latest entry in Nintendo’s beloved Sports saga. Many people fell in love with Wii Sports back when the Wii first launched. Since it came packaged with every new console, practically everyone has played at least one of Nintendo’s sports mini-games. But nostalgia isn’t the only thing the new Switch Sports has going for it. A more powerful console, more precise motion controls, and the benefit of decades of gamer input have led to an incredibly fun sequel.

Nintendo Switch Sports comes with several new sports: soccer, badminton, sword fighting (called chambara), and volleyball. Two Wii Sports classics make a return: tennis and bowling. Badminton is the star of the show this time around, much as tennis was the star of Wii Sports. Two players battle it out in a small court by smacking a birdie back and forth. Switch Sports excels when the controls are intuitive. You swing the joy-con just like you’d swing a racket. It’s easy to pick up and fun to challenge your friends. At family gatherings, grandma will pick it up in seconds and give the grandkids a run for their money.

Bowling and tennis are back with few changes. They’re still fun and addictive, and with the improved power and precision of the Switch motion controls, they’re better than ever. Things get interesting with soccer and volleyball. They’re a bit more complicated than the usual Sports fair. Volleyball requires all the same moves the real-life sport does. You’ll be bumping, setting, and spiking until you build up a sweat. Soccer is the most in-depth of the mini-games. You play full three-minute games, chasing after the ball and swinging the joy-con to kick. Chambara, the sword fighting game, is the lightsaber battle we’ve all been dreaming of since we were kids. You can swing your sword around like crazy, or use fencing techniques to strategically take down your opponent.

Grab Nintendo Switch Sports while it’s part of Walmart’s Prime Day deals. Your family and friends will thank you.

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