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Smart Home Features

google assistant over amazon alexa homi mini v feat

Alexa may be everywhere, but it’s Google’s Assistant I want in my home. Here’s why

The Amazon Alexa may have the Google Home beat in numbers of skills and compatibility with other products, but does that really matter when her voice falls flat for day-to-day conversation? Google Home sounds more natural, is easy to speak to, and its responses don't quite hint at a hostile robot uprising.
smart locks only home automation you need kwikset convert feat

No one gadget will improve your day-to-day life more than a smart lock

You can buy anything from a smart fridge to a smart toaster in 2019, but after trying them all, nothing improves day-to-day life more than a smart lock. We took a look at a couple of smart locks, and won’t be going back to the dumb ones any time soon, thanks to Kwikset.
concrete pipe tiny home sandra guillen mem2concrete feat

Living in a pipe doesn’t sound so bad with this amazing design

We’ve seen tiny homes with retractable roofs, ones that run on coffee grounds, and even ones decked out with smart home products. Now, a single mom has designed a tiny home built inside of a 16-feet-long concrete storm drainage pipe. It’s surprisingly functional for just 100 square feet of living space.
kbis colorful smart appliances feat

Stainless steel is so last year. In 2019, it’s all about colorful appliances

For the past couple of decades, the color of choice for appliances has been stainless steel. Now, makers are introducing ovens, fridges, and dishwashers in vibrant hues to give customers a more customized, refined look in the kitchen. From royal blue stoves to deep green fridges, consumers have more choices than ever.
facebook portal review  feat

Here’s how Facebook taught its Portal A.I. to think like a Hollywood filmmaker

When Facebook introduced its line of Portal screen-enhanced smart speakers, it wanted to find a way to make video chat as intimate as sitting down for a conversation with an old friend. Here's how its engineers tried to pull off the feat using some smart A.I. and a bit of human creativity.
Brava Oven

4 small appliances that have changed the way we cook food (for the better)

Ever heard of a sous vide machine? How about an air fryer? These are exciting times for home cooks seeking to advance or simplify their technique in the kitchen. That’s thanks in part to four small appliances that have made a splash over the past few years. Here’s why you should consider buying them.
seasons 2 amazon primed interview kuow feat

Prime(d) is the podcast Amazon probably doesn’t want you to listen to

KUOW’s Prime(d) podcast debuts Season 2 February 4. Host Joshua McNichols spoke with Digital Trends about the ways in which Amazon waits out its competition while keeping its customers happy. Even a few missteps won’t phase a company this size, so it’s practically guaranteed some amount of success in everything from groceries to fashion.
panasonic homehawk

Will everything from lamps to fridges be spying on me? Yes, and I’m creeped out

With the debut of Panasonic’s HomeHawk lamp with built-in video camera, should we be concerned that everything -- from couches to dishwashers – could soon be spying on us? New surveillance technology could mean we could all be caught dancing in our underwear in a hotel room, or worse.
Food Network In the Kitchen

‘In the Kitchen’ app helps you cook using voice commands

Looking for an easy-to-follow app while cooking? Food Network's In the Kitchen now helps you make meals through voice commands.
instant pot lux review manufacturer image

The Instant Pot Lux is a gateway drug into the pleasures of pressure cooking

Not all pressure cookers are created equally. The heat up time, consistency, durability, and quality are different across each model. The Instant Pot Lux is a baseline Instant Pot, and it's very affordable. How does the Lux stack up against other Instant Pots on the market? Read on to find out more.
CES 2019 Crowd Hero Shot

Booth babes, banned sex toys, and other mishaps at CES 2019

From female sex toys bans, to fake Tesla/robot collision stories, there was some weird stuff going on at CES 2019 this year. While nothing can top last year's show floor blackout, here are some of the biggest mishaps and flubs we saw this year at the world's biggest tech show.
cutest companion robots ces 2019 groove x lovot feat 2

The robot invasion arrived at CES 2019 — and it was cuter than we expected

Robots are finally at our doorsteps, but they’re not here to annihilate us (yet). They’re here to listen, they’re here to help, and most importantly, they’re here to be our friends. CES 2019 showed us some of the cutest companion robots we’ve ever seen. Here are some of our favorites.
best pet tech ces 2019 wagz smart door feat

Treat your furry friend with the best pet tech at CES 2019

There were some intriguing and some slightly mad pet tech gadgets on show at CES 2019. From self-cleaning toilets for cats and dogs to genetic tests, dog flaps, and remote cameras. We've gathered together the cream of the crop right here, so you can see what's coming soon in the world of pet technology.
wackiest tech ces 2018 foldimate 1

Genius or extraneous? We tried out a laundry-folding machine at CES to find out

It's CES 2019, which means lots of crazy gadgets. We got the chance to try out Foldimate, an automatic laundry-folding machine. After using the device, we came away both impressed and underwhelmed with the appliance, which will be available for $960 at the end of 2019. Here are some of our thoughts.
smart home trends google assistant

Five smart home trends we expect to see at CES this year

CES 2019 is finally here. So what smart home trends can we expect to see this year? Whether you're looking to find that beautiful Amazon Alexa-enabled toilet or that perfect home security system with bells and whistles, chances are you'll find it on the floor at CES 2019. Here are our predictions.
four reasons you should buy the amazon echo input press feat

4 reasons you should buy the Amazon Echo Input

Do you have an older, great-sounding speaker that you want to add the Alexa voice assistant to? Amazon has got you covered with the Echo Input, a small, puck-like device that connects to non-smart speakers via Bluetooth or auxiliary. Here are four reasons to buy the device.
Amazon Christmas Tree

Amazon sent me a Christmas tree. Did it leave me pining for more?

Is driving to a Christmas tree lot or u-cut farm to get a tree a daunting task that you dread every year? Wish there was an easier way to get a tree to your house? Good news: Amazon is now selling real Christmas trees with free shipping. We decided to order one to see how it went.
Boxing in front of the Mirror.

Dread the gym? This smart mirror delivers your fitness fix at home

Mirror, launched back in September, is different than other fitness equipment on the market. It's part mirror and part LCD display, with a varied menu of on-demand workouts built into it. We visited Mirror's HQ in NYC to test it out and see if it's really worth cancelling that gym membership for.
thanksgiving fail table

Kitchen fires, viral turkeys, family knife fights, and more Thanksgiving fails

Thanksgiving is usually spent with loved ones and yummy food. But sometimes things go awry. We've all heard stories of turkey deep frying going way wrong, but there are other ways things can go very, very, wrong. Here are some of the biggest Thanksgiving fails.
caleb harper personal food computer openag feat

With Personal Food Computers, nerd farmers are finding the best way to grow

Caleb Harper is an MIT research scientist and head of the OpenAg Initiative. He builds personal food computers that have tons of sensors, cameras, and circuit boards. He thinks they’re the key to growing food designed to combat specific diseases and targeted for each person’s DNA.
how to cook a thanksgiving turkey without an oven slicing feat

Smoke it, BBQ it, or try sous vide! 6 alternatives to roasting turkey

Tie on your apron – here are the best ways to cook a turkey without opening an oven. Don't have an oven, or you want to get creative this year? These alternative cooking methods can produce a delicious Thanksgiving turkey without the need for an oven. Think about cooking the turkey in a slow cooker or grill, or consider sous viding or deep frying.
the modern toilet in our homes and businesses have evolved toto feature sm 3

From tornado flushes to remote controls, modern toilets are flush with tech

With the global observance of World Toilet Day on November 19, we take a look at how the modern toilet in our homes and businesses have evolved, and how they are becoming smarter tools in the future. We take a look at products from Toto and Kohler.
aura digital frame hands on review 20181106 130200  1

Picture this: The Aura packs thousands of photos in a single frame (for a price)

Are you one of those people who miss the good old days of flipping through photo albums to see each and every favorite photo? If so, you might love the Aura digital photo frame, a smart device that allows you to display thousands of pics on a single frame. We tested the device and came away impressed.
True Studio by Modern Dwellings Inc

With its turd-burning toilet, this tiny house is for septic skeptics

For those of us who really want to get off the grid yet still have a sustainable place to live, Modern Dwellings is offering this 160-square-foot tiny home, dubbed the True Studio, that features smart home controls, heated floors, and an incinerating toilet.
Sony Aibo Robot Dog feature image

Can Aibo replace Fido? I fostered Sony’s robot dog for a week to find out

Can a robot dog replace a real dog? I set out to find the answer to that question by “fostering” Aibo, Sony’s robot dog. I came away from the experience with more questions than answers. While robot dogs are not for me, Sony sure did a great job of making just about the cutest artificially intelligent pup there is.
pouring cream in coffee

Where have you bean all my life? I finally found the perfect coffee maker

When her beloved coffee maker died, Digital Trends reviewer Joni Blecher found herself lost and caffeine-less. Blecher then embarked on a yearlong journey looking for the perfect new machine. Find out what she discovered in her quest, and get some tips on how you can pick the best model for your home.
the 2018 smart kitchen summit predicts more flexibility in smartkitchensummit 5

The future of food could make kitchens and grocery stores obsolete

Will kitchens eventually be replaced with vending machines? Will we be 3D printing our food in 20 years? The 2018 Smart Kitchen Summit included a lot of wild predictions about the future of cooking, but the most likely scenario seems to be that people will cook and use technology in different ways.
Google Home Hub

The Google Home Hub doesn’t have a camera. Here’s why that’s a good thing

Surprisingly, Google's new Home Hub smart display doesn't have a camera, and that's a good thing. In an age of tech dominated by lots of bells and whistles, we're impressed that Google listened to people's concerns about privacy. How important is video calling on a smart display anyway?
naked labs 3d scanning mirror inhome1

We got naked with the Naked Labs 3D Body Scanner. Here’s how it went

Want to sculpt a specific part of your body? This 3D body scanner uses four million data points to create a 3D model of your body. It measures each part of your body, so you can hone in on your problem areas and measure the exact impact of your diet and workout routines.
char broil tru infrared double header grill review e8e0cc35 a906 4470 8625 a1704842275c

Smart grills are dumb. Here’s why you’re better off keeping it simple

Once wooed by the allure of a smart grill, we have come to realize that smart grills aren't that smart an investment after all. At least, not yet. Like many smart devices, the parts that make a grill smart can often be the biggest pain point. Here's why your money is better spent on a quality dumb grill.
ring ceo jamie siminoff unusual road to success feature

From sharks to Shaq: Ring CEO Jamie Siminoff’s unusual road to success

In 2013, CEO and founder of Ring security Jamie Siminoff walked away with nothing after pitching his video doorbell on the show Shark Tank. Now, after selling his DIY home security company to Amazon for more than $1 billion. he’s returning to Shark Tank as a guest judge. He tells us his story of how it all began in a garage building explosives.
amazon the spheres

5 lessons from Amazon’s head-spinning, head-splitting Alexa fiesta

What, no Alexa-enabled kitchen sink? Yesterday’s surprise Alexa announcement was a deluge of fast-paced devices and software announcements. Here are five takeaways I have on the event and the devices that were announced. (Hint: one of them predicts Amazon world domination).
future of restaurants addo incubator seattle dish 2

Restaurants may soon have chefs who know all about you before you walk in the door

Chef Eric Rivera started serving multi-course meals to two people at a time inside his home. He recently expanded with Addo, a combination of restaurant and incubator for unestablished chefs and bakers. Using Instagram, a ticketing system, and questionnaires, Rivera thinks he has some ideas on how young chefs can attract new customers.

It’s Echo season. Our guesses on what Amazon could unveil

Over the past two years, Amazon has announced new Echo hardware in September. We have no idea if it's planning a similar announcement this year, but if so, here are our best guesses for what it will come up with. This list is a combination of evidence-based guesses and our wish list.