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Smart Home Features

hacked smart appliances legitimate concerns feature panasonic microvawe  2 min

Should you worry about hacked smart home appliances?

As smart appliances continue to evolve, the potential for them to be hacked becomes greater. We spoke with a cybersecurity expert who sheds light on the risks.
Pixel 4 running Android 11 beta

Android 11 beta’s smart home controls are a fresh start, but need to stay simple

Google Assistant can be useful, but sometimes it fails to listen to commands. A quick-access menu for the smart home will be a great feature for Android 11.
Google Nest Home devices.

Your electric bill will skyrocket this summer. Smart home tech can help.

Working from home during the summer can make your electric bill to go crazy. We'll tell you how an informative smart home can help keep your costs down.
Roborock S6 MaxV front view

Should you be worried about cameras in robot vacuums?

Robot vacuums can now map your rooms, and some even have cameras. Is this a privacy problem? We break down what to look for and the safeguards robot vacs take.
Ashen Cabin

This robotically built cabin offers a peek into the high-tech future of housing

Ashen Cabin is an experimental log cabin built with the aid of a giant 3D printer and construction robot. It may be the future of sustainable housing.
braava robot mop deal free mopping pads cleaning cloths m6

Robot mops can’t sanitize your floors. Here’s why

Robot mops are convenient devices that alleviate a household chore, but don't try to add your own cleaning solution or disinfectant to the device. It may break.
why you need a cordless vacuum in 2020 roborock h6  3

Here’s why you need a cordless vacuum in 2020

Cordless stick vacuums are versatile, powerful, convenient, and a perfect complement to a good robot vacuum.
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Without a firewall, the door to your smart home is left wide open

Your smart home could be hacked, but you wouldn't even know it. Protect your all your devices against them with a hardware firewall.
resideo smart thermostats lose connectivity thermostat

Can a smart thermostat protect you from the coronavirus?

Smart thermostats can help control the humidity level in your home and reduce the potential for viral spread.
google smart light starter kit deal dell spring sale

Can your smart speaker contact emergency services for you?

Google Home and Amazon Alexa cannot yet call 911, but Siri can. Updates are on the way that may give smart speakers this functionality.
where to get toilet paper in a pandemic

Toilet paper is out of stock everywhere. Here’s how to order it online

Stores have been cleaned out, and the next logical choice would be to search online. With the COVID-19 pandemic going strong, is ordering online even an option?
woman working from home

Tech tips for maintaining work-life balance now that both happen at home

Working at home? Use these tech-centric shortcuts to avoid burnout and keep business and personal time separate, even when your home and office aren't.
Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum used in a living room.

Your vacuum might be vomiting dust all over your house

Not all vacuum cleaners are created equal. If the vacuum isn't sealed, it may make the air quality in your home worse. Here's what to look for when buying.
awesome tech you cant buy yet screen shot 2020 04 03 at 4 13 08 pm

Awesome Tech You Can’t Buy Yet: Ultrafast toothbrushes and a laptop/phone hybrid

Every week, Digital Trends combs through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo to round up all the best gadgets, gizmos, and gear currently in preproduction. If you're looking for innovative ideas, keep an eye on this column. This week's offerings include a Backyard biodigester.
home workout

Your home gym could threaten your life, but you can fix it

Many of us have been forced to exercise from home. However, you may be doing more harm to your health than good. Indoor air quality sensors can be crucial.
Man working at a desk at home.

Smart lights can elevate your mood while working from home

The lighting in your home (and home office) has a huge impact on your mood. Brighten your spirits by scheduling your smart lights to warm and cool when needed.
cemtrex smartdesk up close desk feat

Transform your home office into a space that’d make even a Google employee drool

From a standing desk/PC combo to a top-notch speakerphone and more, you can really spice up the work-from-home routine with a few additions to your office.
Echo Alexa

Avoid saying these words near your smart speaker, if you don’t want it to listen

If you are worried about privacy, beware of using these words around your voice assistants. The device might mistake them for a wake word.
Intelligence of Things Samsung Developer Conference (SDC) 2017

Forget the Internet of Things. Here’s what IoT really stands for

IoT means the Internet of Things, but there’s a growing movement to change the definition, to give it more meaning and set us up for the next decade of innovation. Tomorrow, IoT will mean Intelligence of Things, impacting AI, 5G, and every other buzzword. Here’s what that shift will bring – and how everything’s going to change in the decade ahead.
Ring Stick Up Camera

Why are hackers snooping on smart home security cameras? I asked an ex-hacker

Ring's security cameras have made news due to a series of hacks. What do hackers gain by hacking such cameras? We spoke with a security expert to find out.
Amazon Echo Input Portable buttons

A battery-powered Amazon Echo? I wish all smart speakers had this feature

After a week with Amazon's Echo Input Portable, I'm convinced that a rechargeable battery should be a must-have feature in smart speakers. The addition of a battery unlocks several new use cases and lets the Echo Input Portable work like any other smart speaker -- without being tied up to a power outlet.

Livia claims that it gets rid of period cramps, but does it actually work?

Livia is a tiny electronic device you wear on your abdomen that promises relief from menstrual cramps through electrodes. Sound too good to be true? We decided to test Livia to see if there's any merit to the claims. Here's how it went.
workspace of the future honeywell smart office img 0681

Honeywell’s vision of the ‘smart office’ focuses on efficiency and savings

Honeywell has moved away from smart home technology. Now, the company has a bigger focus: Connected buildings. I toured Honeywell's headquarters in Atlanta to see how the company is improving the office through its Vector app, which brings the conveniences of the smart home to the workplace.
holiday gift guide header image

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Looking for the perfect tech gifts to give this holiday season? Digital Trends’ experts have searched high and low for the best of the best. We’ve picked out the greatest drones, computers, smart home gadgets, and more, so whether you need a stocking stuffer or a splashy gift, you’ll find it here.
nest 3 pack security camera system amazon deal indoor

Google’s plan for the helpful home all goes back to privacy

The smart home landscape continues to evolve, and one of its biggest proponents is Google. We sat down with Google's Michele Turner, who talks about the company's vision for the smart home, what it's doing to get there, and what we can expect surrounding the helpful home.
Tiny Home

Are tiny homes a reasonable solution to homelessness?

There are more than half a million homeless persons in America on any given night, and that's just a guess by the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Nonprofits and real estate developers are partnering up to build tiny homes that could take some pressure off the problem.
amazon and walmart july 4th deals on alexa google smart speakers echo show 5 nest hub

Entry-level smart displays: Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show 5

The Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show 5 are the entry-level displays for their smart home platforms. Both displays enrich user experience, but they're not equal. No one will switch between Alexa and Google Assistant because of a display, but the differences between the Nest Hub and the Show 5 bear scrutiny.
Nest Hello Video Doorbell White Doorbell 1

What you need to know about smart camera privacy

Smart home cameras still seem like the bee's knees right now compared to traditional security systems that just store footage on local media systems but networked or Wi Fi-enabled cameras have inherent security vulnerabilities that can present a significant risk to users. Here are the basics.

The most (and least) reliable appliance brands in every category

Ever wonder if you’re buying the best brand of fridge, washer, or dishwasher? A new report from service provider Puls points out which brands are the most reliable. You might be surprised by which brand service technicians rate the best.
do matching appliances matter electrolux feat

Do matching appliances matter? We asked the experts to find out

Whether you’re in the midst of a kitchen renovation or planning one in the near future, chances are you’ll spend a decent amount on choosing appliances. Will having a kitchen suite from the same manufacturer make a difference? You might be surprised by the answer.
us fridges are terrible for the environment but that could change 57114752 2390162031014919 5582910512124919808 n

The world is switching to eco-friendlier fridges and A/Cs, leaving the U.S. behind

Refrigerants used in U.S. fridges are terrible for the environment. Many other parts of the world use hydrocarbons instead of HFCs for refrigerants, but bipartisan legislation requiring the switch is stalled, and the Trump administration has yet to sign the Kigali Amendment, which requires similar changes.
amazon workers listening to alexa recordings feat

Amazon workers listening to Alexa recordings isn’t a big deal. Here’s why

Thousands of Amazon workers are reportedly listening to recorded conversations between Alexa and voice assistant speaker owners. The idea that humans are listening to our conversations is an outrage and unacceptable. Or is it? This author doesn’t think it’s such a big deal.
this floating city concept could withstand a category 5 hurricane oceanix 1

As oceans rise, one company is building cities that can swim

Floating cities may remind some people of science fiction scenarios like the 1995 post-apocalyptic movie Waterworld, but a new enterprise introduced to the United Nations envisions a high-tech, scalable floating city that could use extreme recycling, energy efficiency and communal design.
Stupid home smart gadget the smalt

Whatever happened to those dumb smart products we wrote about in 2017?

As manufacturers rush to get the next new smart gadgets out there, we wonder if all these inventions are necessary. We compiled this list of 10 of the quirkiest smart home products available in 2017 and decided to return to them in 2019 to see if they're still in existence. Here's what we found.