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Smart Home Features

Streem AR dishwasher arrow

Carpenters, plumbers, and other pros can ‘beam’ into your home with Streem

The Streem augmented reality app allows home professionals to take a virtual tour of your home, eliminating the long wait for a pro to show up in person.
diy nfc coasters weekend workshop coaster wifi feature

How to make coasters that connect guests to your Wi-Fi with a single tap

Tired of reciting your Wi-Fi password every time your houseguests want to connect to your network? We've got a solution for you: NFC drink coasters that will automatically grant guests access to your Wi-Fi when they tap their phone on them
LG V30 camera sample mansion courtyard

Wondering how far a million dollars goes in real estate? Here’s your answer has uncovered a series of the most common trends in luxury homes sales in 2017, with details about prices and features.
All-Clad Prep & Cook

The Bellini Kitchen Master vs. the Thermomix vs. the All-Clad Prep and Cook

We compare three multi-cookers, the Thermomix, All-Clad Prep & Cook, and Bellini Kitchen Master, to see which deserves a spot on your kitchen counter.
Amazon Echo Show Youtube App

As Amazon and Google keep bickering, consumers are the ones who lose

Google and Amazon are in a smart home war over YouTube and Nest. Would you two stop it already! It’s making me crazy.
amazon echo goofs feature

Hey, I didn’t order this dollhouse! 6 hilarious Alexa mishaps

Amazon Alexa is a great shopping assistant. But when a child, the family parrot, or even Cartman from South Park does the ordering, strange things can arrive at your doorstep.
diy magnetic bottle opener weekend workshop feature

Build a bottle opener that uses magnet magic to catch your caps

You can never have enough bottle openers. In this article, we'll show you how to build one that not only looks good on your wall, but also collects all the beer caps with a powerful rare-earth magnet that's hidden in the back. Check it out!
Close-up of founder and CEO Jeff Bezos on stage

Why Ring’s porch-protecting cameras made it a no-brainer acquisition for Amazon

Amazon’s buying Ring makes a whole lot of sense. After all, Amazon delivers packages, and Ring protects them.
Weekend Workshop Bench

This Japanese-style bench is easy to build and supports butts of all sizes

Despite the fact that it only requires three cedar boards and is ridiculously easy to build, this pagoda-style Japanese garden bench is an absolute stunner

Buying furniture online is a gamble. The Mine wants to use AR to improve the experience

The Mine makes 3D images of its high-end furniture so you can use AR to place it in your living room via its iOS app Envisioned.
diy pallet wood beer carrier weekend workshop caddy

Sling your suds in style with this DIY beer caddy made from a pallet

If you have access to a bunch of old wood pallets and are looking for a simple but useful project to put them to use, we highly recommend this rustic, reusable beer carrier.
amazon echo vs apple homepod

6 reasons you should buy an Amazon Echo over an Apple HomePod

If you’re trying to choose between the Amazon Echo and the Apple HomePod, you might find that the versatility of the Echo makes it the better choice. Here’s why.
diy box table how to make a shaped end without using clamps  feature

Forget clamps. You can make this stylish box table with some glue and tape

Don't have a garage full of tools? Don't worry -- with this super clever trick, you'll be able to build a gorgeous mid-century end table using little more than a saw, some glue, and a roll of packing tape.
what to expect kitchen bath industry show kbis 2019 tovala

After a long wait, the Tovala oven is here for modern cooking convenience

A high-end conventional oven called Tovala uses industry standard technology to cook food while offering a healthy meal subscription service.
enseo tv closeup

With smart TVs and devices, Enseo wants hotels to feel like a home away from home

Enseo puts Netflix, Hulu and other streaming services on hotel TVs, and it also incorporates your preferences into smart devices to mimic your home.
WSU blood pressure header

WSU’s system monitors seniors’ activities to help them live independently longer

Washington State University researchers are developing technology that gathers data on seniors’ movements in order to help them remain independent longer.
ember smart mug lifestyle5

Are smart mugs worth the cost? We tried 3 options to find out

We tried three smart mugs -- from Ember, Yecup, and Ozmo -- to evaluate whether or not more intelligent cups are worth the cost.
soraa healthy radiant violet leds news lighting 03

Soraa’s Healthy violet LEDs want to help you sleep better

Trouble sleeping? Blue light emitted from LED bulbs may be the culprit. Soraa's solution is a bulb that uses violet LEDs to replace blue light -- protecting your health while also looking incredibly natural.
smart home thanksgiving google home

Smart home tech is booming, but we’re far from the age of The Jetsons

Jane Jetson pushed buttons to make meals and mop floors, while Rosie the Robot did the dusting and sweeping. We aren’t there yet, but smart home technology is already automating many of our household chores.
Suvie counter top

Put dinner on autopilot with Suvie, a robocooker that juggles 4 foods at once

The Suvie Kitchen Robot keeps protein and vegetables cold like a fridge then steams or sous vides them automatically, based on when you want to eat dinner.
Amazon Go

Shopping at Amazon’s Go stores feels like a heist. And we love it

The Amazon Go cashier-free grocery store is now open to the public, so we went shopping.
wi fiber surveillance ces2018 lamp3

Wi-Fiber is creating safer cities by combining wireless tech, smart streetlights

An emerging networking and technology company, Wi-Fiber is building mesh-enabled Wi-Fi networks and smart streetlights to help smart cities.
best personal sous chef devices drop scale

At CES and KBIS, connected smart appliances begin to deliver a smarter kitchen

At CES 2018, guided cooking with smart appliances and recipes apps was a big trend, with several manufacturers announcing partnerships.
smart home trends ge kitchen hub

It’s not just more of Alexa! All the big smart home trends from CES 2018

From connected appliances to voice-assistant technology, here are some smart home trends we tracked at CES.
google home mini vs amazon echo dot google close

Nearly half of Americans plan to purchase a smart speaker this year

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) took a poll that found 44 percent of all Americans intend to purchase a smart speaker this year.
August Smart Lock Pro review

From cameras to locks, smart home security is the name of the game at CES

More and more companies are debuting smart home security devices such as cameras, doorbells, locks, motion detectors, and more.
top tech stories 01 06 2017 ces screen 0002

It’s almost here! Here’s the best of what’s coming at CES 2018

From wireless power to electric cars and the rise of China, these are the trends you’ll see dominate CES 2018, and the tech world in the year to come.
control 4 smart home with alexa theater video one control4 installation feature

We took a dumb home and made it smart. Here’s where we started

Watch as Digital Trends, Control4, and Technology Design Associates transform a technologically outdated home into a smart home marvel.
gary sinise foundation smart home 5

‘Lt. Dan’ gives smart homes to wounded vets through Gary Sinise Foundation

In 2011, award-winning actor Gary Sinise created a foundation that today is giving away mortgage-free smart homes to wounded veterans.
Amazon Echo Alexa

Do you really want Alexa buying your socks? Why voice assistants suck at shopping

New research says 1 in 5 shoppers (19%) will use smart assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home to purchase holiday gifts. But is it true?
Kirio home

Kirio creates smart homes from scratch, and they learn as you live

The Kirio home automation system helps your smart home learn everything about you the longer you live there.
new crowdfunding projects pryntpro for android

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Instant prints from your phone, snake fences

Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the web this week.
Internet of Food

A language for legumes: Can the Internet of Food help us know what we eat?

Dr. Matthew Lange explains the Internet of Food and how it’s connecting everything in the food supply chain.
new crowdfunding projects evscope

Awesome tech you can’t buy yet: Secret key vaults, ice ballers, yogurt makers

Check out our roundup of the best new crowdfunding projects and product announcements that hit the web this week.