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Sick of unskippable commercials? YouTube TV’s DVR just got a lot more friendly

If you already watch a lot of content on YouTube, it makes sense that you might be interested in YouTube TV, but the service is worth a look even if you aren’t big on most YouTube content. There are plenty of channels and its DVR doesn’t limit storage time as some other services do. On the other hand, with some channels, you’ll find that you are forced to watch on-demand versions of shows, meaning you have to deal with unskippable commercials. Fortunately, a recent update has made the DVR much friendlier in that regard.

YouTube TV has announced via Twitter that it is now giving users full DVR control on AMC, Disney, Fox, NBCUniversal, and Turner networks. That list might look small, but when you keep in mind that Disney owns ESPN and that Turner owns networks like CNN, TBS, TNT, this is a fairly significant step forward.

Full DVR control means that users are able to pause, rewind, and fast-forward, even through commercials. If you’re a frequent viewer of these networks, this change could save you a significant amount of time every week.

While the channel offerings you’ll find with YouTube TV aren’t that different from many other streaming services, its approach to a DVR is unique. While DirecTV Now limits its users to 20 hours of storage and a maximum storage time of 30 days and Playstation Vue has unlimited storage, but a limit of 28 days, YouTube is much more permissive. The service offers unlimited recordings and a storage time up to nine months. The only problem is that it tends to favor on-demand programming, which removes most of the benefits of using a DVR in the first place.

While this update makes YouTube TV much easier to watch, there are still channels that don’t offer full DVR control, including CBS, CBS Sports, and The CW. It’s not currently clear whether those networks will have their restrictions removed in the future, but for the time being, this recent change has still given YouTube TV a major advantage over its competition when it comes to choosing the right streaming service for you.

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