Witness the technologies of tomorrow, and the people making them

When was the last time you got your hands on a new innovation, tried it out, and were truly amazed? Maybe it’s your first time driving a Tesla, hearing Dolby Atmos, or gaming in VR. In a landscape littered with incremental improvements and upgrades, it’s those wow moments that we really remember. In the Innovators series we go behind the scenes with people on the cutting edge of innovation, to see how they do it.

Recent Stories

Transformers for your feet. 21st-century design creates an all-condition shoe

Comfortable and functional shoes are essential on outdoor adventures. Typically, you need rugged hiking boots, breathable shoes for hot days, and something comfortable to wear around the campfire. Or you could just bring these.

To put a quantum computer on your desk, Intel has a plan unlike any other

Quantum computers, once they become common, will solve difficult problems far more quickly than current PCs. That could threaten a chipmaker like Intel, but it’s researching how to turn its knowledge of silicon production to its…
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How do you re-create the air-ripping launch of 11,000-hp dragsters? Dolby Atmos

Dolby and the NHRA have been working together to produce live drag races in spine-chilling Dolby Atmos. We went behind the scenes at a recent race in Las Vegas to see how it’s done.

Inside a Bitcoin mine, fans, silicon, and frigid temperatures keep crypto pumping

Ever wondered what it's like inside a bitcoin mine? Us too -- so we packed up our cameras, threw them in the trunk, and drove up to Wenatchee, Washington to check one out. Check out the video to get an inside look!

Inside the Intel lab that put a legit gaming desktop in the palm of your hand

Intel’s Next Unit of Computing, or NUC, has worked hard to miniaturize desktops over the last six years. Now, with the help of AMD’s Vega, its taking pint-sized performance to the next level.
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DirecTV wants to make 4K HDR sports par for the course. Here’s how it’ll work

Live sports broadcast in 4K HDR represents a landmark achievement for the new standard in television, and DirecTV is not only delivering it to subscribers, but doing its part to help the industry move forward.

Inside the tech behind Marvel Universe Live’s ‘Age of Heroes’ stunt show

Marvel Universe Live puts dozens of your favorite characters from the Marvel Universe into an exciting live stunt show put on by Feld Entertainment, the production company behind the Ringling Bros. circus. The show runs until Spring 2019.
Emerging Tech

Inside the high-tech labs that make sure your legal marijuana is safe

Just as your bottle of beer is tested and labeled for alcohol content before it makes it to the grocery store, legalized marijuana undergoes rigorous testing before it appears in a safe, accurately labelled jar at your local dispensary…

Watch: IBM uses artificial intelligence to make music with Phony Ppl

IBM's artificial intelligence program Watson Beat uses digital audio from users to composes original music based. We brought that technology to futuristic R&B group Phony PPL to see if actual musicians could find a cool way to use it.

They’re real. We slipped on Nike’s HyperAdapt 1.0 self-lacing sneakers

At Nike's showroom in New York City, we tried on Nike's highly anticipated self-lacing shoes, Hyperadapt 1.0. Tiffany Beers, senior innovator at Nike, spoke with us about its creation and how the future Hyperadapt sneakers may look.
Emerging Tech

Starship Technologies’ cute sidewalk drones will roll into London soon

Starship Technologies is bringing drone delivery back down to earth with a fleet of six-wheeled robots that deliver goods on the ground. Tests will start soon in London, and in Washington, D.C..

PicoBrew’s Zymatic brews beer with a mouse click (and purists are pissed)

Automation allows PicoBrew’s Zymatic to crank out brew after perfect brew with a handful of ingredients and water. But home-brew enthusiasts are scoffing. Does tech take the soul out of good beer?

Next-gen artificial limbs help amputees grab onto a better life

No, you’re not looking at a scene from the next Terminator. Next-gen artificial limbs like the i-Limb Digits are allowing amputees to regain the lost function once provided by one of nature’s most complicated engineering feats: the…

Taking a spin on Ryno’s one-wheeled, self-balancing electric ‘microcycle’

Chris Hoffmann took his 13-year-old daughter’s sketch from a dream to a real, self-balancing, one-wheeled motorcycle that you can ride. And now he's ready to sell it to the world.
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Blueshift’s bamboo Bluetooth beauty ditches D cells for supercapacitors

Bluetooth speakers are everywhere, but none of them are remotely like Sam Beck's Blueshift speakers. With a recently successful crowd-sourced funding campaign and $36,000 in his pocket, Beck is setting out to produce one of the most unique…
Emerging Tech

There is such a thing as a badass scooter, and Works Electric calls it the Rover

In a tiny workshop outside Portland, Oregon, one man builds the only scooter you wouldn’t be ashamed to be seen on. We visited the shop to take it for a spin.
Home Theater

How a small Oregon company grew a business from garbage

Like so many other great companies, Case of Bass started in a garage and has grown to become to produce some of the coolest-looking portable speakers systems. Each Case of Bass system is unique, but every one of them is awesome.