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The Best Huawei P20 Pro cases

Is Huawei’s new P20 Pro the best smartphone not to be picked up by U.S. carriers? Maybe. All we know is it’s extremely powerful, and has a unique triple-lens, rear-facing camera system that’s as groundbreaking as it is weird. But none of the phone’s power will save its glass-and-metal construction if it decides to make a face-date with the sidewalk. There are many ways to lessen the chances of a broken phone, but not many are as easy and time-saving as buying a protective case.

But there are so many types of case out there — how do you know which one to pick? Never fear, we’ve found some of the best Huawei P20 Pro cases that you can buy to keep your phone looking great.

EasyAcc Anti-Slip Clear Gel Case ($8)

easyacc best huawei p20 pro cases

A great choice if you don’t want to obscure the looks of your phone, a clear gel case provides a basic level of protection. This case from EasyAcc does so with a covering of shock-absorbent TPU material that extends all the way around the edges of the device, includes tactile button covers, and extends slightly out from the screen to ensure your phone’s display doesn’t rest on any surfaces. It’s soft and flexible, aiding grip, and it protects well against scratches and other hazards. While it won’t provide the sort of protection you’ll see in bulkier cases, it still offers decent protection for the money you put down, and it’s a great choice if you prefer a design that doesn’t distract from your phone.

Spigen Rugged Armor ($13)

spigen best huawei p20 pro cases

One of the biggest names in protective cases, Spigen‘s cases are the choice of many, and it’s easy to see why. The Rugged Armor case is one of Spigen’s most beloved and widespread designs, and uses the shock-absorbing properties of TPU to protect your P20 Pro. An intricate spiderweb pattern on the inside of the case helps transfer energy away from your phone, while air cushions at each corner help to mitigate shocks against those most vulnerable areas. The case raises the display and camera lenses from the ground, keeping them scratch-free, while the carbon fiber-style panels at either end of the case give it a futuristic look. This is a great case that strikes a balance between protection and style.

KuGi Ultra-Thin Wallet Case ($10)

kugi best huawei p20 pro cases

If you’re looking for an elegant, businesslike case that protects your phone while still looking good, then this wallet case from KuGi has you covered. Durable and long-lasting PU leather protects your phone from every angle, thanks to the flip cover that protects your screen when not in use. An inner shell also helps to keep your phone in place and covers the sides, as well as acting as more direct protection when the phone is in use, or being used in the case’s landscape stand mode. The case also has a card slot on the cover’s inner lining with enough room for a credit card, making it perfect for short trips out without your wallet or purse.

Yoodi Rugged Leather-Style Case ($9)

yoodi best huawei p20 pro cases

It’s not just leather wallet cases you need to keep an eye out for if you’re looking for a bit of class. The leather-style panel on the back of this case from Yoodi looks good and does the business, giving your fingers a grippy surface, as well as looking stylish. The bottom panel that imitates brushed metal finishes the look. Of course, it’s made of neither of these materials, not at this price — but our old friend TPU gives decent protection against most bumps, scratches, and drops, providing style and substance.

Official Huawei Smart View Case ($24)

official best huawei p20 pro cases

Who knows the P20 Pro as well as Huawei? The Smart View case has a minimalist design, and uses a polycarbonate (PC) shell that clips around the phone’s frame, as well as a front cover that protects the screen when not in use. The PC shell doesn’t fully cover the sides, which is definitely worth keeping in mind if you’re worried about scratches, and it’s hard, reducing shock-absorption. However, it will hold up well against more direct threats. It’s slim and lightweight, and it perfectly matches the P20 Pro’s design — but the real draw is the cover’s Smart View capabilities. When closed, the P20 Pro will display notifications, weather, and other details through a small see-through section of the cover, ensuring that you’re easily able to stay up-to-date without having to uncover your phone. It’s a neat trick, but do keep in mind that the protective qualities of this particular case might not be as strong as some other cases.

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