Avoid screen damage with the most Note-worthy Note 8 screen protectors

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Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends
Julian Chokkattu/Digital Trends

If you’re looking at grabbing the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, you’re sure to have noticed the gorgeous 6.3-inch Infinity display. With this incredible screen taking up so much real estate, you’d be forgiven for having anxious thoughts of broken screens — and that’s why we’ve put together this list of the best Note 8 screen protectors to keep your display fully covered, and give you some peace of mind.

Whitestone Dome Glass Screen Protector ($45)

whitestone dome best note 8 screen protectors

Most manufacturers only use glue at the edges of their glass screen protectors, since glue on the screen can sometimes smudge or obscure your display — but it usually means that the screen protector doesn’t sit as closely as it could, which can result in the loss of some screen sensitivity and clarity. To avoid that issue, and to provide as close a fit as possible, Whitestone Dome uses a full-screen liquid adhesive that’s applied before the screen protector. That liquid is then cured using a UV lamp, ensuring as close and clear a fit as possible. This unique application method also means that it is one of the only screen protectors that claims to fill in existing breakages on your screen. As it’s tempered glass, it’s strong, the glue makes it safely shatter-proof, and it’s one of the best screen protectors for making sure your view isn’t obscured. It’s expensive, but if money is no barrier, then it’s one of the best you can get.

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Griffin Survivor Glass Screen Protector ($35)

griffin survivor glass best note 8 screen protectors

One of the biggest names in device protection and accessories, Griffin has brought back its Survivor Glass range for the Note 8. Crafted from 9H-rated tempered glass, this screen protector is all but impervious to scratches from keys or coins (no need to worry about which pocket you keep your Note 8 in), as well as protection from micro-cracks, which can spread across other screen protectors and compromise structural stability. Only 0.5mm thick, the Survivor Glass has been “kiln-finished” to match the curves of the Note 8 — so no unsightly edges to detract from the beauty of your new phone. At $35 it’s definitely on the pricey side for a screen protector, but Griffin is certainly a name you can trust.

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Spigen Neo Flex Film Screen Protector — Twin Pack ($9)

spigen neo flex best note 8 screen protectors

Another of the big boys on this list, and the first choice if you’re looking for a screen protector made of TPU film instead of tempered glass, is Spigen’s Neo Flex. It’s made of soft, self-healing TPU that provides great protection from everyday scratches. Spigen has also opted for a wet installation method for these protectors, rather than the usual dry method. By having a layer of fluid sit between the screen protector and the device, Spigen has made it harder for bubbles to form and decreased the likelihood of any loss of touch-sensitivity that can occur with other screen protectors. Since it comes in a twin pack, you can easily switch out for a new one as soon as the old starts looking battered.

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Olixar Galaxy Note 8 Case Friendly Glass Screen Protector — Twin Pack ($28)

olixar glass best note 8 screen protectors

An up-and-coming name in smartphone accessories, Olixar has previously impressed us with its strong showing in screen protection for the S8 and S8 Plus. With their screen protectors for the Note 8, Olixar is offering reasonably priced tempered glass screen protection, with all of the bells and whistles you’d expect from a bigger brand. Olixar has also ensured this screen protector is case-friendly, so it shouldn’t be pushed up by protective cases — an issue that plagued the early days of the S8. With the screen protector measuring only 0.3mm thick, you’ll barely even notice it’s there. As an extra bonus, Olixar is sending these tempered glass protectors out as a twin pack — giving you even more value for money.

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Ringke Invisible Defender Film Screen Protector — Twin Pack ($8)

rearth best note 8 screen protectors

The second option for film-lovers (pun intended), these film protectors from Rearth boasts a multilayer design that includes self-healing TPU, a touchscreen sensitivity layer, and a layer of adhesive that ensures full adhesion across the entire Note 8 screen. Whereas most screen protectors cover just — unsurprisingly — the screen, the Invisible Defender also covers the sides of the phone, and includes cutouts for the side buttons. Interestingly, Rearth also lists this as being case compatible — whether this is because the case can simply go over the top of the screen protector’s side coverage is unknown, but it’s impressive that Rearth managed that with such wide coverage. Thanks to the coverage of the screen and the sides, Rearth’s Invisible Defender is a great choice if you’ve decided to forgo a case.

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Otterbox Alpha Glass ($45)

otterbox alpha glass best note 8 screen protectors

If you’re into rugged protective cases than you likely know the Otterbox name. Otterbox makes some of the finest protective cases out there and has a rigid set of expectations for smartphone protection. You can expect the same level of protection from the Alpha Glass screen protectors, with Otterbox using a blend of glass and polyester to create a tough and shatter-proof protector that doesn’t impede touch sensitivity, or get in the way of the gorgeous AMOLED screen. It works with most cases, as you’d expect from Otterbox’s pedigree, and comes with the tools needed to make installation a cinch.

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InvisibleShield HD Film Protector ($20)

invisibleshield best note 8 screen protectors

There are lots of reasons to buy a film protector instead of a glass one, and the InvisibleShield HD protector embodies most of those reasons. It’s slim, easy to apply, and extremely strong. Made from an exclusive material originally designed to coat helicopter blades, the InvisibleShield HD also has self-healing properties, healing up most minor dings and scratches to the protector while keeping your screen covered. It holds itself extremely close to your phone, ensuring little to no loss of sensitivity and clarity, and it’s covered by the InvisibleShield limited warranty.

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BodyGuardz Pure Arc Privacy Premium Glass Screen Protector ($40)

bgz best note 8 screen protectors

Perfect if you have sensitive information on display, or just don’t like strangers snooping at your screen, the Pure Arc Privacy tempered glass screen protector from Bodyguardz comes with a built-in privacy filter that shuts down any attempts to look at your device from a sideways angle. While this could lead to issues when you’re actually trying to show people something, the trade-off is more than likely worth it if you’re sensitive about your privacy. While the price is high, this protector comes with the impact and scratch-resistance you’d expect from Bodyguardz, as well as their lifetime replacement service. And it’s case friendly too!

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Skinomi TechSkin Film Screen Protector — Twin Pack ($8)

skinomi best note 8 screen protectors

A simple and classic option for the traditionalist, Skinomi offers a great cheap film screen protector. It uses a wet application like the Spigen Neo Flex, and Skinomi boasts that it has perfected the wet installation process, promising an error-free installation. This protector also uses a clear UV coating to prevent yellowing of the film as it ages, and has the self-healing factor you’ll find in other film protectors. It’s a two-pack, so you don’t have to worry about getting the installation right first time, even with Skinomi’s promises, or the spare can simply act as a back-up in case you ever need it.

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SUPCASE Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector — Twin Pack ($10)

supcase screen protector best note 8 screen protectors

SUPCASE are known for their protective cases, but they also make waves in quality screen protection. Their tempered glass screen protector for the Note 8 packs a 9H hardness rating, and a supremely thin 0.3mm edge-to-edge design that’s also case friendly. So far, it’s nothing you can’t get elsewhere. But at less than half the price of most on this list, SUPCASE boasts similar specs and performance. While SUPCASE may lack the lifetime guarantees of some competitors, this screen protector is able to compete with the big boys.

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