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The best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen protectors

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may be a few years old now, but it’s still a fantastic phone that’s notable (pun intended) for its visually stunning 6.3-inch Infinity display. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Note 8 isn’t renowned for its durability — only one slip-up is all it takes to shatter the Infinity display.

If you want to protect your Note 8 and extend its lifespan, we suggest investing in a screen protector that will keep your smartphone looking crisp, clean, and shielded.

Looking for more accessories for your Note 8? Check out our breakdown of the best cases and covers for the Note 8 — and if you’re interested in turning your phone into a computer, check out our review for the Samsung DeX station too!

amFilm Glass Screen Protector (Twin Pack)

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Finding a screen protector that fits your phone and is compatible with your case no longer needs to be a challenge, just pick up this twin-pack of tempered glass screen protectors from amFilm. This screen protector provides edge-to-edge coverage, keeping your screen safe, yet won’t interfere with your case, and it’s just 0.3mm thin, so touchscreen sensitivity isn’t an issue either. Crafted from 9H-rated tempered glass, it’s all but impervious to scratches from keys or coins — so you can sling your phone in your pocket without worrying — and it’s great value for money too, as you get two screen protectors: one for now, and one for the future.

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Film Screen Protector

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If you prefer film protectors to tempered glass, ArmorSuit’s MilitaryShield screen protector is one of the best you can buy — and it won’t break the budget either. It’s an ultra-thin, crystal-clear film that’s practically invisible once applied, and the flexible material provides excellent coverage for the curves and corners of your phone screen, for total protection. Made from military-grade materials, this film is ultra-tough and boasts self-healing technology to eliminate minor scratches while repelling oil, fingerprint smudges, and dust. It won’t yellow over time either, so your screen will look like new for longer.

Ringke Dual Easy Film Screen Protector

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We’ve all experienced screen protectors that lift or peel off at the corners — and there’s nothing more annoying. Pick up this film screen protector from Ringke and you won’t have any such worries, as the ultra-thin, crystal clear film is designed to adhere perfectly to your phone’s screen, without lifting or peeling. We love the four-layer design, which includes a special third layer designed to remove specks of dirt or dust prior to the final application, for a flawless finish. This screen protector is case-friendly and won’t interfere with touchscreen sensitivity, and for under $15 it’s one of the best money can buy.

RhinoShield Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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For protection against scratches, drops, fingerprints, water, and almost anything else you can think of — although we wouldn’t recommend dropping your phone onto a concrete floor from height — RhinoShield’s tempered glass screen protector fits the bill. It’s designed to hug the Note 8’s curves, for the perfect fit. A water and oil-repellent coating protects against spills and fingerprint smudges, and the 9H tempered glass keeps your screen safe from being scratched by keys and coins, so you can throw your phone in your bag or pocket without worrying. Although it does provide moderate drop protection, we’d pair it with a protective case for your Note 8 too, just to be on the safe side.

Spigen Neo Flex Film Screen Protector (Twin Pack)

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Another of the big boys on this list, and the first choice if you’re looking for a screen protector made of TPU film instead of tempered glass, is Spigen’s Neo Flex. It’s made of soft, self-healing TPU that provides great protection from everyday scratches. Spigen has also opted for a wet installation method for these protectors, rather than the usual dry method. By having a layer of fluid sit between the screen protector and the device, Spigen has made it harder for bubbles to form and decreased the likelihood of any loss of touch-sensitivity that can occur with other screen protectors. Since it comes in a twin pack, you can easily switch out for a new one as soon as the old one starts looking battered.

Olixar Glass Screen Protector (Twin Pack)

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Olixar has previously impressed us with its strong showing in screen protection for the S8 and S8 Plus. With their screen protectors for the Note 8, Olixar is offering reasonably priced tempered glass screen protection and has also ensured this screen protector is case-friendly, so it shouldn’t be pushed up by protective cases — an issue that plagued the early days of the S8. With the screen protector measuring only 0.3mm thick, you’ll barely even notice it’s there. As a bonus, Olixar is sending these tempered glass protectors out as a twin pack — giving you even more value for money.

Otterbox Alpha Glass Screen Protector

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If you’re into rugged protective cases then you likely know the Otterbox name. Otterbox makes some of the finest protective cases out there and has a rigid set of expectations for smartphone protection. You can expect the same level of protection from the Alpha Glass screen protectors, with Otterbox using a blend of glass and polyester to create a tough and shatter-proof protector that doesn’t impede touch sensitivity, or get in the way of the gorgeous AMOLED screen. It works with most cases, as you’d expect from Otterbox’s pedigree, and comes with the tools needed to make installation a cinch.

InvisibleShield HD Film Screen Protector

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The InvisibleShield HD protector offers protection that gives glass protectors a run for their money. The design is slim, easy to apply, and extremely durable. Manufacturers produced it with exclusive material, initially created to protect helicopter blades. The InvisibleShield HD also has self-healing properties, healing up most minor dings and scratches to the protector while keeping your screen covered. This protector is so sheer and well-fitting that your screen maintains its same lucidity and sensitivity to touch. Furthermore, the protector is backed by the InvisibleShield limited warranty.

BodyGuardz Pure Arc Privacy Glass Screen Protector

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If you want to protect your screen from prying eyes or have sensitive information on display, consider the Pure Arc Privacy tempered glass screen protector from Bodyguardz. This product has a privacy filter feature built into the device to restrict anyone from viewing your phone’s display at an angle. While you might have to get creative when you do want friends or coworkers to see an image or document on your phone, at least you’ll realize how effective this security feature is. The price is a bit high, but the protector also comes with impact and scratch-resistance, as well as Bodyguardz’s lifetime replacement service. It’s also case-friendly.

Skinomi TechSkin Film Screen Protector (Twin Pack)

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This device is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a classic and budget-friendly screen protector. This film option uses a wet application process, like the Spigen Neo Flex. Skinomi claims that their design has perfected the wet installation process and promises an error-free application. This screen protector has a clear UV-coating to prevent the layer from turning yellow over time. It also has the self-healing feature you can find with other, more expensive designs. Additionally, you won’t have to buy another protector if you botch the installment on the first one. It comes in a two-pack.

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