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Mystery Google Pixel device code-named G10 has been uncovered

Google gave us a quick look at the next Pixel series during its Google I/O event in May and, as it stands, the lineup will consist of a Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro. However, Google may have another, secret high-end Pixel device under development, according to a new report.

After examining the publicly available Android Open Source Project code, references to a mystery device known as the G10 have been uncovered by 9To5Google. That name does not seem to relate to any of the currently known or expected Pixel mobile devices, including the Pixel 7 Pro and the Pixel foldable.

Based on information in the code, it has been ascertained that the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are code-named P10 Panther and C10 Cheetah, respectively. A pair of other devices code-named Felix and Lynx have also been discovered and tied with a Pixel 7a and possibly the Pixel Fold/Notepad folding phone, but the G10 is a mystery.

What do we know about it? Nothing solid or official, but the code does give us some clues as to what the device’s specification will be like. The code reveals the device has a screen much like the Pixel 6 Pro, meaning a 6.7-inch size, a 3120 x 1440 pixel resolution, and a 120Hz refresh rate. Unlike the Pixel 6 Pro’s display, the G10’s is apparently made by BOE, and not Samsung. The fact the G10 is mentioned in Android source code tells us it’s an Android-based device, and other references link it to Google’s own Tensor chip. Otherwise, there’s not a lot to go on.

These specs make it unlikely that the G10 is a Pixel tablet, another new device we know is coming from Google, and the unusual code name indicates it’s not just another reference to an existing Pixel device. So what could it be? It’s possible the G10 is an as-yet-unseen third version of the Pixel 7 series, perhaps with even more camera ability than the Pixel 7 Pro. It could be an update to the Pixel 6 Pro ready to be sold at a lower price without a new Tensor chip alongside the Pixel 7 later this year. It’s also possible it’s nothing but a Google test device that will never be seen the outside of Google’s labs. For now, it’s an intriguing mystery.

We’ll keep you updated with rumors around the G10, and be sure to look out for the Pixel 7’s official launch later this year.

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