Foul play? Two of B.B. King’s daughters allege legendary musician was murdered

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Less than two weeks after his death, two of B.B. King’s daughters are claiming foul play may have been involved in the passing of the legendary 89-year-old singer and guitarist.

As reported by CNN, Patty King and Karen Williams each filed identical affidavits over the weekend alleging that they believe King was poisoned by his business partners after being sequestered in the week leading up to his death. The official cause of death for King was listed as “multi-infarct dementia” caused by a series of strokes, with the coroner reporting no evidence to support the claims.

Williams and King each claim that they witnessed the musician’s business manager LaVerne Toney, and his assistant Myron Johnson administer “medications, fluids, and foreign object” as well as claiming neglect in his care by the administering of medication to induce diabetic shock.

The daughters claim that the substances administered to King were “locked and hidden by Ms. Tony,” leading them to believe that she was attempting to hide poisonous substances that had been given to King leading up to his death.

“I believe my father was poisoned,” read the affidavits, “and that he was administered foreign substances to induce his premature death, and request a formal investigation into this matter. Based on the administration of foreign substances by unlicensed, unscrupulous characters, I believe my father was murdered.”

John Fudenberg, the coroner on the scene for Clark County, Nevada told CNN that “no evidence to substantiate the allegations” was discovered in the initial autopsy. However, an official toxicology report won’t be available for six to eight weeks.

The claims by Williams and King, just two of B.B. King’s 11 surviving children, come after a courtroom battle with Toney, in which the daughters (along with a third daughter, Rita Washington) accused the musician’s manager of elderly abuse and neglect. According to the report, the charges were thrown out due to a lack of evidence.

According to Rolling Stone, Nevada officials announced that a homicide investigation would be possible, and that the embalming of King’s body would not affect the results.

The homicide allegations come amid a dispute over King’s legacy, which includes an estate that could be worth millions. Ms. Toney, who is now executor of the King estate, fought back through attorney Brent Bryson, who denied the accusations to the Associated Press, calling them “defamatory and libelous,” as well as “extremely disrespectful.”

King’s memorial will be held Wednesday May 28 in Memphis, TN, and an official funeral will occur on May 29 and May 30 in King’s hometown Indianola, MS.

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