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camper vans

The best camper vans

Driving a camper means you'll never have to pitch a tent or look for a hotel room ever again. We've put together a list of the best ones available in 2020.
best bike racks Allen hitch-mounted bike rack

The best bike racks for your car

Whether it goes on the back of your car, on top of it, or on the hitch, a rack will ensure you don't need to get your interior detailed after every bike ride.
how nasa tech could revolutionize the humble bicycle tire smart metl

NASA rover tech looks set to revolutionize the humble bicycle tire

The humble bicycle tire could be dramatically transformed after a U.S. startup this week unveiled a durable space-age tire that never goes flat.
Novak Djokovic 2021 Australian Open: Day 14

Like Braille for your ears, Action Audio wordlessly translates sports into sound

Instead of describing the action with words, like a radio announcer might, Action Audio translates visual scenes into a series of information-dense sounds.

The best cycling apps for Android and iOS

Mobile cycling apps have seen a massive uptick in quality in recent years, measuring exercise data and aiding in goal planning. Here are the best cycling apps.
amtrak proposes a 94 minute train ride from new york to dc next gen high speed rail

It’s high time for the U.S. to build a high-speed rail network

High-speed rail practically doesn't exist in the United States, but if there's ever been a time where that could change, it's now.
gosun dream solar powered tiny home on wheels off grid house render 2

Your off-grid dreams can come true with GoSun’s solar-powered tiny house

The GoSun Dream is a solar-powered tiny home for total off-grid living.
NFL field turf

Turf tech: The surprisingly sophisticated science of the lowest part of the game

Grass is the ideal playing surface for football, and that's not an accident. The turf that the NFL uses is the culmination of centuries of selective breeding.
The NFL's Daniel Sorensen tries to tackle Darren Waller

How the NFL’s on-player RFID tags are quietly revolutionizing football

Seven years ago, the NFL started tracking players with RFID tags. Now, all the data it has captured is causing some significant changes to the game.
boom supersonic airplane travel overture super sonic

Here comes the Boom: Meet the team that’s bringing back supersonic air travel

From the ashes of Concorde, a new company called Boom Supersonic is making moves to bring faster-than-sound passenger planes back to the skies.
costway 14 inch 12 amp corded electric lawn mower deal walmart january 2021

This electric lawn mower deal will save you over $100 at Walmart

If you want to try working with an electric lawn mower, Walmart is selling the Costway GT3414 at $110 off, lowering its price to an even more affordable $90.
Serial 1 Mosh e-bike

Serial 1 shows why you’d spend $5,000 on an e-bike — and not feel shortchanged

It's easy to question why anyone would spend $5,000 on an e-bike. Ride the new Serial 1, and your questions will be answered.
Echelon Stride

The 13 best gifts for runners

When running isn’t your forte, but you have to get a gift for a friend who just finished a marathon, what do you do? Check out these best gifts for runners.
italian safer ski jump snowboarder

The 12 best gifts for skiers and snowboarders

You can't purchase snow, but you can grab your favorite skier or snowboarder some sweet gear this holiday season. We've hand-picked some of the top winter gear.
Serial 1 e-bike

Harley-Davidson rides into the e-bike segment with Serial 1 subbrand

Harley-Davidson's new subbrand was created to build e-bikes. Its first model will be inspired by the first Harley-Davidson motorcycle, which was made in 1903.
solar radiation management geoengineering

We could slow climate change by dimming the sun. But should we?

Geoengineers say we could slow global warming by spraying reflective particles in the stratosphere — but doing so could also have unintended consequences.
mercedes benzs first e scooter is rugged and foldable merc 2

Mercedes-Benz rolls into micromobility market with foldable e-scooter

Mercedes-Benz has launched its first electric scooter, a rugged two-wheeler with a top speed of 12 mph and a 15-mile range.
The Galactic Centre above the ESO 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla,Chile.

How astronomers scour the sky to spot asteroids headed for Earth

To find out more about how to identify and track asteroids approaching Earth, and how global cooperation can keep our planet safe, we spoke to an expert.
how to photograph perseid meteor shower streak in the night sky

NASA highlights the fun stuff you can see in the night sky this month

NASA is back with its latest update for fans of the night sky, with October promising to be an exciting month.
facebook safety check hurricane matthew

Supercomputers, simulations, and the new science of extreme weather attribution

Digital Trends interviews Dr. Friederike Otto about her book Angry Weather: Heat Waves, Floods, Storms, and the New Science of Climate Change.
Furrion eRove portable cooler camping

No power? The Furrion eRove battery-powered cooler chills for five days

The Furrion eRove is a battery powered cooler on wheels that will keep your food and beverages cool for up to five days on a single charge with its battery.
gopros hero9 black to see big changes report suggests gopro  rumored

GoPro’s Hero 9 Black to include big changes, report suggests

The leak of apparent packaging for GoPro’s Hero 9 Black suggests that a slew of exciting changes are coming to the next iteration of the popular action camera.
Juiced Bikes Scorpion

2020 Juiced Bikes Scorpion review: The Cadillac of e-mopeds

Add mirrors and panniers and the versatile, smooth-riding Juiced Bikes Scorpion is ready to be your primary around-town transportation.
uncovering natures biggest secrets with a 460m continent scale observatory neon science

Uncovering nature’s biggest secrets with a $460M, continent-scale observatory

NEON is an ecological observatory with 81 sites across the U.S. For 30 years, it will gather scientific data about climate and biodiversity.
4 ways 2020 has changed how i use my tech google maps in hand

Google Maps’ tab for saved places gets a useful boost

Google Maps has announced some useful improvements to its Saved tab, bringing improved organization and easier ways to surface previously stored places.
how to photograph perseid meteor shower streak in the night sky

Perseid meteor shower peaks early Wednesday. How about taking a look?

The Perseid meteor shower offers some of the best of nature's fireworks, and here's how you can watch the event in the night sky.
canyon grail on review 3

Canyon Grail:ON review: Rule roads and turn heads

The Grail:ON is a great gravel bike with an e-bike motor. It isn't for the faint of heart, but its top-tier tech and insane range are worth attention.
vanmoof s3 review rear profile 1

Vanmoof S3 review: Affordable electric style

Want a stylish electric bike without a crazy price? At $2,000, the Vanmoof S3 will fill your needs. It packs in the features while undercutting the competition.
gopro launches lifestyle gear to go with your action camera branded goods

GoPro unveils lifestyle gear to go with your action camera

GoPro is expanding its product range to outdoor gear with the launch this week of a range of branded items that includes bags, apparel, and accessories.
Anker SoundCore Motion+ being controlled by phone

The best outdoor speakers

Whether you're looking for something to fuel a party or a pint-sized speaker for the trail, we've got you covered. Here are the best outdoor speakers available.
mow lawn smartphone mowz mowing

The best electric lawn mowers

Electric mowers are lightweight, eco-friendly, and easy to use. If you've been looking for an upgrade, these are the battery models to check out for your lawn.
The GoPro Hero 8 placed on a wooden surface.

Turn summer into a movie with a GoPro Hero7 or Hero8 from only $250

The GoPro Hero8 Black and Hero7 Black are ideal for camping expeditions and other outdoor activities this summer. Get them at Best Buy for up to $80 off.
The Home Depot sign with sky as a backdrop.

Home Depot 4th of July Sale 2020: Appliances, grills, tools, and more

The Home Depot 4th of July Sale falls on the weekend this year with deals on appliances, tools, grills, smart home tech, and more at discounts of up to 50% off.
garmin vector 3 review pedals 8

Garmin Vector 3 smart pedals review: Data to make your head spin

These Vector 3 pedals bring an amazing amount of accurate information to riders in a neat and easy-to-use package backed by Garmin's strong reputation.