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REI Osprey Patagonia backpack deals

REI backpack deals: Save up to 35% on Osprey and Patagonia daypacks

If you’re in the market for a way to carry your gear without spending more than a Benjamin, then these REI deals on Osprey and Patagonia backpacks are just the ticket for your next overnight or weekend adventure.
best hiking backpacks osprey stratos 24 lifestyle

REI Anniversary Sale: Big price cuts on Patagonia, Osprey, and The North Face

The REI Anniversary Sale has big bargains on great equipment from brand names like Osprey, Patagonia, and the North Face right now. Here, we’ve smoked out some of the best deals of the bunch that can save you cash on backpacks, jackets, and tents.
garmin forerunner 35 fitness tracker app

The Garmin Forerunner 35 gets a $50 price slash on Amazon

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep track of your fitness goals, a fitness tracker might be just what you need. The Garmin Forerunner 35 is one of our all-time favorites, and it’s on sale right now for $50 off its retail price at Amazon.
dragon touch affordable gopro alternative

The Dragon Touch Vision 3 action cam is an affordable GoPro alternative

In the arena of action cameras, GoPro has long held a firm grasp on the top spot. However, the hefty price tags on its products have kept some would-be adventurers out of the action. Swooping in to address this issue is GoPro alternative Dragon Touch, which is currently on Amazon for just $50.
coros vertix adventure watch gps press

Coros pushes the limits with light, long-lasting Vertix adventure watch

Coros continues to turn heads in the fitness watch market. After releasing the Coros Pace and Apex, the company is back with the new Vertix adventure watch. With a titanium frame and 45 days of battery life, the new Vertix is the lightest and longest lasting watch in its category.
fitbit ace 2 fitness tracker for children on sale

Fitbit’s kid-friendly Ace 2 fitness tracker now available for pre-order

Fitbit is now selling its latest wearable for kids, the Fitbit Ace 2. The entry-level fitness tracker counts steps, tracks active minutes, and monitors sleep to help keep kids active and encourage healthy habits throughout the day. The Ace 2 features a new waterproof design and animated watch faces.
nike fit aims to help you slip into your new sneakers more easily

Nike Fit aims to help you slip into your new sneakers more easily

Nike says a new augmented reality feature for its app should increase the chances of a snug fit for customers buying its shoes online, or even in-store. The process takes less than a minute and involves taking a detailed scan of your feet. Nike Fit launches in the U.S. in July and the following month in Europe.
bird launches an electric scooter that you can rent or even own one wheel

Bird’s new electric scooter is a durable two-wheeler that you can rent or own

Bird is best known as a scootersharing service but it's just unveiled a durable two-wheeler than you can not only rent, but own, too. The Bird One is available now for pre-order, and will also be replacing the company’s existing fleet of Bird Zero escooters in the coming months.
Garmin fenix 5X review wrist close up

REI slashes prices on Fitbit Versa and Garmin Fenix 5 smartwatches

Fitbit and Garmin make some of the best trackers on the market, and REI has a handful of them on sale right now. These deals let you save as much as $150 on high-end smartwatches like the Garmin Fenix 5.
gosun chill cooler chilldisplay 03

Forget ice — this cooler harnesses the power of the sun to chill your food

It sounds a bit crazy, but a new off-grid cooler called GoSun Chill uses the sun to keep your drinks and food cold. The hotter the day, the better. Here's how you can get your hands on one -- and how this impressive technology works. (Hint: It's to do with solar energy.)

The best cheap fitness trackers of 2019

We've compiled a list of the best cheap fitness trackers currently on the market. No matter if you're looking for something stylish, simple, or just aren't willing to dish out the kind cash necessary for a high-end model, our list offers something for the fitness enthusiast in everyone.
A soccer ball in a net.

How IBM’s cutting-edge A.I. put a losing soccer team on a winning streak

If you’ve seen the 2011 movie Moneyball, you’ll be familiar with the way that data crunching can be used to create a winning sport team against the odds. That's what IBM attempted recently when it turned the power of its Watson A.I. to improving the chances of a UK soccer team.
GoPro Hero7 Black

The GoPro Hero7 Black action cam gets over $100 knocked off its price

The GoPro Hero7 Black is the best action camera yet, and it’s on sale right now on Rakuten for a deep discount until the end of the month. Read on to find out why we love it so much and how you can save big.
best running shoes feat

Google’s redesigned Fit activity tracker is now an iOS app

Google Fit has landed for iOS. The activity tracker offers the same clean design that came with the major revamp of the Android version a year ago, with also includes features such as Move Minutes and Heart Points, created in collaboration with the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association.
Trek Bontrager WaveCel Helmet

Inside the high-tech lab that makes the world’s safest bike helmet

Trek and Bontrager have developed a new cycling helmet technology that looks to dramatically improve performance and safety. Dubbed WaveCel, the new tech uses three processes – flex, crumple, and glide – to disperse the energy absorbed on contact in an accident, providing up to 48 times more protection against head injury.
sustainable outdoor gear oboz sawtooth ii mid waterproof lifestyle

The best sustainable outdoor gear for Earth Day and beyond

Take some time to clean up the trash on a highly-used hiking trail for Earth Day, but don't stop there. Take the next step by choosing only sustainable gear for your outdoor adventures. We've compiled a list of our favorite eco-friendly gear that'll truly help you to leave no trace.
Algae bloom, Geoengineering using Ocean Fertilization

Geoengineering is risky and unproven, but soon it might be necessary

From light-scattering aerosols in Earth’s upper atmosphere to artificial chemical sponges created to suck carbon-dioxide out of the air we breathe, geoengineering aims to purposely change the world's climate using technology. Here's why its proponents think it must happen.
is lab grown meat real life or it just delicious fantasy cultured beef 02

Burgers are just the beginning: Embracing the future of lab-grown everything

You’ve almost certainly heard of the 'farm to fork' movement, but what about 'lab to table'? Welcome to the world of lab-grown meat: the fast-evolving dream of bringing customers their favorite edible dead animal without actually having to kill any animals in the process.
Masterbuilt meat smoker grill

Get cooking with a Masterbuilt meat smoker, now $230 off

For many people, warm weather means it’s time to enjoy the great outdoors, but all meat lovers know that spring and summer are also prime cookout season. The Masterbuilt meat smoker – now on sale from Walmart for $230 off – is an excellent way to prepare meat like a pro.
pumas self lacing sports shoe gives nikes adapt bb a run for its money puma fi 3

Puma is looking for volunteers to test its self-lacing sports shoe

Puma unveiled its high-tech self-lacing shoe at the start of the year, and now it's looking for volunteers from around the world to try it out and offer feedback so it can finalize the design prior to its 2020 launch. The footwear will compete with Nike’s BB Adapt self-lacing shoe, which hit the market in February.
adidas has created a running shoe thats made to be remade futurecraft loop

Adidas has created a running shoe that’s made to be remade

Adidas has unveiled the Futurecraft Loop running shoe that it claims is the first performance footwear to be 100% recyclable. The shoe is part of a growing list of green initiatives by the sportswear company and will be tested over the next 18 months before hitting stores in 2021.
citibike gets a makeover with new fleet of more comfortable better designed bicycles row

Lyft pulls thousands of ebikes from three U.S. cities over safety issue

A brake problem affecting 3,000 electric bikes operated by Lyft-owned Citi Bike, Capital Bikeshare, and Ford GoBike has prompted the company to take the two-wheelers out of service until the issue is resolved. The app-based bikesharing services operate in New York City, Washington D.C., and San Francisco.
fitbit versa review version 1522045407 full 17

The best fitness watches for 2019

The terms smartwatch and fitness trackers are nearly interchangeable as companies like Apple or Fitbit release wearables that so deftly accomplish both skillsets. To help narrow the field of the best smartwatches for fitness, we sorted through the market to find those worthy of a spot on your wrist.
waterproof portable speakers

Pick up an affordable waterproof Bluetooth speaker for under $75 at Amazon

The best Bluetooth speakers can get pretty expensive. You don’t have to pay out the nose for a good waterproof speaker, though; here, we’ve rounded up a handful of the top-rated cheap waterproof portable speakers on Amazon, most of which ring in at less than 30 bucks.
Closca Helmet Loop

Latest version of Closca’s collapsible bike helmet is made for urban explorers

The Closca Loop Helmet is a redesign of the company's earlier model that is lighter and more compact than the original, while also being better for the environment. The helmet has the ability to collapse down to reduce its volume by 45%, while offering a comfortable fit and excellent ventilation.
Trek Bontrager WaveCel Helmet

Competitors question Trek’s claims about its new bike helmet tech

After announcing a new type of helmet technology that is allegedly 48 times safer than regular bike helmets, treks competitors are calling those numbers into question. MIPS and Koroyd both claim that the new WaveCel helmets are not appreciably better than the technology that they use in their own helmets, which have been available for awhile.
Gore Innovation Center

Gore’s Innovation Center is a powerful ally for Silicon Valley start ups

The Gore Innovation Center, located in Santa Clara, California, was created in 2017 to give the company an opportunity to work more closely with Silicon Valley start ups, bringing Gore's vast catalog of materials and technologies to wearables not just in the outdoor space, but in health, medicine, smart fabrics, and more.

The hubless, carbon-fiber Cyclotron bike looks straight out of ‘Tron’

Futuristic carbon fiber bike features hubless wheels that light up in the dark, just like the Light Cycles in Tron.
ablechair wheelchair transform zsgj8wc4

AbleChair wheelchair switches from seated to standing — and everything between

AbleChair is a smartphone-controlled wheelchair that’s able to transform into a range of different positions and configurations -- it's like the accessibility version of Optimus Prime. This could mean a regular seated position, a more elevated position, a standing one, or something else entirely.

Need a ride? Amazon is slashing prices on popular electric scooters

If you’re not much of a cyclist or if you’re looking for a lazier way to zip about town, a good electric scooter should be right up your alley. Two of our favorites, the foldable Glion Dolly and the eco-friendly Razor scooter, are now on sale from Amazon for more than $200 off.
best fitness watches garmin fenix 5x review feature 2

REI drops deals on Garmin Fenix 5 and Vivoactive 3 smartwatches

Garmin's great activity trackers offer a lot of advantages for health-conscious individuals and outdoor adventurers, and with spring finally here, now’s a fine time to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon. REI’s Garmin sale is the perfect chance to grab one and save hundreds.
REI used outdoor gear

A $20 lifetime REI Membership gets you exclusive deals, money back, and more

REI is a great one-stop shop for everything related to the great outdoors, but REI member rewards can give you even more. For just $20 for a lifetime membership, you can get access to exclusive sales, members-only deals, REI Adventure discounts, and much more.
Under Armour waterproof backpack deals

Under Armour cuts prices on waterproof backpacks with this outlet sale

Under Armour built its name on athletic clothing, but this maker also offers great bags and backpacks for everyday carry. If you're looking for a waterproof backpack to keep your stuff out of the rain, then Under Armour’s ongoing sale might have just what you’re looking for.
under armour hovr fitness tracker shoes

Under Armour HOVR is more than a running shoe, it’s a fitness tracker

Under Armour HOVR running shoes bring more to the table than just a comfortable fit. With UA's Record Sensor technology, you can track distance, duration, and even the path you take as you run. So before you buy an expensive fitness tracker, you should take a look at these high-tech sneakers.