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An insane racing fan tried to film dune buggies flying over his head

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As a sports photographer who’s shot a few races in my career, I can tell you one thing with certainty: cars are nothing to mess with. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a NASCAR race car, IndyCar, Monster Truck, rally car or off-road vehicle, they all combine a good deal of weight and a great deal of speed, and are capable of causing plenty of damage, both to yourself and your equipment.

Sure, this might seem like common sense, but all too often people can’t resist the urge to get up close and personal with the methanol-guzzling machines. One such person is this not-so-brilliant individual who thought it would be a good idea to capture video of Class 10 dune buggies flying over his head without any means of protection.

As the above video shows, this genius decided to crouch down into the gap between a small jump — if you can even call it that — and film the dune buggies flying overhead on the dirt track.

Amazingly, one of the vehicles manages to clear the jump without decapitating the man. The second vehicle was lucky enough to see the person and wisely slowed down as to not crush him.

It’s not known whether the driver of the Cops Racing Team flung the dirt at the man as a sign to get the heck out of there, but the man filming can be seen telling the driver that he is number one. Or something like that.

Shortly after, the man makes his second wisest decision of the day (the first was shooting the video horizontally) and got out of there before heads rolled.

The video was uploaded this year, as pointed out by Gizmodo, but there’s no time frame given to know what specific race this was at.

Consider this a PSA. Don’t get in the way of any race vehicle, no matter the form of racing. No matter how invincible you might feel, I can assure you the flying combination of steel and carbon fiber will win every time.

Gannon Burgett
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