Facebook rolling out drag-and-drop photo service and testing new Timeline design

facebook drag and drop feature

How important are photos to Facebook? Important enough that the social network will enable drag-and-drop uploads of multiple photos at once from directly from your status update says InsideFacebook. In an instant, you’ll be able to share an entire album without resorting to the multiple steps you’d otherwise have to take to upload photos with the current system. 

It normally takes about six clicks to add an album to your Timeline from your computer, which for the world’s most popular photo-sharing network is pretty disappointing. Facebook has been focusing on cleaning up its photo product and implementing new features for better viewing as well as more creative control for users. The latest evidence of this is Photo Sync, which enabled every photo taken on a smartphone to automatically be backed up to a user’s private folder on Facebook. From here, all you have to do to publish multiple photos is to select all images of your choice and share it as one album in one go. However, there are some inherent issues with this sort of instant uploading service, chief among them being privacy. 

At the moment the drag-and-drop feature hasn’t been rolled to users just yet, but it may be gradually released to groups of users over time.

facebook new inline tabbed timeline

In other Facebook news, ABC is reported on a new Timeline design that Facebook has been (until now) silently testing. Should there be any changes with the design, it would mean the removal of the thumbnails that link to your likes, friends, and photos, in favor of inline tabs that Facebook says will make navigating Timelines easier. However this move may come as a blow to marketers who’ve relied on the thumbnail images to attract the eyes of visitors.