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Facebook suspends Cambridge Analytica for misusing personal data from 50M users

Cambridge Analytica is the firm best know for its work alongside Donald Trump's presidential campaign, but the company is in trouble with Facebook over misusing personal data.

Google Project Fi will no longer charge you for more than 6GB of data

Google's Project Fi has long charged $10 per 1GB of data, but that's changing. Now, if you use more than 6GB of data, you'll still only pay $60 for that data, which equates to a standard unlimited data plan.
Emerging Tech

Would you trade your privacy for a car? You might have that choice in the future

We're all used to the tech business model that gives us 'free' access to services in exchange for our data. But could that same trade be applied to other aspects of our life, too? Welcome to the zero-dollar future.

A simple guide on how to burn a CD to store your data or music

Sometimes you just need to use a compact disc (CD) for storing or sharing data, and so here are some simple instructions on how to burn a CD that can be used on any PC or CD/DVD player.

Forget Wi-Fi hotspots, the Surface Pro with LTE Advanced can get online anywhere

No matter where you are in the world, the new Surface Pro with LTE Advanced should be able to get you online, thanks to its added modem and support for the latest wireless data technologies.
Emerging Tech

If data is the new oil, are tech companies robbing us blind?

Data is the new oil, or so the saying goes. So why are we giving it away in exchange for free email and better search results? And should we be entitled to any of the money it generates?

Save data, save money: How to reduce your data usage on Android or iOS

Who needs texts and minutes when you have data? Since it's so precious, you should look after every little megabyte -- here's our guide on how to reduce your data usage on Android and iOS.

‘My Golden Ticket’ takes you through Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory

Google-backed publishing startup Wonderbly took the wraps off its new book. In collaboration with the Roald Dahl Literary Estate, My Golden Ticket takes children through Willy Wonka's world-famous Chocolate Factory.

Uber Movement data has now been made available to the public

In January, Uber made available a tome of data based upon countless rides taken by its millions of customers each and every day. It was launched on a new website called “Uber Movement.” Now, that info is available to the public too.

Verizon just upgraded its prepaid plans with more data for less money

Verizon announced that beginning June 6, they'll be offering three new monthly prepaid plans with more data than before. Starting next week, each prepaid tier will be leveling up its data allowance.
Emerging Tech

First science data from Juno shows Jupiter is a complex and chaotic planet

The recent results sent back from NASA's Juno spacecraft depict Jupiter as a highly complex and chaotic world, featuring cyclones the size of Earth and a surprisingly powerful magnetic field.

Google’s Data GIF Maker will make your facts and figures more palatable

Meet the Data GIF Maker, a new tool from Google that wants to help data scientists, journalists, and others who depend upon data to support their ideas better communicate their evidence to their audience.