Apple quietly bans developers from selling your contacts’ data

Apple quietly updated its developer guidelines to ban developers from selling data collected from an iPhone users contacts app -- a practice similar to what landed Facebook in hot water with Cambridge Analytica.

5.9 million payment cards exposed in massive data breach at mobile retailer

Mobile retailer Dixons Carphone has admitted a massive data breach which has exposed payment details of 5.9 million people. The hack took place in 2017, and Dixons says no fraudulent activity has been recorded.

Apple releases tools for checking the data it collects, starting with Europe

A New York Times journalist recently took a look at just how much Facebook knew about him, and was horrified by the answer. So how much do other popular tech companies know about their users? In the case of Apple, not that much.

British watchdog group orders Cambridge Analytica to hand over data

As the fallout of data firm Cambridge Analytica continues, a U.K. data privacy watchdog group has ordered that the company cede all of the personal information it collected from an American professor back to him.

Cambridge Analytica designed cryptocurrency to sell back your personal data

After stealing data from 87 million Facebook users, Cambridge Analytica wants to help you protect your own personal data by selling it back to you with its own cryptocurrency. The firm has been exploring the use of blockchain for this.
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A New York Times reporter downloaded his Facebook data – and was terrified

Last week, the lead consumer technology reporter for the New York Times, Brian Chen, downloaded his Facebook data, with terrifying results. 500 advertisers had his contact information, and he couldn't delete much of this data.

Apple Watch heart rate data used as evidence in Australian murder trial

Data collected from the Apple Watch has been used as evidence in an Australian murder trial, where it provides a chilling timeline of the murder victim's last moments, and may end up being instrumental in the killer's conviction.

Save data, save money: How to reduce your data usage on Android or iOS

Who needs texts and minutes when you have data? Since it's so precious, you should look after every little megabyte -- here is our guide on how to reduce your data usage on Android and iOS.
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Zuckerberg releases first statement on Cambridge Analytica, vows more security

After several days of silence, Mark Zuckerberg finally addressed the Cambridge Analytica controversy, outlining a detailed timeline of events, and pledging that Facebook will do better in the future.

Google Project Fi will no longer charge you for more than 6GB of data

Google's Project Fi has long charged $10 per 1GB of data, but that's changing. Now, if you use more than 6GB of data, you'll still only pay $60 for that data, which equates to a standard unlimited data plan.
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Would you trade your privacy for a car? You might have that choice in the future

We're all used to the tech business model that gives us 'free' access to services in exchange for our data. But could that same trade be applied to other aspects of our life, too? Welcome to the zero-dollar future.

A simple guide on how to burn a CD to store your data or music

Sometimes you just need to use a compact disc (CD) for storing or sharing data, and so here are some simple instructions on how to burn a CD that can be used on any PC or CD/DVD player.