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China speeds up its subway with palm scanners and facial recognition

The Chinese capital of Beijing is now considering the introduction of "bio-recognition technology" to its subway stations. This technology would include palm scanners and facial recognition scanners.
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Florida police are using Amazon’s creepy real-time facial-recognition tech

Amazon recently sold access to its real-time facial recognition tech to the Orlando, Florida, police department, which could potentially use it as part of its future crime-solving goals.
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Facebook’s photo tag suggestions could violate Illinois law — and cost billions

A federal judge has again dismissed Facebook's request to throw out a lawsuit that claims the social network's suggested photo tags tool breaks an Illinois law that prevents storing biometric data without consent.
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Facial recognition tech picks a suspect out of a crowd of 50,000 in China

Police in southeast China have reportedly arrested a fugitive spotted in a crowd of 50,000 people attending a pop concert, thanks to some eerily accurate facial recognition technology.
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LED baseball cap fools facial-recognition tech into thinking you’re someone else

Researchers in China have created an LED-studded baseball cap that is able to trick facial-recognition systems into thinking that you are another person entirely. Here's how it works.
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An A.I. distinguishes between biological males and females based on a smile

A new artificial intelligence has found an accurate way of distinguishing between images of biological males and females -- and all it needs to do is to take a look at their smile!

Board 350 passengers in 20 minutes? Facial recognition passes testing at LAX

To board a flight from LAX with the Lufthansa airline, you don't need your boarding pass, just your face. The airline launched self-boarding gates after a successful test and plans to expand them to other U.S. airports.
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Chinese police are using facial-recognition tech to catch criminals

Police in Beijing are testing out new smart glasses enabled with license plate and facial-recognition technology. The smart tech can match people with a database of possible suspects.

Got A.I? Facial recognition now works on cows, with goal of better milk

A camera system could be all dairy farmers need to monitor the health of the herd using a new system that recognizes and tracks each individual cow. The A.I. system is designed to spot health problems early.
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Controller? What controller? You fly this drone with your facial expressions

Roboticists at British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University have created a unique drone control system that involves piloting it by pulling a series of funny faces. Here's how it works.

Bosch shows us how smarter cars help drivers stay focused on the road

Technology makes cars more user-friendly while increasing driver distractions. At CES 2018, Bosch showed us how future cars will be even more convenient while creating fewer opportunities for distracted driving.
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‘Adversarial glasses’ can fool even state-of-the-art facial-recognition tech

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of North Carolina have developed 3D-printed glasses that are capable of fooling even cutting edge facial recognition systems.