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Chinese police are using facial-recognition tech to catch criminals

Police in Beijing are testing out new smart glasses enabled with license plate and facial-recognition technology. The smart tech can match people with a database of possible suspects.

Got A.I? Facial recognition now works on cows, with goal of better milk

A camera system could be all dairy farmers need to monitor the health of the herd using a new system that recognizes and tracks each individual cow. The A.I. system is designed to spot health problems early.
Emerging Tech

Controller? What controller? You fly this drone with your facial expressions

Roboticists at British Columbia’s Simon Fraser University have created a unique drone control system that involves piloting it by pulling a series of funny faces. Here's how it works.

Bosch shows us how smarter cars help drivers stay focused on the road

Technology makes cars more user-friendly while increasing driver distractions. At CES 2018, Bosch showed us how future cars will be even more convenient while creating fewer opportunities for distracted driving.
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‘Adversarial glasses’ can fool even state-of-the-art facial-recognition tech

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of North Carolina have developed 3D-printed glasses that are capable of fooling even cutting edge facial recognition systems.

New, versatile 3D camera could bring Face ID to smaller devices

That smartphone can't have facial recognition without a small enough 3D camera -- and PMD and Infineon are launching the smallest yet. The camera also boasts a higher resolution and better performance in bright light.

Intel’s new Realsense depth cameras work just as well outside as they do indoors

If you like to do your facial recognition or video calls outdoors, Intel's new-generation Realsense D415 and D435 cameras will be right up your alley, as they work just as well outside as in.
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Tokyo 2020 Olympics could deploy facial-recognition tech on a huge scale

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics organizers are reported to be considering the use of facial recognition technology in a bid to bolster security. It would mark the biggest ever deployment of facial recognition technology at an Olympics.
Emerging Tech

Place your burger order with nothing but a smile at a facial-recognition kiosk

In a bid to make fast food even faster, burger chain CaliBurger has built a machine that recognizes your face and recalls your previous orders. And if you smile you'll also get loyalty points for discounts.
Social Media

Facebook facial recognition prevents someone from stealing your photo

Facebook's facial recognition will now help prevent accounts from using photos of another user as their profile picture. The tools to curb impersonation also come with new tools to prevent harassment.

Older Windows 10 devices susceptible to Windows Hello face spoofing

Researchers discovered that Windows Hello facial recognition can be bypassed in older versions of Windows 10. Devices with cameras that don't support Enhanced Anti-Spoofing are susceptible to their proof of concept regardless.

Huawei’s new facial-recognition technology could be better than Apple’s Face ID

It looks like Apple isn't the only one working on facial-recognition tech for its phones -- Huawei is too, and the company claims that its tech is 10 times more accurate than Apple's.