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A fight with an enemy in Quake 2's 2023 remaster.

PC classic Quake II is now on Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch

A remaster of Quake II had a surprise release on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch today.
The key art for Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal team cancels planned ‘Invasion’ multiplayer mode

Doom Eternal DoEt Cel

The best Doom Eternal mods

best single player pc games doom eternal fire baron

All Doom Eternal cheat codes and where to find them

best single player pc games doom eternal fire baron

id Software confirms split with Doom Eternal composer Mick Gordon

most anticipated games of 2019 doometernal

Doom Eternal: Everything we know, from Earth to the BFG

Google Stadia DOOM Eternal

Doom Eternal stays old-school, won’t include microtransactions

rage 2 everything we know abilities locations weapons and more ark hunting

How to unlock the flying Icarus vehicle in Rage 2

rage 2 everything we know abilities locations weapons and more featured

Everything we know about Rage 2

‘Doom Eternal’ brings packs of hellish demons to Earth

rage driving explosion

Why is Bethesda making ‘Rage 2?’ We dove back into ‘Rage’ to find out

what to expect bethesda e3 2018 press conference rage 2

‘Rage 2’ looks to be faster, zanier, and way more exciting than the original

rage 2 first gameplay trailer rage2gameplay1

Check out the first gameplay for Bethesda’s zany shooter ‘Rage 2’

The first gameplay trailer for Rage 2 has been released by Bethesda, giving us a look at the game's weapons, powers, locations, and even a taste of the post-apocalyptic story. More details will be shared at E3 in June, and the game is scheduled to arrive to consoles and PC in spring 2019.

Bethesda’s ‘Rage 2’ officially announced, gameplay coming May 15

A teaser trailer for the unannounced post-apocalyptic shooter Rage 2 has been released. The live-action footage is set to Andrew W.K.'s "Ready to Die" and gives us a taste of the game's world. The first gameplay from the sequel will be shown by publisher Bethesda on May 15.
bethesda rage 2 tease

‘Rage 2’ is all the rage on Twitter; announcement appears imminent

Over the past couple of days, Bethesda has dropped several hints about a follow-up to its 2011 open-world shooter Rage. The latest hints suggest the studio is planning an announcement on May 14, and all signs point to Rage 2. This comes after Walmart inadvertently leaked stock box art for the game.

'Doom' drops to $15, all DLC is now free

Id Software and Bethesda have made all Doom downloadable content free. The game is free to play this weekend on Xbox One and PC.
john romero doom ii discs doom2discs

Doom II floppy discs just sold for $3,150 – the catch? They’re John Romero’s

Doom II discs belonging to John Romero has been sold on Ebay for more than $3,000, following the sale of other Doom related items.
quake champions first take 7

Quake Champions: Our First Take

doom multiplayer beta hands on featured

Id Software’s CTO promotes the benefits of using AMD’s new Ryzen CPUs

AMD uploaded a two-minute clip featuring id Software CTO Robert Duffy. He talks about the benefits of the new Ryzen desktop CPUs.
quake champions gameplay trailer quakecon 2016

You can play ‘Quake Champions’ on April 6, if you get into the closed beta

The closed beta for Quake Champions is set to begin on April 6, which means you can sign up now for a chance to take part.
quake champion payment model catacombs

You can play as one character across every map in 'Quake Champions' for free

Users can play every map for free, but to permanently unlock additional Champions, you'll need to make a one-time purchase.
carmack lawsuit zenimax media baftagames

Oculus exec John Carmack launches $22.5M lawsuit against ZeniMax Media

John Carmack has filed a lawsuit against ZeniMax Media, alleging that the company has unpaid debts from the purchase of id Software in 2009.
talking quake champions with creative director tim willits quakecon 2016 featured

Director Tim Willits on why ‘Quake Champions’ will be the purest, fastest FPS ever

quake champions gameplay trailer quakecon 2016

Strap yourself in to watch Bethesda’s new ‘Quake Champions’ gameplay video

Bethesda and Id Software launched a gameplay trailer for" Quake Champions" during QuakeCon 2016, revealing rocket jumps, fast action, and Anarki's return.
doom multiplayer beta hands on featured

Doom now supports Vulkan thanks to patch released on Steam, and optimized AMD drivers

id Software launched a patch on Steam that updates Doom with Vulkan support. AMD released fresh new drivers optimized for the Doom/Vulkan combo as well.
quake romero birthday logo

John Romero celebrates Quake’s 20th birthday with ancient FAQ and long-lost screencaps

John Romero updated his blog with a post celebrating Quake's birthday, as it turned 20 this week. To celebrate, he shared original trading cards and more.
DOOM E3 screenshot

Beyond new games and surprises, Bethesda announces updates for ‘Doom’ at E3

Bethesda's E3 2016 press conference delivered news on the recently released first person shooter, DOOM, including upcoming DLC content and a free demo.

Finally! Job postings point to id Software gearing up for a new ‘Quake’ game

Bethesda's id software development studio is now hiring, and many job listings reveal that applicants will get their hands dirty with the Quake franchise.
doom alternate box art dooma

Doom launch trailer offers a few story details, some demons, and buckets of blood

Bethesda released a short launch trailer for Doom, which provides just the slightest bit of insight into the story for the game's single-player campaign.
Doom Multiplayer Beta

id Software responds to PC gamers' complaints about the Doom multiplayer open beta

id Software CTO Robert Duffy addressed some criticism stemming from the recent open beta of Doom for PC, saying the final version's frame rate isn't capped.
doom multiplayer dlc packs first person shooter bethesda

Doom will receive three multiplayer DLC packs post-launch

Bethesda has announced that new maps, modes, and weaponry will be added to Doom in the months following its launch this May.
john carmack bafta fellowship award

John Carmack to receive this year’s BAFTA Fellowship Award

id Software founder John Carmack is set to receive the BAFTA Fellowship award, joining the likes of Gabe Newell, Shigeru Miyamoto and Peter Molyneux.
doom multiplayer trailer unleashes the power of demon runes revenant and cyberdemon

Unleash your inner demon with Doom’s official multiplayer trailer

Bethesda has released a new trailer for its upcoming Doom reboot, showcasing the blood-soaked mayhem that players can expect from its multiplayer mode.
doom beta invites caco demon

Id Software pitches new alternate Doom box art

Doom will have a reversible cover with an alternate box art image, developer Id Software announced Thursday, following complaints from fans and pundits.