The real reason fake social media accounts will haunt us for years to come

Phony accounts on social media are nothing new, but recent crackdowns on fake accounts reveal that the problem seems to persist despite efforts by the platforms.
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LinkedIn: Now you can express love, curiosity, and more with new Reactions

LinkedIn is following in the footsteps of Facebook (three years later!) with the rollout of new reactions that give users more ways to express themselves when responding to posts in their feed.
linkedin finally gets around to launching its own live video tool logo is seen on an android mobile phone

Social Feed: Zuckerberg unfazed by #deletefacebook, Boomerang moves to FB

While some tech giants have deleted their Facebook accounts, Facebook says it hasn't seem big changes in user count or even in privacy settings. Meanwhile, the network's camera gains the Boomerang mode and an unlikely network adds GIFs.

Beware of new image files you didn’t download: They may launch ‘Locky’ ransomware

Moving on from malicious macros in Microsoft Office Word documents, the Locky ransomware program now uses self-downloading image files from social media. If you spot an image file on your computer that you don't remember downloading, don't open it.
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