Not all cookies are safe for munching. Here's how to clear them in your browser

Cookies are useful when it comes to saving your login credentials and other data, but they can also be used by advertisers to track your browsing habits across multiple sites. Here's how to clear cookies in five major browsers.

Which browser gives the best battery life? The winner is a shocker

We ran the four most popular browsers -- Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Opera – through a litany of real-life tests to see which one has the best browser battery life. Our results might surprise you.

Are you ready for a browser cleanup? Here’s how to clear cookies on an iPad

As you browse the internet, websites leave temporary internet files, as well as cookies, on your iPad. Sometimes, you want to get rid of these files to clean up your device. Here's how to clear cookies on an iPad.

Opera 47 improves design, finally adds exportable bookmarks

Opera 47 is now available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux, bringing about a wide range of improvements headlined by the often-requested ability to export all bookmarks as an HTML file.

Vivaldi stamps a new logo on its web browser, packs in fresh enhancements

Vivaldi Software released the latest version of its web browser. It comes packed with a fresh new logo, and enhancements to current features. These include an updated Reader Mode, a tool for pausing GIF animations, and more.

Opera is ‘Reborn,’ with new features that help usher in modern browser market

Opera Reborn is a rejuvenated version of the 22-year-old browser, bringing with it baked-in chat functions, as well as ad blocking, a VPN service, and a fancy new layout and visual style.

Vivaldi browser will become much more share-happy with version 1.7 update

Vivaldi is an alternative browser to the big three or four options and offers some exciting features. In its latest 1.7 update, it added the ability to screenshot entire web pages with annotations and even mute tabs that are producing…

Opera Software's latest browser predicts and loads websites users want to visit

The latest version of the Opera web browser packs predictive technology that loads a web page before the user finishes typing its address. The new browser also includes a new compiler technique that enables Opera to perform tasks faster.

Opera Neon is a web browser for the modern age that is unlike any other

Opera calls Neon a "radical re-imagining of what a browser can be," and it's not hard to see why.

Opera celebrates two decades of web browsing with version 42

Opera 42 brings a built-in currency converter to help facilitate online purchases from other regions, as well as tweaks to the browser's newsreader functionality and improvements to its startup time.

Russia asks web browser Opera to install a blacklist on its Turbo Mode feature

Opera had talks with Russian officials about the possibilities of implementing a blacklist on Turbo Mode to ensure that sites banned in Russia do not slip through the cracks. No deal has been made yet.

Opera 41 speeds up your browsing experience by boosting multitab performance on startup

Opera 41 tweaks the way that the browser loads tabs on start-up, prioritizing certain pages over others to ensure that users can access the content they're looking for as quickly as possible.