Mira wants to give iPhone owners their first taste of augmented reality

Forget virtual reality -- augmented reality is the next big thing. Mira has created an iPhone-based AR headset called Prism that focuses on social activities, so you're actually interacting with your friends on your smartphone, not avoiding…

New NSA report shows the huge number of non-targeted users caught in its net

After a four-month investigation, the Washington Post reveals details of how many "innocent bystanders" are caught up in the NSA's data collection net as it monitors targets at home and abroad.
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NSA secretly taps into Google, Yahoo data centers, leaked documents show

The NSA is at it again. But this time, they are secretly scooping up hundreds of millions of records from Google and Yahoo by tapping into the links between these companies' data centers.
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Mark Zuckerberg says US government ‘blew it’ over NSA messaging

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a recent interview that he believes the U.S. government failed to properly convey the NSA's surveillance activities to the American people. He says they "blew it."
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Hands on with PRSM, the PRISM parody platform – the scariest, truest satire out there

When it comes to divulging personal information, is Facebook no longer cutting it for you? Good news! PRISM will let you redefine the word 'oversharing.' We go hands on with the hypothetical network some devs dreamed up.
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YouTubers create world’s first terrible ‘movie’ about Edward Snowden

It was only a matter of time before a film about NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden became a reality. We just didn't realize that time was six weeks. Good thing "Verax," the first film about Snowden, is only five minutes long.

Why is the former head of the NSA convinced Huawei is a threat to the US?

A former head of the NSA says China's Huawei is a threat to the United States security - but nothing's ever been proven. Is Huawei just a scapegoat?

Why does the NSA need your phone records to track terrorists?

The House of Representatives on Wednesday narrowly defeated an amendment that would have prevented the NSA from collecting telephone metadata on virtually every American. Why does the NSA need to collect so much data, anyway?

The Digital Self: Can the 4th Amendment fit in 140 characters?

Forget Edward Snowden. The NSA surveillance story has far more to do with our civil liberties than the motivations of a 29-year-old. Here's why your constitutional protections against unreasonable searches and seizures aren't up to snuff.

PRISM-proof your phone with these encrypted apps and services

Worried that your lines of communication may be compromised? Think that the NSA is taking a look at your data? We take a look at ways to encrypt and protect your phone calls, texts, and web browsing habits on your mobile devices.
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Here’s how to ask the NSA for your records (but don’t hold your breath)

You can't ask the NSA to stop collecting information, but you can ask to see or delete your records. Now whether you'll actually get those mailed to you remains to be seen.

Google fights secret court over right to reveal user data request stats

In response to the recent NSA document leak, Google has filed a motion with the secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), arguing that gag orders over data requests are unconstitutional.

What we learned from NSA leaker Edward Snowden’s live Q&A

NSA leaker Edward Snowden gives the world more information about U.S. government surveillance, his reasons for fleeing to Hong Kong, and the media's "unfortunate" attention on his online past and his girlfriend's looks.
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Twitter, abusing the #asksnowden Q&A is why we can’t have nice things

Twitter, we had the invitation to ask Edward Snowden anything we wanted. And this is what we did with it. While some of the off-topic queries deserve a small nod of hilarious approval, most of them are leaving us #smh.
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WTF, Internet? Obsessing over Edward Snowden’s girlfriend is bad for America

WTF, Internet? This week's Web indiscretion comes courtesy of the obsession with Edward Snowden's girlfriend ... because, you know, she's the important part of this whole NSA story.
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Facebook: U.S. gov’t requested data on 18K-19K users in last half of 2012

Facebook has released more details about government requests for user data in the United States, including requests by the NSA. The company touts the increased transparency as a win for users concerned about how the social network is…

The most offensive thing about PRISM? That horrible PowerPoint – so this guy redesigned it

PRISM has some ugly slides, but don't worry Parisian designer Emiland De Cubber has spruced it up a bit despite regardless of the program's purpose.

How to use the Internet without all those PRISM-accused Web properties

Wary of potentially divulging every detail about your life should the NSA have any reason to snoop around? Here are ways to protect yourself from PRISM.