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Want an extra arm? A third thumb? Check out these awesome robotic appendages

Ever wished for a pair of extra arms, a third leg, or a sixth finger on each hand? Check out this list of amazing robo-prosthetics which promise to take your multitasking to the next level.
Emerging Tech

Doctors will help end hearing loss by 3D printing tiny prosthetic ear bones

Researchers at Baltimore’s University of Maryland School of Medicine are doing their part to end hearing loss by using a 3D printer to fabricate prosthetic copies of the tiny bones in the middle ear.

A 21-year-old developer’s robotic arm could be the future of prosthetics

A new Microsoft-backed short-video series follows the development of a new robotic prosthetic arm for nine-year-old Momo. Most importantly? It could cost as little as $4,000.
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Third Thumb is the 3D-printed prosthesis you didn’t know you needed until now

U.K.-based designer Dani Clode developed a 3D-printed functioning prosthetic Third Thumb -- capable of carrying out an impressive range of motions designed to extend its wearer’s abilities.
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This custom 3D printed prosthetic arm is designed specifically for playing cello

A pioneering research team at Carnegie Mellon's School of Computer Science is working to create life-changing prosthetics for people in need -- and all thanks to the wonders of 3D printing.
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Dad 3D-printed arm prosthesis for his kid, now wants to share it with the world

Soon after being born, Sol Ryan had to have his lower left arm amputated due to complications. Fortunately, his dad developed a 3D-printed hydraulic arm for his child. Now he wants to share it with everyone.
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Groundbreaking new prosthetic translates spinal cord signals into movement

Scientists at the U.K.'s Imperial College London have developed smart sensor technology for a robot arm controlled via signals from nerves in the spinal cord. Here's why it's so exciting.
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Formlabs’ David Lakatos chats about robot prosthetics, future of 3D printing

We sat down with the 3D-printing company Formlabs' chief product officer to learn more about what's next for Formlabs and the industry as a whole. Looks like prosthetics and long-term projects are underway.
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Here are the craziest, most groundbreaking scientific achievements of 2016

The year 2016 logged some very exciting breakthroughs in science and technology -- we are closer than ever to an effective cancer cure, we soon will have self-driving cars and we possibly found the home planet for our alien brethren.
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Gamers learn to control characters strictly through direct brain stimulation

A team of researchers from the University of Washington have developed a system that allows users to play a two-dimensional video game without seeing, hearing, or sensing the action in any traditional way.
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Po 3D makes 3D-printed prosthetics affordable in its home country of Paraguay

Meet Po 3D, a 3D-printing company that is helping create affordable prosthetics for the people of Paraguay, many of whom wouldn't otherwise have the means to afford any sort of prostheses at all.
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How the Alternative Limb Project is transforming prosthetics into an astonishing artform

The Alternative Limb Project is transforming the medium of prosthetics into the ultimate form of self-expression, by blurring the line between everyday prostheses and body modification.
Health & Fitness

In a technological first, paralyzed patient can feel touch through an artificial hand

Ten years ago Nathan Copeland was in an accident that left his hands paralyzed. Now, he can use his mind to control a robotic arm and even feel pressure applied to the synthetic hand.
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Texas girl, 5, is pretty in pink with prosthetic arm 3D-printed at public library

Texas girl Katelyn Vincik, 5, recently received a custom 3D-printed prosthetic arm (in pink!), courtesy of her nearby library and some freely-provided open source blueprints.
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Here’s 7 prosthetic limbs that’re so amazing that they’re almost better than the real thing

Losing a limb is devastating, however, these seven prosthetic arm users have unique features and abilities that make our normal limbs look like a thing of the past. The futuristic aesthetics are just an added plus.
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Legless duck walks again with 3D printed prosthetic feet built by middle schoolers

Philip the Duck lost both his feet to frostbite in a harsh Wisconsin winter, but he's now learning to walk again with a pair of 3D printed prosthetic feet created by a local middle school class, a technology and engineering teacher, and…
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Watch this rescue dog run and play on his new 3D-printed legs

3D Systems made headlines last year when it developed a pair of prosthetic legs for Derby, a rescue dog that was born with a disability. Now the company is back with a new pair of 3D-printed legs that help Derby walk, run, and even sit like…
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This robotic prosthetic hand knows exactly how hard to grab an egg without crushing it

SynTouch, a tactile sensing company, just unveiled its recent breakthrough in prosthetics, showing off its BioTac fingers that can accurately sense applied force, vibrations, and temperature.