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windows 10 october update

How to download Windows 10 for free

As Microsoft removes support for Windows 7, Windows 10 will ensure that you're not open to security issues. Here's how to get Windows 10 for free.
Windows 7 desktop.

Ranking all 12 versions of Windows, from worst to best

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 windows 10

How to uninstall Windows 10 and downgrade to Windows 8.1

microsoft to hold june 24 windows 10 event new logo

This controversial Windows 11 feature is already upsetting people

Windows 7 Laptop

How Windows 7 saved Microsoft from driving over a cliff — twice

6187e06e16767a5e103165caac189111 behance mac cover

Tomorrow’s laptop will work more like your phone — and you’re going to love it

Laptop running Windows 10.

The free Windows 10 upgrade party is over and Microsoft is cleaning up the mess

Windows 7 retirement

Microsoft nixes plan to cut Windows 7 and 8 support early for Skylake users

microsoft secure boot tool policy patched surface pro 3 hands on 10

Microsoft left the Secure Boot golden key sitting out in the open

microsoft restrict windows 10 app limit

After only 6 months, Windows 10 tops 8, XP in market share

how to use windows task manager header

Here's every trick the Windows Task Manager can pull off

Windows 10

Windows 10 beats out 8.1 for installations, closes in on Windows 7

periscope videos come to twitter feeds autplay dt daily 00 50 15 still005

Get ready to watch Periscope live-stream videos right from your Twitter feed |DT Daily

With its stock in the bargain basement, Twitter has announced Periscope live-stream videos will now appear directly in iOS device Twitter feeds.
Microsoft HQ 2

Windows 8 dropped by Microsoft in latest Patch Tuesday

Microosft has ended full support for Windows 8 and certain versions of Internet Explorer and now encourages everyone to update to newer versions.
6 built in windows tools you might not know about sticky notes

6 built-in Windows tools you might not know about

After decades of development, Windows has developed hidden depths. Here are six built-in tools and functions that will save you from an extraneous download.
windows 10 tech preview privacy policy data collection search

Windows 10: Our complete guide to Microsoft’s next OS

With the past few technical preview builds, Windows 10 is starting to take shape into a modern and relevant OS that is sure to please users from XP and 8.1.
Windows 7 retirement

Windows 7 has replaced XP as the most popular version of the OS

Despite being a few years older than its competition, Windows 7 continues to beat out Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 as the most widely used version of Windows.
windows rt dead will 10 make mistakes windowsrt thumb

Does the death of Windows RT cast a shadow on Windows 10?

The legacy of Windows RT continues to haunt Microsoft. Windows 10 is trying a new way of combining the desktop with mobile, but does it fix RT's mistakes?
switch local account windows 8 1 shutterstock 163531841

Want to ditch your Microsoft account? Here’s how to do it in Windows 8.1

Not everyone requires use of a connected Microsoft account in Windows 8.1. To help, we've put together this walkthrough for adding a private local account.
Microsoft Windows 8.1

Finally, Windows 8.1 surpasses XP in usage

The latest data harvested from around the web shows Windows 8.1 is at long last the second most used OS in the world, behind Win 7 and ahead of XP.
this no name windows 8 stick pc can be had now for 100 meegopad m1

Fancy a Windows 8 PC on a stick? You can have one today for just $100

A little known Chinese device manufacturer just stole Intel's thunder by putting a Windows 8 stick PC up for sale for American buyers.
windows xp share falls abruptly 8 1 soars impressively

Out with the old, in with the new: Windows XP use falls sharply, while 8.1 soars impressively

In an unusual turn of events, Windows 8.1 usage has massively soared in October, and Windows XP has taken an abrupt plunge. Here are the latest numbers.
windows 7 still dominates the desktop os market with a 60 percent majority hp laptop

Windows 7 use surges, while Windows 8 and 8.1 popularity falls

Windows 7 is as popular as it has ever been. Windows 8 and 8.1? Not so much. Learn more here.
windows 10 start menu tips tricks more

Make the Windows 10 Start menu more personal with these tips and tricks

The Start menu is back, and we have some tips that will help you customize it to your liking. Learn more here.
microsoft exec reportedly says windows 9 will free 8 users leak  21

Microsoft exec: Windows 9 will be free for Windows 8 users

A Microsoft exec recently stated that Windows 9 will be free for Windows 8 users. That's not all, though. Learn more here.
reader poll will upgrade windows 9 stay xp788 1 970

Reader Poll: Will you upgrade to Windows 9, or stay with Windows XP/7/8/8.1?

Microsoft is probably just days away from revealing Windows 9. Based on what current rumors tell us about the OS, will you be upgrading?
windows xp share falls abruptly 8 1 soars impressively

Windows 8 and 8.1 both gain users, but still can’t touch Windows XP, even combined

Windows 8 and 8.1 gains users, but neither can still sniff the amount of computers that Windows XP is still installed on. Learn more here.
windows 9 will eliminate the 8 charms menu win 1

Windows 9 will eliminate the Windows 8 Charms menu, report says

A report says that Windows 9 will not include the Charms menu that debuted with Windows 8 back in 2012. That's not all, though.
windows 8 1 update 2 arrive next week win start

Windows 8.1 Update 2 could arrive next week

The next update for Windows 8.1 could land as soon as next week, but don't expect any big changes to come with it.
Microsoft HQ 2

Chinese government officials visit Microsoft offices without warning

Officials from the Chinese government made an unannounced visit to Microsoft offices, and it's unclear why they made the trip.
wacom bamboo paper app android and windows 8

Wacom brings Bamboo Paper app to Android and Windows 8

Wacom's popular iOS drawing app Bamboo Paper is now available on Android, Amazon's Fire OS, and Windows 8.
how to revive my computer recycle bin windows icons in 8 1

How to restore My Computer, Recycle Bin, and other Windows icons to your Win 8.1 desktop

Did the Windows desktop icons you've gotten so used to seeing disappear? Here's how to revive them in Windows 8.1.
Acer Aspire Switch 10

$199 Windows 8.1 laptops to reportedly start hitting the market this fall

Microsoft reportedly said that $199 Windows 8-based laptops will be available starting sometime this fall.
how to turn off disable autocorrect in mac os x yosemite update desktop users deserve 3

5 real-life problems OS X Yosemite solves, and Windows 8.1 screws up

Mac OS X Yosemite solves real world problems, and that's coming from a life-long Windows user.