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BlizzCon: Complete Coverage

more than 150 people involved creating overwatch hero new ashe

How many people does it take to make an Overwatch character? Over 150

During a BlizzCon 2018 panel, Overwatch developer Blizzard revealed that more than 150 people are involved in the design and implementation process for every one of the game's heroes. With the introduction of gunslinger Ashe, the game now features 29 different playable characters.
diablo immortal allen adham interview created with gimp

Blizzard Co-Founder Allen Adham says ‘we have not forgotten’ core Diablo fans

Blizzard fans are skeptical of 'Diablo Immortal,' but company co-founder Allen Adham is confident that players will like it once they play it. He told Digital Trends that multiple Diablo projects are still underway, and hinted at end-game content in 'Diablo Immortal.'
Diablo Immortal Hands-on Review

‘Diablo Immortal’ hands-on review

Diablo Immortal is a mobile game and while that spells microtransactions and watered-down gameplay for some, our hands on with the game suggests otherwise. Diablo’s upcoming prequel is fun, not just because of its grab and go capabilities, but because it’s a true Diablo experience.
world of warcraft classic impressions wowclassic

World of Warcraft Classic Impressions

'World of Warcraft Classic' is a recreation of the popular MMO's original release. It's faithful to the source material and will certainly give you a serious nostalgia trip, but it has the same warts as the original. Count on it as a distraction, not as a revelation.
blizzard would love diablo characters super smash bros ultimate iii 3

Blizzard is taking a bruising over its ‘Diablo Immortal’ announcement

The announcement of Diablo Immortal, a new mobile-only game, marked a first for the franchise and for Blizzard. Yet the announcement set die-hard Diablo fans into a fury, and many took to Reddit and YouTube to bash the game's new direction.

From pixels to plastic: First official ‘Overwatch’ Lego sets arrive January 1

Blizzard has officially unveiled the full first wave of Overwatch-themed Lego sets. They arrive on January 1 and vary drastically in price, with the biggest costing $90 and the cheapest only $15. The news arrives just in time for BlizzCon 2018, the company's annual fan and press event.
blizzcon 2019 schedule opening ceremony panels events 2018 what to expect feature

Blizzcon 2018: From ‘Diablo Immortal’ to a new ‘Overwatch’ hero, here’s everything we saw

Blizzard touched on all of its franchises during the BlizzCon 2018 opening ceremony. A full-featured Diablo mobile game is in the works, as is a remake of Warcraft 3 set to launch next year. We met the latest Overwatch hero, learned when World of Warcraft Classic will arrive, and much more.
overwatch anniversary interview with jeff kaplan mccree image

Overwatch fans can finally pull the trigger on a McCree Nerf blaster

Blizzard and Hasbro have announced a new Nerf blaster based on the Overwatch game. McCree's revolver has been re-created as part of the Nerf Rival line, and is the third blaster Nerf has made based on Overwatch thus far. Cheaper "Microshots" blasters and a line of six-inch figures are also on the way.
diablo immortal announced

Blizzard goes mobile-only for massively multiplayer ‘Diablo Immortal’

Diablo Immortal will be a new mobile game set in the Diablo universe. It's not only the first mobile game of the franchise but the first massively multiplayer role-playing game. Unlike past games, Diablo Immortal will include a persistent world with a capital city and dungeons.
wow battle chest

Classic remaster will be free with ‘World of Warcraft’ subscription

World of Warcraft fans were wondering how much the Classic remaster would cost. Now, they have their answer. Classic will be available as part of a standard subscription and won't be sold alone. That makes World of Warcraft Classic a great value for Warcraft fans.
how to watch blizzcon 2018

How to watch BlizzCon 2018

Tickets for BlizzCon 2018 at the Anaheim Convention Center are sold out, but you can still watch the November 2-3 event at home for your all things Blizzard fix. The opening ceremony featuring all the major news is free to watch for everyone, and the Virtual Ticket gives you insider access.
blizzcon 2018 esports schedule to watch feature 2

Esports to watch at BlizzCon 2018

Blizzard is holding several different esports competitions during BlizzCon 2018. Here's when you can tune in for games like Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, Heroes of the Storm, and even Hearthstone. Many events occur simultaneously, so you won't be able to tune in for all of them.
episode 8 dt daily 11 1

DT Daily: Foldable smartphones, the future of Apple Music, and BlizzCon

Greg Nibler sat down with Caleb Denison, DT senior editor, to talk foldable smartphones and the future of music, particularly when it comes to an industry giant like Apple Music. We were also joined by rap artist Goon des Garcons, who explained the inspiration behind his Elon Musk-inspired music video.

Blizzcon coming to Los Angeles area in November — and you can get tickets soon

Blizzcon, Blizzard Entertainment's celebration of its games and community, will take place on November 2 and 3, 2018.

The Blizzcon opening ceremony featured a bit of everything (except Diablo)

From a new Hearthstone expansion, to a biotic Overwatch hero, to a nostalgic WoW announcement, this Blizzcon 2017 news round-up is jam-packed.

How to watch and what to expect from BlizzCon’s opening ceremony

Blizzcon 2017 kicks off at 11 a.m. PT November 3, where we'll find out all of the latest Overwatch, Hearthstone, and all things Blizzard news.
DT's Favorite Games of 2016

Blizzard teases ‘World of Warcraft’ expansion news coming at Blizzcon 2017

World of Warcraft developer Blizzard has something in store for World of Warcraft fans at this year's Blizzcon event.
overwatch deathmatch guide symmetra image

Overwatch hero Symmetra to receive a major update following the release of a new map

Overwatch veterans will be pleased to learn that one hero who has been somewhat neglected in the past is due for a much-needed revamp.
wow legion sales art feat

Upcoming patches for 'World of Warcraft' will expand Legion content

Blizzard has revealed what's coming in the next patches for World of Warcraft and there's plenty of new content to look forward to.
wrynn ragnaros heroes storm blackheartsrevenge

Ragnaros and King Varian Wrynn will soon join the fight in ‘Heroes of the Storm’

Blizzard pulled out all the stops for this year's Blizzcon, but 'Heroes of the Storm' may have gotten the largest update, with Ragnaros and Varian Wrynn.
Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls screenshot 8

Fans are holding their breath for a ‘Diablo 4’ announcement at BlizzCon 2016

Diablo fanatics are holding out hope that a fourth game will be announced at November's BlizzCon event.

Blizzard may tease a remastered 'StarCraft' in September, with a full reveal at BlizzCon 2016

Blizzard is expected to introduce "StarCraft HD" in September followed by a more detailed reveal during BlizzCon 2016 in November. The game shipped in 1998.

BlizzCon 2016 will bring Blizzard fans together on the West Coast this fall

Blizzard Entertainment announced the dates and location for BlizzCon 2016 on Wednesday. The 10th annual event also marks the developer's 25th anniversary.
starcraft 2s upcoming co op mode puts two players command one base 2 legacy of the void

StarCraft 2’s upcoming co-op mode puts two players in command of one base

Blizzard confirms that StarCraft 2 expansion Legacy of the Void will be released as a standalone game, with a Protoss-focused campaign and co-op multiplayer.
interview blizzard quest designer talks world of warcraft mists pandaria fp

Interview: Blizzard quest designer talks World of WarCraft: Mists of Pandaria

blizzcon 2011 starcraft ii heart of the swarm preview fp

BlizzCon 2011: StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm preview

StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm: A closer look at new multiplayer units

Blizzard positive about Diablo 3 console controls, still no console confirmation

Diablo 3 beta testing on its way

Highlights from Blizzcon 2010