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A hand holding a phone that shows app store listing for Snapchat app on its screen.

How to half swipe on Snapchat

Half swiping is useful if you want to peek at a chat message on Snapchat without fully opening it. Here's how to do it.
Two mobile devices showing two people dancing in YouTube Shorts videos.

Downloaded YouTube Shorts clips will soon include watermarks

YouTube Shorts reposted to other platforms will soon have watermarks on them. Let's take a closer look at why.
The TikTok app on a smartphone's screen. The smartphone is sitting on a white table.

The 10 most popular TikTok accounts

These are the 10 most popular (read: most followed) TikTok accounts. Let's take a closer look at the content they have to offer.
A person's hand holding a phone with the TikTok app on it.

TikTok bans influencers from creating paid political ads

TikTok is rolling out a new Election Center as part of its strategy to fight election misinformation. It also prohibits paid political content from creators.
A series of three mobile screenshots on a gray background showing the new Add Yours sticker for Facebook Reels.

You can now use the Add Yours sticker on Reels for Facebook and Instagram

Meta has added six new creator-focused features to its Reels feature for Facebook and Instagram. But the most interesting one is the Add Yours sticker.
A person's hand holding a phone with the TikTok app on it.

You can (sort of) generate art like Dall-E with TikTok’s latest filter

A recently released TikTok A.I. green screen filter lets you generate art like DALL-E. But don't expect it to match the quality of DALL-E's images.
The Snapchat app store listing on a mobile device with a stylus resting on it.

Snapchat Plus subscribers are getting these four new features today

Snapchat Plus subscribers will get access to four new features today. Here's what you need to know.
Twitter's new election-specific features shown on a smartphone.

Twitter’s latest features are all about curbing election misinformation

Twitter is launching a few new features to help combat election misinformation for the upcoming U.S. midterm elections. And it's reviving some older ones too.
A series of social media app icons on a colorful smartphone screen.

What does a check mark mean on Facebook Messenger?

Ever wondered what those check mark icons in Facebook Messenger actually mean? In this guide, we'll go over what each of these icons indicate.
elon musk stylized image

Elon Musk hints that he could start his own social media platform

If Twitter doesn't get its way and Musk's acquisition deal falls through, what happens? This week, Musk tweeted about another possible outcome.
A person using Snapchat on an iPhone.

Snapchat is down right now. Here’s what we know

Snapchat is down. Here's what we know so far about the outage.
The WhatsApp app icon on a phone with other messaging apps.

WhatsApp adds new privacy features that everyone should start using

WhatsApp has announced three new privacy features. Two of them will begin rolling out this month and one of them is being tested right now.
A hand holding a phone that shows app store listing for Snapchat app on its screen.

A new Snapchat feature lets parents see who their teens chat with

Snapchat has a new parental supervision feature that lets parents view who their teens are chatting with, but not the chat conversations themselves.
Twitter app on the OnePlus 10T.

This Twitter vulnerability may have revealed owners of burner accounts

A Twitter security vulnerability may have put those burner Twitter accounts of yours at risk of being revealed. It was fixed, but not before it was exploited.
Reddit App

How to post on Reddit: everything you need to know

Reddit posts can be created via different methods. And while posting is easy, you'll still need to heed the rules of the subreddit you're posting to.
A person's hands holding a smartphone as they browse Twitter on it.

Twitter profiles for businesses just got way more useful

Twitter has launched its Location Spotlight feature which lets businesses add their location and hours to their profile.
Youtube video on mobile. Credits: YouTube official.

YouTube may finally loosen its rigid rules around copyrighted music

YouTube is working on letting its creators use copyrighted music in their videos while still earning money on their videos.
A series of social media app icons on a colorful smartphone screen.

How to create a Facebook group

Starting a Facebook group is a pretty easy process. Here's what you need to know.
The Twitter app on the Sony XPeria 5 II.

Twitter takes one more step toward giving us an edit button

It looks like Twitter's latest in-progress feature is another step towards an edit button for the bird app. Here's what we know so far.
Twitter Blue menu option on a white screen background which is on a black background.

Twitter’s paid subscriptions just got a price bump

Twitter Blue now costs $5 per month for new users and current subscribers will see the same increase later this year.
A Twitter icon on a blue background on a smartphone's screen, all on a white background.

Twitter statuses can warn people when your tweet is a hot take

Twitter is finally testing its new status feature with a few users, and it already looks different from when it was first spotted as an in-progress feature.
A hand holding a phone that shows app store listing for Snapchat app on its screen.

Solve a creepy mystery with Snapchat’s new in-app AR game

Snapchat has a new in-app AR game and it's a creepy mystery. Here's what you need to know and how to play it.
Instagram app on the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone.

Why Instagram’s pivot to video is making everyone so mad

Instagram is clearly committed to competing with TikTok. But in doing so it's ignoring what its users really want. Is its pivot to video worth it?
A LinkedIn mobile app store page displayed on a mobile device.

How to block someone on LinkedIn

If someone keeps bothering you on LinkedIn, you don't have to put up with it. You can block them. Here's how.
Twitter logo in white stacked on top of a blue stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating in shades of blue.

The most followed Twitter accounts

Curious to know which Twitter accounts have the most followers? Well, our top 10 list is sure to answer that question for you.
Facebook Website

Facebook is courting creators with a new Music Revenue Sharing

Facebook has launched a new revenue sharing program for its video creators.
The Twitter app on the Sony XPeria 5 II.

How to search Twitter by date

You can search for old tweets on Twitter by date by using its advanced search feature. Here's how to do it.
A smartphone with the Facebook app icon on it all on a white marble background.

Facebook’s new Feeds tab emphasizes chronological posts

Facebook is adding a new Feeds tab to your Facebook feed. The new tab is expected to help users see more of the posts they care about in chronological order.
The TikTok app on a smartphone's screen. The smartphone is sitting on a white table.

TikTok’s new captions and translation features are all about accessibility

TikTok has begun the rollout of three new accessibility features. These include auto-generated captions and two new translation features.
Instagram app on the Google Play Store on an Android smartphone.

Instagram now lets you buy products right through chat

Instagram is adding a new chat functionality that lets users purchase products from small businesses via DMs.
The Facebook home page on a screen.

Your Facebook account could get multiple profiles for different interests

Facebook is testing a way to let users add up to four more profiles to their main Facebook account.
A woman seated at a table scrolls through her instagram timeline.

Instagram expands subscriber features to include DMs, Reels

Instagram has announced that it has added four new features to its creators' subscription program.

The biggest YouTube channels

YouTube is the top video streaming platform, with videos drawing billions of views and millions of subscribers. Here are the 10 most-subscribed-to channels.
Screenshots of TikToks new age restriction features.

TikTok adds Twitter- and Instagram-like content control tools

TikTok is rolling out a few new content control features and they look a lot like Twitter and Instagram.