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Reddit finally expands GIF replies beyond paid subscriptions

Giphy-powered GIF replies to Reddit posts are now available for everyone to use in eligible subreddits. Here's what you need to know.
A person using Snapchat on an iPhone.

Having trouble logging in? Snapchat is working on a fix

Snapchat users are reporting that they're unable to log in to the popular messaging app. Snapchat says they're working on fixing it.
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Twitter CoTweets: Everything you need to know about co-authored tweets

Twitter is currently conducting a limited test of a new co-authored tweets feature called CoTweets. Here's what you need to know.
Image with languages displaying in front of a man on his laptop for Meta's 200 languages within a single AI model video.

Meta’s new AI research may boost translations on Facebook, Instagram

Facebook's parent company Meta has announced a new AI model for language translation and its research could improve translation on Facebook and Instagram.
A person seated at a table scrolls through their instagram timeline.

How to change your Instagram username

Need to update your Instagram username? We've got you covered. Here's how to change your username on IG via the mobile app.
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TweetDeck (for Mac) is dead. Here are some alternatives

As of today, TweetDeck for Mac has shut down. If you need a new social media management app, check out our picks for alternatives to TweetDeck.
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How to view tweets chronologically on Twitter

It only takes a few simple steps to sort your Twitter timeline to show the most recent tweets first. Here's how to view tweets chronologically on Twitter.
A person holds an iPhone in their hand while on the Instagram app.

How to view posts chronologically on Instagram

If you'd rather just see the most recent posts first on Instagram, we can show you how to do that. But it's only a temporary fix.
A young woman with a smartphone walks past signage of the Youtube logo.

YouTube addresses spam and impersonation with latest updates

YouTube has announced three new updates to help creators fight off comment spam and impersonation.
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Facebook’s redesign of Groups borrows from a popular, younger rival

Meta is testing a few new UI changes to Facebook Groups and adding a new 'channels' feature as well.
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Snapchat Plus is now live, and feels a whole lot like Twitter Blue

Snapchat Plus is now live. And in terms of features and pricing, it looks a lot like Twitter Blue.
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How to start a Twitter Space

Want to host your own Twitter Space? We can show you how. In this guide, we'll go over who is eligible to host a Space, as well as how to start one.
A person's hands holding a smartphone as they browse Twitter on it.

Twitter brings closed captioning toggle to Android and iOS

Twitter's mobile apps for Android and iOS now offer a closed captioning toggle option for some videos in your timeline. Here's what to expect.
Turned on smartphone with Instagram app icon on its screen.

Instagram is testing AI-powered video selfies to verify age

Instagram is testing two new methods for age verification: Uploading AI-powered video selfies and asking your mutuals to vouch for your stated age.
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How to use anonymous questions on Instagram

You can request and receive anonymous messages on Instagram using the popular anonymous question-and-answer app NGL. Here's how to use it.
The Twitter app on the Sony XPeria 5 II.

Twitter is officially testing Notes, its long-form blogging feature

Twitter just announced that it's testing a new long-form post feature called Notes with a few writers and you can view a few of their Notes posts right now.
Twitter logo in white stacked on top of a blue stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating in shades of blue.

Twitter apologizes for personal data misuse with timeline alert

If you saw the alert in your timeline, you don't need to panic but the statement it links to is worth your attention.
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The new ways Meta will pay you to make content for Facebook and Instagram

Meta is expanding a few of its existing monetization programs for creators and adding some new ones. Here's what to expect.
The WhatsApp app icon on a phone with other messaging apps.

WhatsApp now lets you control who can see your profile

WhatsApp is letting you pick who gets to see different elements of your profile, including your Last Seen status.
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Discord’s new content moderation tool will automatically block words and phrases

Discord just released an automated content moderation tool to help manage abusive content in its communities.
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Facebook reportedly plans massive overhaul to compete with TikTok

A leaked internal memo published in a report by The Verge shows that Facebook is planning on revamping itself with a few TikTok-like changes.
Digital Trends' Youtube channel on a Macbook.

YouTube gives its creators a new way to display corrections

YouTube creators are getting a new feature that will allow them to issue more visible corrections. Here's how it'll work.
Twitter logo in white stacked on top of a blue stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating in shades of blue.

Twitter Communities: A guide to the Reddit-like world within Twitter

Twitter Communities aren't just a recent feature of the bird app. It's a whole new world within Twitter and it looks kind of like a streamlined Reddit.
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Instagram has new parental controls to help moderate use for teens

As Meta deals with lawsuits alleging its apps are harming teen users, the technology company has just announced new parental control features for Instagram.
A smartphone and two other devices on a white table. The smartphone has the TikTok logo on its screen.

What is the best time to post on TikTok?

If you're trying to cultivate a following for your TikTok videos, you may want to be more mindful of when you post them. Here's what you need to know.
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Twitter is experimenting with a change to how profiles appear

Twitter is working on a few appearance-related changes to its platform, of which the most interesting is a merging of two profile page tabs.
Instagram being used on an iPhone.

How to make Instagram highlight covers

Those circles on IG are a great way to attract attention to your Instagram highlights. We'll show you how to make a highlight cover and how to add them.
The TikTok app on a smartphone's screen. The smartphone is sitting on a white table.

TikTok’s new Avatars look a lot like Memojis

TikTok has announced a new avatar effect that you can customize so that it "reflects your personal look and style."
A person seated at a table scrolls through their instagram timeline.

How to schedule Instagram posts

Yes, you can schedule your Instagram posts. And we can show you how to do it, whether you have a business or personal IG account.
Three mobile screenshots showing Instagram's newly expanded sensitive content control feature.

Instagram expands Sensitive Content Control feature

Instagram is expanding its Sensitive Content Control feature to allow users to control how much sensitive content they see in other sections of Instagram.
A digital image of Elon Musk in front of a stylized background with the Twitter logo repeating.

Elon Musk threatens to abandon Twitter acquisition over spam bot data

In a letter to Twitter, Elon Musk accuses Twitter of refusing to comply with their merger agreement and of refusing his spam and fake account data requests.
A hand holding a phone that shows app store listing for Snapchat app on its screen.

Snapchat now has restaurant reviews. Here’s how to view them

Snapchat's newest Snap Map layer offers restaurant recommendations based on your location. The layer is live in a number of big cities. Here's how to view them.
TikTok on a smartphone.

How to use green screen on TikTok

The TikTok app comes with its own green screen effect feature. In this guide, we'll show you how to use it for your TikTok videos.
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Want better Twitter notifications? New keyword search alert could help

Twitter is building a new feature that can help you find tweets, but will also bring on more push notifications.