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A frame from an AI-generated video in claymation style.

Forget Dall-E, you can sign up to create AI-generated videos now

As impressive as AI image and text generation are, they pale in comparison to the wow factor of video that gets the same treatment.
AR Glasses appear over an enlarged view of a stacked microLED display.

This micro-LED advancement is exactly what AR and VR needs

MIT researchers are stacking microLEDs for super dense displays that will significantly improve future AR glasses and VR headsets.
OpenAI and MIcrosoft logos appear over a computer generated background.

Microsoft continues its unabashed embrace of ChatGPT and AI

ChatGPT is rolling out to Microsoft Teams now and could be part of Bing search soon, but if you want it to help you write in Word, you'll need to get an add-in.
ChatGPT and OpenAI logos.

ChatGPT Plus to bring priority access during peak times — at a hefty price

OpenAI just announced ChatGPT Plus, a subscription plan that gives you faster access to its popular AI assistant and early access to new features.
AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX hovers over a raging fire.

Which GPUs are most reliable? Online retailer ranks defect claims

A graphics card that keeps on working after years of service might be even more important than getting the fastest GPU you can afford.
Close up of ChatGPT and OpenAI logo.

Here’s how ChatGPT could solve its major plagiarism problem

ChatGPT is a convincing writer that sounds like an expert on any topic, which is a problem for educators that need to test their students' understanding.
The Logitech Brio 4K Pro attached to a Macbook.

The best Mac webcams for 2023

Here are the best Mac webcams for 2023, including premium 4K cameras and good budget models, plus which to choose for different situations.
The LastPass logo appears in front of a menacing hooded figure.

Hackers dug deep in the massive LastPass security breach

The November LastPass cybersecurity breach was worse than previously reported and hackers stole data from several other GoTo products and services.
Alan Truly turns toward the camera, wearing the Varjo Aero VR headset.

The best VR headset might be one you’ve never heard of

Consumer VR headsets aim for low cost, while simulators target maximum realism. I got to try a premium VR headset that dominates at this crossroad.
A classic Apple Macintosh shows a friendly hello on-screen.

40 years ago, Apple’s original Macintosh started a revolution

When Apple co-founder Steve Jobs introduced the Macintosh computer, it changed how we interacted with machines forever.
Image with languages displaying in front of a man on his laptop for Meta's 200 languages within a single AI model video.

The AI expert at Meta has some harsh criticism of ChatGPT

Meta's AI chief reportedly said ChatGPT isn't particularly innovative, and simply builds upon decades-old work while being very well engineered.
A credit card is passed from one person to another.

Hackers stole $1.5 million using credit card data bought on the dark web

A criminal network worthy of a movie managed to steal over $1 million from thousands of credit cards posted on the dark web.
A woman using Sony PlayStation VR 2 while friends watch on the TV.

The best VR and metaverse tech of CES 2023

This year's CES show was packed with VR and metaverse technology. Here are our picks of the most interesting new products coming soon and in the future.
HTC's Vive XR Elite is a very sleek VR headset.

HTC Vive XR Elite vs. Meta Quest Pro: mixed-reality showdown

HTC's new XR Elite VR headset matches many of the best features of the Meta Quest Pro while adding some exclusive capabilities. Which is the best for you?
Gigabyte's Project Stealth bundle.

Gigabyte fixes the biggest problem with Project Stealth

Gigabyte's Project Stealth always sounded intriguing -- a PC case with no visible cables -- and now it's biggest problem may have been solved.
Lumus Z-Lens waveguide allows slim, stylish AR glasses

Lumus demonstrates futuristic 3,000-nit AR glasses at CES 2023

Lumus Z-Lens waveguide technology is bringing 3,000-nit displays to future AR glasses that will be slim, light, and last for hours.
Vuzix AR wearables are remarkably thin, like regular glasses.

CES 2023: These 38-gram smart glasses aim to make AR practical

We spoke with Vuzix CEO Paul Travers to find out what makes the Ultralite smart glasses design a uniquely practical approach to AR.
A render of Apple's VR headset.

Apple ‘Reality’ AR/VR headset: major leak shares new details

Apple's AR/VR headset is expected in 2023, and a new leak provides exciting details about the design, display, audio, and apps for Apple's first AR wearable.
AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX hovers over a raging fire.

AMD’s overheating GPUs might be worse off than we thought

Changing your AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX to a vertical mount might help keep it cooler, but finding a real solution could be difficult.
Watching a video on the iPhone 14 Plus.

Forget text-to-image; this AI makes videos from your prompts

Here's an early look at text-to-video, the next frontier of AI generation that might explode onto the scene in 2023, along with other visual wonders.
RX 7900 XTX installed in a test bench.

AMD responds to GPU overheating issues with RX 7900 XTX

Your AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX reference graphics card might be suffering from thermal throttling. Here's how to check and what to do next.
A Dall-E creation of a robot writing a document.

5 amazing things people have already done with ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a text-based system but here are five ways to use AI to help create graphics, animation, music, and even a whole book.
GeForce RTX logo is shown on the side of a graphics card.

Nvidia just leaked its own GPU for CES 2023

Nvidia's intriguing GeForce RTX 4070 Ti has leaked again, this time on the manufacturer's own website, suggesting the launch is imminent.
A MacBook Pro M2 sits on a wooden table with a nice bokeh background.

Common macOS Ventura problems and how to fix them

Here's how to solve the most common macOS Ventura problems to get your Mac working right again and how to downgrade to Monterey.
Two versions of ProjectModular SteamVR controllers lay side-by-side.

This modular SteamVR controller fixes a major problem with VR controllers

Frustrated with e-waste from broken SteamVR controllers, Rob Cole decided to build his own modular, repairable VR controllers -- and they're awesome.
Woman shouting with joy while playing games on a PC.

Lagging in games? This Windows 11 update might fix the problem

Microsoft has released a safeguard hold to prevent automatic updates to the latest version of Windows 11 and the gaming issues have been resolved.
Here's my finished garden idea board tjhat I made with Apple Freeform

3 cool things to try out with Apple’s Freeform app for Mac

Apple's new Freeform app for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad is an infinite canvas of possibilities for brainstorming ideas, organizing, and sharing with others.
Tracey Truly used ChatGPT to look up gift ideas for Alan Truly.

I used the ChatGPT AI chatbot to do my holiday shopping this year

Here's how ChatGPT'' advanced artificial intelligence was leveraged to solve one of the most urgent needs of our time -- making a holiday gift list!
The DJI Mini 3 is shown taking off.

I tried out the game-changing DJI Mini 3, and I’m already hooked

The new DJI Mini 3 is a game-changing budget-priced drone with plenty of high-end features. It's a major advance over the already great Mini 2.
Playing a fitness game in VR with the Quest Pro.

How this new Quest VR app totally sold me on exercising in virtual reality

Here's what I learned after a month of VR fitness, using Supernatural on my Quest Pro and Quest 2 VR headsets, which proved to be surprisingly effective.
A Google search page for most popular movie of 2022 is shown falling into a vortex.

Google just revealed what you found most fascinating in 2022

Relive the best and most heart-breaking moments of 2022 with Google's top searches of the year for movies, songs, games, and more.
Alan Truly enjoying using a Meta Quest Pro

Here’s what I’ve learned after using the Quest Pro for one month

Is the Quest Pro the right VR headset for you? We answer your questions about image clarity, mixed reality, sleepy eyes, battery life, and software gltiches.
Alan Truly is wearing his Quest Pro and holding a laptop with a message: M1 MacBook Air gets the week off.

I replaced my MacBook with a Quest Pro for a full work week. Here’s what happened

To put the Meta Quest Pro to the test as a VR headset designed for work, I left my MacBook Air untouched for a full week of virtual reality productivity.
Three graphics cards on a gray background.

Nvidia and AMD GPU prices could skyrocket again in 2023. Here’s why

Nvidia and AMD GPUs already strain people's budget, but prices could get worse if the U.S. doesn't extend tariff exclusions. Here's how much costs could rise.