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Latest by Molly McHugh

Nikon introduces the D5100 DSLR and the ME-1 stereo microphone

Apple developing Color, Instagram competitor?

US developing panic button for activists abroad


Security breach spills customer names, e-mail addresses for hackers

Google sets bidding for Nortel patents

sony confirms it will introduce tablet this year vaio thumb

Sony confirms it will introduce tablet this year

Huffington Post April Fools joke mocks NYT paywall

Olympus challenges filmmakers with 48 hours to make a movie at Vail Film Festival

google 1 makes its official debut plus thumjb

Google +1 makes its official debut

Win a FujiFilm Instax 210

Hotmail extends Active View to Netflix, LinkedIn, Posterous, and LivingSocial

jacks back the restored execs plans for twitter jack dorsey

Jack’s back: The restored exec’s plans for Twitter

Motorola Atrix 4G update: Bugs fixed, speed isn’t

IDC predicts promising future for Windows Phone 7

myspace for sale

Three reasons why MySpace is doomed

Is social media overvalued?

Pediatricians identify a new illness: Facebook depression

Twitter’s Jack Dorsey returns to the team

Apple offices evacuated after bomb threat; UPDATE: Bomb threat a hoax

rumor apple smart tv prototype in the works thumb

Rumor: Apple Smart TV prototype in the works

Report: Twitter dominated by ‘elite users’

Amazon working on Apple, Google competitor with cloud locker for media

Samsung stretches the truth: Promo uses actors, not real consumers

Kodak wins crucial round with ITC against Apple, RIM

Google: Honeycomb will not be opened up to developers… yet

Hands on with Color, the social app of the moment

Olympus XZ-1

Olympus XZ-1 Review

RIM confirms Blackberry PlayBook Android integration, with a catch

Facebook revamps and reintroduces Questions

new youtube tools make anyone an animator animation

New YouTube tools make anyone an animator

Oxford English Dictionary welcomes LOL, OMG, and FYI

Google launches UK-based online magazine ‘Think Quarterly’

Rumor: Signs point to in-house Motorola OS development

PlayStation 3 hacker ‘GeoHot’ flees country