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Cool Tech

Bosch’s new weed-murdering robot could eliminate the need for herbicides

Startup Deepfield Robotics is working with German technology company Bosch in order to develop the ultimate farm hand -- a robot that can weed, check water levels, and monitor crop growth.
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LG marks its home turf with monstrous 42-foot OLED panels in Seoul’s airport

LG shows off its latest ode to OLED at South Korea's Incheon International Airport in the form of two monstrous OLED structures. Composed of 140 individual curved displays, the structures are 13 meters tall, and 8 meters across.
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The world’s first supersonic private jet will be ready to hit the skies in 2023

Flexjet, a private luxury jet company, just announced it plans on buying 20 AS2 supersonic jets from the Texas-based airplane manufacturer, Aerion. The companies expect the jets to be functional by 2023.
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This is the Qylatron — the next generation in security and bag check

Your TSA pre-checked status may not carry as great of an advantage thanks to Qylur's brand new Qylatron Entry Experience Solution, the more efficient way of getting through airport security.
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MIT's ingestible tracker works like a high-tech stethoscope to measure vital signs from inside the body

MIT has developed an ingestible tracker that monitors vital signs from inside the digestive tract. It records heart and breathing rates, in addition to internal body temperature. It could be useful for future applications in the…
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Flame on! This discreet wristband lets you shoot fireballs from your bare hands

Pyro Mini is a discrete device that allows you to trigger impressive fireballs that shoot up to 40 feet in the air. The device runs on a rechargeable battery and can be controlled remotely for dramatic surprises.
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Forget batteries, Canada plans to store energy in giant underwater balloons 1:42

Canada's Hydrostor has developed an energy storage solution using balloons. It plans to store energy as compressed air and then house the air underwater in giant balloons.

Out of desperation, Sharp begs its own workers to buy Sharp products

Struggling Sharp has told its workers to buy a load of Sharp stuff this holiday season to help dig it out of its financial mess. The Japanese electronics maker has even offered guidelines suggesting how much money different types of workers…
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It’s over for the Zano drone, Europe’s most heavily backed Kickstarter campaign 2:54

The Zano mini-drone promised so much when it landed on Kickstarter at the end of last year, its claims of personal aerial photography and HD video capture helping it to become Europe's most heavily backed campaign. This week…
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3DR Solo drone will soon alert you when you fly into restricted airspace

To make its drones even more safe to fly, 3DR is working with AirMap to add real-time airspace information to its Solo drone software. The new feature would alert a Solo drone operator when his or her UAV is approaching a restricted flight…
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ToyLabs makes STEM fun with its DIY, solar-powered airplane

Unlike other DIY airplane kits, ToyLabs new Volta Flyer mixes some science into the fun, allowing children to learn some mechanical engineering, flight mechanics, and electronics as they assemble the solar-powered flyer.