Cool Tech

Whoop athletic wearable stresses recovery for better performance

Meet Whoop, a next-level device that describes itself as "a system robust enough to prepare a Navy SEAL for battle, but with the form factor and design that the average athlete would be comfortable wearing 24 hours a day."
Cool Tech

Want shorter flying times? NASA may have a solution for you

NASA announced the development of the Traffic Aware Planner (TAP) application, which the space agency claims will "help air carriers save time and reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions."
Cool Tech

If Darth Vader shaved, he’d use this laser razor

The Skarp razor, fully funded on Kickstarter, could do away with disposable razors forever. It uses light to cut unwanted hair. Yes, it's an actual laser razor. It's not just a superficial upgrade. A laser razor might actually be…
Cool Tech

A Brazilian architect turned a shipping container into the world’s largest periscope

Architect Pedro Barata recently turned an old shipping container into the world's largest periscope for an architecture contest, and now it's one of the biggest tourist attractions in Brazil.

The first motion capture suit aspiring game designers can afford hits Kickstarter

Danish Rokoko Electronics has a motion capture suit up for backing on Kickstarter so cheap Andy Serkis could buy it to wear as pajamas. The trick is, you don't need a full studio of cameras and a closed room to make it work.
Cool Tech

You can now buy BioBots’ human tissue 3D printer for a mere $10K

Philadelphia-based BioBots officially made its first human tissue 3D printer, the BioBot 1, available to the public on Sept. 4 and intends to sell the revolutionary device for $10,000.

Leaf decided it was high time someone designed a home grow box for weed

If you want to take the guesswork out of your weed growing, the Leaf is a smart grow box that does almost everything for you. It's specifically designed for cannabis and works with disposable nutrient pods.

Meld backers fired up after the smart stove knob maker cancels Kickstarter

Meld is a cool device, a retrofittable knob that smartens up your existing stove, but its Kickstarter was canceled after the company was acquired. Backers are not happy, to say the least.
Health & Fitness

This smart stethoscope and thermometer make your bedroom a doctor’s office

CliniCloud's smart stethoscope and thermometer allow you to take basic health readings at home and share them with a doctor via an app, getting you qualified, real-time medical advice without leaving your home.
Cool Tech

This portable wind turbine lets you generate wind energy no matter where you are

Janulus' portable wind turbine, which lets people generate loads of wind energy no matter where they are, just raised an astounding $42k in funding in just its first day on Kickstarter.
Cool Tech

A breakthrough in cloak technology just caught the attention of the Defense Department

Researchers from UCSD have created a breakthrough invisibility cloak that potentially could hide military UAVs from the naked eye, and the tech has caught the attention of the Defense Department.