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Monitor your home appliances with Sense's affordable load monitoring system

By installing the Sense monitor in your electrical panel and downloading the Sense app, you’ll be able to watch all of our home’s appliances in action and track what is using the most electricity.

Danish students take to the seas in floating shipping container apartments

By making use of modular shipping container homes in Copenhagen's urban harbors, Urban Rigger and architecture firm Bjarke Ingels have reinvented student housing and offer units for just $600 per month.
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China’s alien-hunting telescope, the world’s largest, is now operational

Is there alien life out there? Now that it's finished building its FAST radio telescope -- the largest of its kind in the world -- China hopes to find out.

Today is National Punctuation Day, so let's stop and appreciate the period

The lexicon of the digital age is one that seems to ignore much of the grammatical conventions that have ruled for the last millennia. But don't worry, traditionalists. One thing is here to stay -- the period.
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UPS test drives drone delivery with mock package

UPS announced it is starting to test emergency deliveries with help from CyPhy Works. The partnership is nothing new for UPS, as the shipping giant participated in a $22 million round CyPhy raised last year.
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You can earn most college degrees online, here’s how

An online degree is worth just as much as an on-campus program. Here's a few programs we'd recommend, just in case you want to pursue a degree in criminal justice or aerospace engineering without setting foot outside your door.
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Could the Hyperloop really happen? Its building contractors say absolutely

It may look like a pipe, but if experts are to be believed, this is no pipe dream. The Hyperloop, once no more than a big idea that seemed a little crazy, now seems to be inching closer and closer to reality.
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Opposed to GMOs? Are Monsanto’s new CRISPR crops any better?

Monsanto, the agricultural biotech company whose creation of genetically engineered and modified crops has long made it a magnet for controversy, has now licensed the use of CRISPR-Cas genome-editing technology.

You can now hail a driverless taxi with a smartphone in Singapore

A new partnership between Grab, the largest ride-hailing service in Southeast Asia, and NuTonomy, a self-driving car startup with roots in MIT, creates a fleet of self-driving cars that can be hailed with a smartphone.

Listen to this AI-composed song in the style of The Beatles

Who needs The Beatles, anyway? Algorithms are all the rage, after Sony's Flow Machines project successfully created two entire pop songs composed by artificial intelligence, one in the musical styling of the Fab Four.

Five meat thermometers that ensure properly cooked meals

While you might offend dinner guests by serving a steak that is too rare or too well-done, you can also make people extremely sick if you put something like undercooked chicken on their plate. Here are a few gadgets that will make sure your…