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The best earbuds you can buy

Block out the world and tune into your own with our favorite earbuds

On-ear and over-ear headphones sound great and come with all sorts of conveniences, but there’s no way you’re fitting them under your bike helmet, and you know they’re going to bounce right off your head anytime your workout (or yard work) gets busy. Whether you’re a commuter, an athlete, or simply an all-around active sort, in-ear headphones are a must-have for keeping the soundtrack going without getting in your way.

We’re not talking about those those muffled Storm Trooper-looking Apple Earpods or whatever came with your phone, though. You deserve better. Something with quality performance, stability, and maybe a bit of individual style. Heck, you can even go wireless with your ‘buds now. As such, we’ve collected a few of our favorite recent additions to the wide world of in-ear headphones. Some cost a mint (though not nearly as much as the world’s most expensive headphones), but others will barely bend your budget. But all of these earphones will make you a happy camper next time you hit the pavement.

Our pick


Why you should buy them: They are a sweet mix of style, performance, and shocking affordability.

Who’s it for: The discerning listener who craves quality, but hasn’t yet landed that corner office

How much will they cost: $100

Why we picked the 1More Triple Drivers:

We could have gone many ways for this pick, but 1More’s unassuming Triple Drivers just wouldn’t stop popping up into the picture. The 1More aren’t at the top of the class in performance, but what they do have going for them is unrivaled quality and value at their (very reachable) price point.

Sure, we could recommend Ultimate Ears Pro’s custom molded RM’s, or even Shure’s mind-blowing electrostatic KSE 1500, but at $1,000 and $3,000 respectively, we may as well recommend a summer home at Cape Cod for stress relief — most people just can’t pay those premiums. More to the point, China-based upstart 1More blew our minds when we discovered how little the company wanted for the Triple Drivers. For this kind of build quality and performance, we’d expect to pay at least double.

So what specifically do the Triple Drivers offer? A gorgeous aesthetic, solid construction, and you guessed it, triple drivers inside for excellent sound. That includes one balanced armature driver each for the bass, midrange, and treble. The result is sparkling clarity, smooth and powerful bass, and balanced sound that outdoes everything we’ve heard at the $100 line. Need we say more?

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