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The best TV you can buy

Well that settles it. These are the 4 best TVs you can buy right now

The first few months of any new year is an awkward time to buy a new TV. Most of the new models coming in 2017 have been announced at CES, but none of them will be available until the spring, and most of 2016’s top models are selling out fast. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the best 2016 TVs still available, most of them at their lowest prices ever, with a promise to update this list once the new breed arrives in March and April.

Our pick

LG B6-Series 4K OLED TV

Why should you buy this: LG’s least expensive OLED offers the best overall picture quality available at any price.

Who’s it for: Those who want perfect blacks, amazing contrast, and stunning 4K picture quality with support for all HDR formats

How much will it cost: $2000 – $3500

Why we picked the LG B6-Series 4K OLED TV:

LG’s OLED TVs reign supreme when it comes to overall picture quality, and they shine brightly enough to perform well in daytime viewing environments. OLED display technology affords ultra-thin panels with perfect black levels, outstanding contrast, and rich color. LG is also one of the few premium TV manufacturers to offer support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR standards, whether from streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime or Ultra HD Blu-ray.

The B6 series has everything you want in OLED picture quality at LG’s lowest price for a premium OLED. For a curved option, check out the C6-Series at identical pricing.

We try not to gush too much in our reviews, but LG’s OLED TVs make us crave watching TV. While brighter TVs are available (see below) and some are much better suited for gaming, the LG OLED is a movie-lover’s dream, and a favorite from a design/décor perspective thanks to the extremely thin profile. Others come close, but nothing else woos every viewer who sees it quite like LG’s OLED.

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