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JBL drops a headphone bonanza on the IFA crowd in Berlin

JBL shows off a deluge of new headphones at IFA 2015, including three new series, the Everest, Reflect, and Grip. With everything from customizable noise cancelling, to Bluetooth wireless sharing, and sweat resistant exteriors, there's something for everyone.


Who needs a doctor? Go see Google’s Knowledge Graph instead

Who needs a doctor when you have Google? Thanks to an update to Google's Knowledge Graph, everyone's favorite know it all search engine can now give you detailed information on more than 900 different illnesses.


TomTom’s Trucker 5000 is specifically suited for big and tall driving

TomTom has announced the Trucker 5000, a navigation unit designed specifically with big rigs in mind. While it can also be used in a standard car, the Trucker 5000 chooses routes optimized for heavy vehicles.


Forget bird’s eye views, see with cat’s eyes with Cat Street View in Hiroshima

Prayers have been answered and hard work has paid off, as the Hiroshima Prefecture has released "Hiroshima cat’s street view," which is, as its name suggests, a daring look into street life from the eyes of a cat.


Benicio Del Toro confirms role as Star Wars: Episode VIII ‘villain,’ shooting in March

Star Wars: Episode VIII will include Benicio Del Toro as a villain of sorts. The actor confirmed his role in the high-profile franchise, as well as revealed that shooting is set to begin in March.

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Bosch reveals sensor-laden stovetops, a refrigerator with a camera, and more

German appliance maker Bosch revealed new lineups of sensor-laden cooktops, fridges with cameras, bacteria-fighting washers, a revamped app for Android and iOS, and more at IFA 2015 in Berlin.


Apple Music still has ‘homework’ to do to work out kinks, says key executive

In a recent interview, an Apple Music exec explained that the team is still working out some serious kinks in the system, explaining that there is plenty of work to be done before the system is running on all cylinders.


Judge’s Deflategate ruling is a win for NBC almost as much as for Tom Brady

NBC may be as happy as Tom Brady that his Deflategate suspension has been nullified by a judge. The upcoming season opener should be more interesting to fans with the four-time Super Bowl winner playing.

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IFA Day 2: A retina-scanning phone, Logitech’s home remote, 4K UHD Blu-ray

The second of IFA 2015's two press days came with a few pleasant surprises, including the first 4K UHD Blu-ray player, a retina-scanning smartphone, and a remote that will control your entire house.


Android Auto isn’t good enough for Galaxy phones, Samsung will push Car Mode instead

Samsung phones already work with Android Auto, but the Korean giant wants to push its refreshed Car Mode instead. Users can connect their Galaxy phones to car infotainment systems via MirrorLink or use a standalone mode.


Trying to procrastinate? Google ‘fun facts’ right now

Thanks to Google's latest fun facts feature, which you can access by -- you guessed it -- Googling "fun facts," you'll find that time moves at super sonic speed as you're fed answer after answer to life's most pressing questions.


Samsung’s rumored 18.4-inch tablet may be called the Galaxy View

According to the latest rumors, Samsung is prepping a tablet with a massive 18.4-inch display to compete with Apple's expected iPad Pro. It very could be the Galaxy View that was teased at IFA 2015.