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Researchers replace the second lens in 3D cameras with something cheaper

The latest research from Toshiba means your next robot could be a Cyclops -- and still measure depth with one eye. By using colored filters instead of a second lens, 3D cameras for robots and automated cars could be cheaper to produce.

15 best Nexus 5X cases to guard your Google phone

It’s always a risk to keep your smartphone naked. Why not take a look at the best Nexus 5X cases and covers, and see if you can find something that will suit your style and protect your new Android smartphone?

Netherlands first to establish nationwide Internet of Things network

Leading the rest of the world, the Netherlands is now ready for the Internet of Things with nationwide Long Range (LoRa) wireless network coverage. Initial projects include baggage handling, railway switches, and harbor depth sounders.
Cool Tech

High-tech robot warship fires lightweight torpedo in military first

Israeli defense company Elbit Systems is turning some heads with its robot warship, the Seagull. In a military first, the vessel this week successfully fired a lightweight torpedo via its remote Mission Control System (MCS).

Huawei says it is still on track to ship 140 million phones by year’s end

Huawei president He Gang shot down earlier rumors of lowered targets, saying the company will definitely ship 140 million phones in 2016. It shipped over 100 million in 2015, becoming the third-largest phone maker in the world.

Don’t get all wet — slap this limited edition waterproof case on your iPad 2:54

Catalyst Lifestyle, manufacturers of waterproof cases for the iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, debuted a few new models at CE Week 2016 in New York City. One, the Limited Edition line for the Apple Watch 42mm, features "premium…
Cool Tech

Not ready for your close-up? Fend off paparazzi with this flash-proof scarf

Inspired by accident when a photo flash reflection obscured his friends' faces, Saif Siddiqui now creates fashionable privacy accessories. Those who don't want photographers recording their every movement can now get relief.

OnePlus 3 plus one case equals protection: Here are the best OnePlus 3 cases

Every smartphone needs a little protection. Check out a few of our favorite cases and covers for the OnePlus 3, so you can protect your new device and outfit it with a touch of added style.

All about that low-frequency? Feel the bass with this subwoofer for your wrist

Great ideas fail everyday, so when a seemingly silly Kickstarter campaign earns twice it’s goal in the first 24 hours, we take note. Meet the Basslet, a wearable subwoofer the promises to deliver bass deep into your body and soul.
Movies & TV

Netflix’s new ‘Stranger Things’ trailer is full of supernatural mysteries

Get ready for 'Stranger Things' with the upcoming supernatural series' latest trailer. Netflix released the second preview today, teasing the mysteries to come when the show premieres in July.

Gawk at the finest rides from this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed

The Goodwood Festival of Speed is a big motor sport party, and the cars that debut there are among the most exotic you’ll ever see. From Aston Martin to McLaren, we’ve got ‘em all right here.
Cool Tech

Hobby drones are still hampering wildfire air crews on the West Coast

Some drone owners seem unable to resist flying their remotely controlled copters in places they really shouldn't. Take wildfires. The aerial footage may be dramatic, but the risk to air crews fighting the blazes is enormous.