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VW and its U.S. dealers reach proposed settlement over ‘Dieselgate’ scandal

Volkswagen and its U.S. dealers reached a proposed settlement over grievances related to the carmaker's diesel emissions scandal. Under the plan, dealers will get cash payments and other compensation in return for not suing VW.

‘Harvest Moon’ creator’s ‘Birthdays,’ a quirky sim game, coming to PS4 in Japan

The creator of 'Harvest Moon' has revealed 'Birthdays', a quirky god game/life sim coming to PS4 in January 2017 for Japan with a western release to follow.
Cool Tech

America’s first offshore wind farm is set to come online in October

Deepwater Wind just finished installing and is preparing to flip the switch on America's first offshore wind farm. Starting this fall, the five-turbine wind farm will power Block Island, a small island off the Rhode Island coast.

Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 4 phablet packs big 4,100mAh battery, goes on sale Thursday

Xiaomi's Redmi Note 4 comes just a week after Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 became available. It's standout feature is its 4,100mAh battery. Here's everything we know about the new budget-friendly device.

‘Take your pill!’ Ultra-precise Dot beacons trigger alerts that matter

The Dot is a diminutive Bluetooth beacon that adheres to any surface and, using your smartphone's wireless connection, triggers actions and notifications. It's launching on Kickstarter.

France and Germany are turning up the heat on encryption in terror, crime cases

In a debate similar to the one going on in the U.S., French and German politicians are calling for an EU-wide law that would compel operators to allow access to messages protected by encryption. Civil rights groups have decried the…

The iPhone of the future may be smart enough to figure out exactly who stole it

In the future, stealing an iPhone could be a dangerous game to play, as Touch ID, machine learning, and the camera system could be used to identify the culprit.

WhatsApp to share user data with Facebook, but you can opt out

Now that WhatsApp has surpassed a billion users, it's time to monetize the service. The company is now sharing some user data with its parent company, Facebook, and it has a plan to bring businesses into its popular messaging app.

Series creator hints that ‘Mortal Kombat XL’ is headed to the PC

Fans were furious when the second set of DLC fighters for Mortal Kombat X skipped the PC, but it seems that the super-sized version of the game might make its way to the platform after all.
Cool Tech

Houston, we have a problem: Ambitious space mission faces major danger

The researchers discovered that StarChips face two dangers from heavy atoms and gas floating around in space. For one, collisions with the atoms would wear away at the probe and lead to melting of up to 30 percent of the its mass.

Uber gives drivers a chance to save for retirement

Uber still considers drivers independent contractors, but will offer app-driven retirement savings account as a benefit. The company promises no related fees for the first year and stresses the convenience of deposits by app.

Keep tabs on your lbs with these seven smart scales

Today's scales can measure everything from your body mass index to your bone mass, and with connected apps and fitness trackers, the bathroom scale could be the central tool to help you reach your fitness goals. That said, here are seven of…