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Chinese computer manufacturers want to get in on gaming

Manufacturers including Haier, Hasee, Colorful and RaBook are reportedly trying to imitate Chinese success in the budget smartphone market by introducing new low-cost gaming laptops.

Crazy rumor suggests Samsung could offer two versions of the Galaxy Note 6

Already looking to see what's up with the next Galaxy Note? Here's a look at the latest news and rumors surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, including talk of an early release to jump ahead of the next iPhone.

Some Tesla owners already have the 75-kilowatt-hour Model S

Tesla will soon officially add a 75kWh battery pack option for the Model S, but some cars already have it. Owners will have to pay to unlock the extra capacity via a software update, though.

Paying for Tinder? So are 1 million other people

Tinder has hit 1 million paying customers, and while this is but 1 percent of the app's total 100 million strong user base (or at least, downloads), it's a pretty impressive milestone all the same.

Want some security advice? Don’t reset your passwords too often

On Thursday, in observance of World Password Day, the U.K. government urged its citizens not to change their passwords so frequently, claiming that this practice is actually more harmful than it is helpful.
Cool Tech

This grabber claw was inspired by the terrifying mouths of sea urchins

Engineers at UC San Diego created a grabber claw inspired by the powerful mouths of sea urchins. Once attached to a Martian rover, the claw device could be used to more effectively collect samples of soil and rock from Mars…

Why are the major tech and car companies looking for land around San Francisco?

Major car manufacturers, as well as Google and Apple, are all in the market for northern California real estate. Autonomous car research and development in Silicon Valley and San Francisco makes the area the center of action.

New V8 uses trick tech to make Porsche’s next-gen models faster and more efficient

Porsche has announced a brand new V8 engine that will be inaugurated by the next-gen Panamera. The twin-turbo mill is more powerful than its predecessor, but it can potentially use 30 percent less gas thanks to a cylinder de-activation…
Cool Tech

A high school kid just built a machine to grow ‘mini brains’ that could aid Zika research

A high schooler's summer session at Johns Hopkins University led to the creation of a machine that may give neuroscientists new insight into brains and the conditions that affect them.
Cool Tech

Autonomous surgical robots are practicing on pigs

The next time you check into the hospital to undergo an operation, you may be surprised by the doctor who is scheduled to perform the procedure. Instead of a physician, your next surgeon may be a STAR, a Smart Tissue Autonomous Robot.
Virtual Reality

Paranoia patients cured by facing their fears in virtual reality

Oxford University researchers have treated patients who suffer from “persecutory delusions,” a severe form of paranoia, by asking them to confront their specific fears in virtual reality.