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China forces app stores to monitor users for 60 days

As the notoriously controlling Chinese government continues to tighten its grip around the digital goings-on around the nation, it's now released a new set of regulations that could affect more than half a billion Chinese smartphone users.

Super sampling dramatically boosts HTC Vive visuals

If you have some spare graphical power beyond that required by consumer-grade virtual reality, you can now use super sampling to massively improve the visual clarity of everything you do in VR, making text in particular much easier to read.
Cool Tech

NASA awards $5.1 million contract to recycle pee

Urine is big business for Paragon Space Development Corporation. NASA just awarded the Tucson-based company a $5.1 million contract to develop and deliver a water recovery system to help astronauts reclaim fresh, potable water from their…

New Windows 10 build fixes 1,800 bugs ahead of Anniversary Update

Microsoft isin the process of releasing rapid-fire preview builds designed to iron out as many bugs as possible from Windows 10 before the much-anticipated Anniversary Update goes live.

China smartphone makers snap up patents in fight for market dominance

Stepping into the ring to fight over China and its prime smartphone market are the country's own smartphone makers, as they begin to acquire patents by way of licensing deals, acquisitions, and a whole lot of money.

Bye-bye, home button: Apple's iPhone 7 may revamp the iconic button

Forget about the iPhone 6S -- that's already old news. Rumors have already started to spread about Apple's latest offering, the iPhone 7, a device we almost certainly won't see until the end of 2016.

German engineers 3D-printed a camera that’s smaller than a grain of salt

This 3D-printed camera may be about the size of a grain of salt, but it has three lenses and an LED light. Small enough to be injected, this camera concept could be used in medicine, robotics, drones, and more.

Four new Mass Effect novels will chart the path to ‘Andromeda’

Hugo Award nominee N.K. Jemisin and BioWare scribe Mac Walters are among the writers tapped to produce new Mass Effect novels to bridge the gap between the original trilogy and 'Andromeda.'
Cool Tech

Watch this Miniature Falcon 9 rocket nail its barge landing

YouTube user and RC hobbyist ajw61185 built a Falcon 9 model rocket that not only looks impressive, it also is outstanding at it landings. In a video clip, the model is shown landing on barge floating in a swimming pool.

Gas station chain shows interest in charging stations, talks with Tesla underway

Electric cars require a network of charging stations for long trips. Gas stations foresee gasoline sales dropping. Joining the two sounds like a plan, and Tesla is already in talks with a major mid-Atlantic gas station network about…
Product Review

AMD Radeon RX 480 video card Review

AMD's RX 480 thrashes Nvidia by setting a new bar for budget gaming performance.
Home Theater

Hitachi will be the next company to offer Roku-enabled TVs, starting this fall

With Roku-enabled TVs apparently increasing in popularity, Hitachi America Ltd. has signed a deal to become to next manufacturer to offer smart TVs running the Roku operating system in the U.S.