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Privacy comes at a price: Super secure GranitePhone is yours for $850

Looking for a smartphone that's s secure as Fort Knox? The Sikur GranitePhone is built from the ground up with security and secure messaging in mind, and can help ensure your secrets don't ever get out.

Honor 7i renamed the ShotX for Europe, remains the weirdest selfie phone we’ve seen

We've seen big selfie cams, small selfie cams, high resolution selfie cams, and now -- Huawei's given us a flip selfie cam. The phone is called the Honor 7i, and here's everything you need to know about it.

Check a project off your list of home improvements with a $500 Visa gift card from HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor lets you find a prescreened plumber, carpenter or even house cleaner for your next project, then book them on demand. And we're giving away two $500 Visa gift cards to two lucky winners!

AT&T finally introduces Mexico to the wonders of 4G LTE

After spending close to $4.5 billion in purchases, AT&T finally announced its 4G LTE network rollout into Mexico, starting with six cities. Over the course of three years, AT&T hopes to blanket as many as 100 million Mexican subscribers.
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Get a sneak peek at Daredevil season 2, fresh from NYC Comic Con

Daredevil season 2 isn't coming till 2016, but fans can tide themselves over with a new teaser that debuted at New York Comic Con. The short preview gives first glimpses at new characters Elektra and the Punisher.
Cool Tech

Boeing’s latest video explains how scientists built microlattice, the world’s lightest metal

Despite being made entirely from metal, microlattice is actually 100 times lighter than styrofoam -- so light, in fact, that it can rest on top of a dandelion blossom without destroying it.
Product Review

Creative Sound Blaster Roar 2 Review

After trimming its mane, Creative's Roar 2 is leaner but no less fierce.
Movies & TV

Fantasy Island gets rebooted (again), this time with a female lead

The reboots keep on coming. Sony TV is rebooting Fantasy Island for ABC yet again, but this time the series will feature a female lead. The character of Mr. Roarke, owner of a company that helps people live out their fantasies, will be a…
Android Army

The Pepsi phone is real, and here’s what it looks like

The Pepsi P1 will go on sale in China later this year, Pepsi said. It's the beverage conglomerate's first branded Android smartphone, and it features Pepsi's signature logo.

It’s finally happened — scientists construct part of a rat brain in a computer

Reverse engineering has never looked quite as cool as it does now that scientists have managed to partially reconstruct a rat brain out of nothing more than a computer. That's right - no organic matter was harmed in the making of the brain.

GMC’s 2016 Sierra Denali is a truck that wishes it was a luxury car

The GMC Sierra Denali gets a major refresh for 2016, with new styling and more tech.
Movies & TV

Leonardo DiCaprio set to produce movie about the Volkswagen emissions scandal

Volkswagen's clean diesel scandal is coming to the big screen, and Leonardo DiCaprio is along for the ride. The actor is set to produce the Paramount Pictures film, along with Jennifer Davisson.