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The first photograph of a presidential inauguration required a mobile darkroom

If you time traveled back to the presidential inauguration 150 years ago, you'd be swapping that smartphone camera for a wet plate camera that required bringing along an entire darkroom.

OneDrive for Android takes the hassle out of deleting backed-up photos

Microsoft's OneDrive for Android is getting a new feature that should help make file management a little easier -- now, the app will ask users if they want to delete photos that have been backed up.

343 Industries details ‘Halo Wars 2’ multiplayer mode to kick off open beta

Friday marks the start of the Halo Wars 2 open beta. Players can test out the game's card-based multiplayer mode Blitz, which challenges commanders to build a deck that can control the battlefield.

At urging of aides, President Trump gives up his personal smartphone

The Associated Press reports that Donald Trump has traded his personal smartphone -- reportedly a Samsung Galaxy phone -- for a "secure" alternative with limited calling and internet capabilities.

Leaked Galaxy S8 case render shows mysteriously absent top speaker grill

After the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, Samsung is likely thrilled to turn its attention to making this year's flagship, which we know as the Galaxy S8. Here's everything we think we know about the phone so far.

FoxNext division will spearhead Fox’s expansion into virtual reality and more

Twenty-first Century Fox announced the creation of a new division that will focus on delivering new experiences with new technology, such as virtual reality supplements to the company's cinematic releases.

Worlds collide as ‘Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3’ hits Xbox One, PC in March

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and updated version of Capcom's acclaimed fighter, hits Xbox One and PC in March. It was previously ported to the PlayStation 4 last year and will also see a physical release on both consoles.
Movies & TV

'xXx: Return of Xander Cage' shifts into high gear as a Fast & Furious spy movie

Vin Diesel's return in 'xXx: Return of Xander Cage' uses the 'Fast and Furious' formula to make the franchise fun again.

Forget physical buttons: Amazon launches digital Dash buttons for ordering products

Apparently, pushing a physical button in order to activate one-touch ordering isn't easy enough for us. And as a result, Amazon has launched a digital version of its Dash buttons.

Can VR improve experience of buying a car? Jaguar Land Rover thinks so

Jaguar Land Rover is shipping virtual reality kits to dealers as a new way of showing off its latest models. The VR kits will allow customers to view life-size re-creations of the company's cars.
Cool Tech

Pests begone! BioClay offers a safe and sustainable alternative to pesticides

A research team at the University of Queensland in Australia is developing a product called BioClay, an alternative to pesticides they say is effective and environmentally sustainable.

Chinese photo-editing app Meitu faces privacy concerns over data collection

Meet Meitu, the Chinese app taking the world by storm with its instant beautifying effects that turn you into whomever you want to be -- in your photographs, that is. Meitu is now facing a host of privacy concerns over data collection.