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LG to invest $1.75 billion in its OLED display business to keep up with rivals

LG has announced a $1.75 billion investment in its OLED display business. It'll seek to ramp up production of displays for mobile devices to help stave off industry rivals like Samsung.

Installing Osram Lightify smart bulbs could gift wrap your Wi-Fi password to hackers

Security researchers from Rapid7 have reported that Osram's Lightify smart light bulbs store unencrypted copies of an owner's Wi-Fi password in its application, making it easy for hackers to access anything on the network.

Getty Images is bringing nearly a million dollars in cameras, lenses to the Rio Olympics

Getty Images recently shared a pair of images showing off how much gear it plans on taking to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. As you might expect for the largest sporting event in the world, Getty isn’t packing light.
Movies & TV

Disney’s young Han Solo film will likely have company

At this point, trilogies are pretty much par for the Star Wars course. When all is said and done, the main saga will be comprised of three of them, and it seems the Han Solo anthology project is eyeing a multi-film arc as well.

RAW-only mode and two-minute long exposures come to the Leica Q

Based on feedback from customers, Leica has issued a firmware update for the compact Leica Q that offers several usability improvements, as well as new features designed to be user-friendly and give photographers more creative freedom.
Cool Tech

A British artist spent 10 years teaching this robot how to draw, and it totally shows

London artist Patrick Tresset has turned to robots for his artistic expression, creating a system that is "artistic, expressive, and obsessive." Tresset's robots are so refined that they are capable of creating actual works of…

Growing startup Zeek helps you get rid of all those gift cards you don’t want

Gift cards may seem like a safe present, but every once in awhile, you may find yourself stuck with one you just know you'll never use. Zeek is a startup that seeks to help you sell all that store credit you know you'll never use.

Is Apple tossing USB Type-C technology into a possible new MacBook Air?

The latest rumor from the upstream supply chain claims Apple will provide USB Type-C technology in a new MacBook Air model. However, there's a good chance Apple won't release a new MacBook Air, offering thin, light MacBook and MacBook Pro…

'Marvel Ultimate Alliance,' its sequel get remastered releases for Xbox One, PS4, PC

Activision plots a massive superhero team-up this week, with newly remastered PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC versions of its classic action RPGs Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.
Movies & TV

‘Arrested Development’ season 5 in the works, may shoot in 2017

Netflix has promised to deliver Arrested Development season 5 to fans, and creator Mich Hurwitz is writing it now. If season 5 does proceed, it could begin shooting in early 2017, says Hurwitz.

VW recalling more than 5,600 vehicles over issue with back seat child locks

The rear seat child locks on 5,658 recalled 2016 Volkswagen CCs, Golf Rs, Tiguans, and e-Golfs can disengage due to vibration. Unrestrained children in the backseat who accidentally open a door could fall out. Dealers will contact owners.