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Puff Daddy’s new star-studded mixtape MMM lands on iTunes

Puff Daddy releases his new mixtape, which brings the rapper back to his Harlem roots, on iTunes Friday. He has said the body of work is a prelude to his final album, No Way Out 2, coming in 2016.

Koenigsegg vs. the ‘holy trinity:’ Sweden comes out on top in 0-186 mph comparison

In response to a customer question, Koenigsegg has published a press release that compares the performance specs of its cars to those of the Porsche 918 Spyder, Ferrari LaFerrari, and McLaren P1. As it turns out, the Swedish brand stacks up…

Samsung fan? Check out its Black Friday deals on tablets, phones, and more

Samsung's deals for Black Friday went live, a few days ahead of the big day. The company is offering hundreds of deals on wearables, TVs, tablets, and more. You can find most of its smartphone deals through the various carriers.

Cadillac will make PHEV versions of most models instead of going all-electric … yet

Cadillac will reportedly add plug-in hybrid versions of almost all its models, starting with the CT6 hybrid flagship. The luxury automaker claims PHEV makes more sense than all-electric vehicles at this time.
Movies & TV

Jimmy Kimmel gets fans hopes up for a Captain America: Civil War trailer reveal tonight

The highly anticipated Captain America: Civil War trailer may make its debut sooner than hoped for. Jimmy Kimmel teased a "big surprise" on tonight's episode with guests Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans.
Cool Tech

Ulo is an adorable owl that monitors your home

The Ulo is a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign for a small home monitoring owl that communicates through its eye expressions and is compatible with IFTTT recipes. It's also incredibly cute.
Health & Fitness

DietSensor food-scanning app wins CES 2016 Innovation Award Honors

SCiO, the handheld sensor that works with DietSensor app, uses spectrometry to chemically analyze food and help people stick to a their diet. Hold it about half an inch from your meal, and calories, carbs, protein, fat, and alcohol levels…

Thief, Sacred 3 free via Xbox Games with Gold in December

Microsoft revealed next month's slate of free-to-download games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, naming the stealth-action franchise reboot Thief and action-RPG The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing as next month's Xbox One freebies.
Cool Tech

NASA is going to launch two rockets into the Northern Lights this weekend, for science

NASA just announced it intends to launch two sounding rockets through the Northern Lights in Norway to study the cusp aurora phenomenon's magnetic fields. The window for launch officially opens on November 27.
Home Theater

A download you can’t refuse: The Godfather trilogy lands on iTunes for $10

The holidays aren't even here, but iTunes is offering up The Godfather trilogy at a massive bargain. The digital version of the complete saga is now just $10, compared to its usual price of $45.
Cool Tech

‘You need things like straps’ when it comes to sex in space, says Neil DeGrasse Tyson

What requires straps, a lot of determination, and two consenting individuals? Sex in space, of course. "Everything is different when you are having sex in a weightless environment," Tyson explained.