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Amazon Echo continues AI domination into 2017

Amazon's Echo is dominating the AI space, with its integration into the massive Amazon inventory a key component to its success. As 2017 unfolds, Echo faces increased competition from companies like Google.
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Five shows to stream this week: Unfortunate events, con men, Iranian horror

How are you going to get through this week? By following our guide to the finest films and TV shows available to stream, of course. On the list this week: 'Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events' gets another shot at the screen…

Redecorating the secret lair? Bodyfriend Aventar massage chair will fit right in

The Bodyfriend Aventar massage chair is smart enough to scan your body for health stats but also works as a gaming chair. It can react to VR videos or games, vibrating along to add an extra dimension.

Skip the hotel room and sleep comfortably in your car with these tips and gear

We’ve all seen the Instagram account of the guy with the tricked out Sprinter, complete with custom solar panels, multi-sport racks and off-roading wheels. But you don’t need a decked out camper van to sleep in your car. In fact, with…

No journal required: This smart baby-food processor tracks tot’s meals for you

Did little baby Zaylon eat peas or carrots yesterday? Is he getting enough zinc? The Nutribaby + Connect is a smart baby food processor that uses an app to help keep track of what your child eats and suggests new recipes.
Movies & TV

Lucasfilm will not create a CGI Princess Leia for future Star Wars films

Carrie Fisher passed away just before Christmas, and just after the most recent Star Wars movie debuted. Lucasfilm has now stated it has "no plans" to recreate Princess Leia via CGI.

USDOT forms wide-ranging blue-ribbon federal automation advisory panel

The U.S. Department of Transportation formed an automation advisory committee whose members include private and public sector leaders from major companies, universities, cities, and advocacy groups.

How to map network folders drives, on both Windows and Mac

Shared directories are more useful than you might think, especially for students and business owners. Thankfully, linking them with your local drive is easy, regardless of whether you're using Windows or MacOS.

Hackers could gain complete control of an Intel-based PC using a USB 3.0 port

Researchers at Positive Technologies have discovered that PCs based on Intel's sixth and seventh-generation CPUs can be hacked via USB 3.0. The problem is based on Intel's Direct Connect Interface that links to the JTAG debugging…

Time machine brings Smeg's retro-style yet tech-filled Portofino range back from the 1950s

Retro style meets modern technology in Smeg's latest cutting-edge range dubbed the Portofino. The Italian appliance manufacturer took to the KBIS 2017 showroom floor in Orlando, Florida to show off the new unit.

Respawn is gracing Titanfall 2 with new maps, Pilot-only Live Fire mode

Titanfall 2 is getting rid of Titans altogether in a new mode called Live Fire that fuses Team Deathmatch with Capture the flag. Live Fire is joined by three new maps, two of which are exclusive to the new mode.

TouchSense, a haptic technology, will be implemented in the Nintendo Switch's touchscreen

A multi-year deal has been reached between Nintendo and Immersive to enhance the haptic technology of the Switch's touchscreen with Immersion's TouchSense. Developers will have full access to the TouchSense software suite.