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Virtual Reality

I used VR to walk through a $10 million painting, and it was literally surreal

To commemorate a spectacular surrealist art auction, Sotheby's has made its first VR film, where we have the chance to enter the strange worlds of Dali, Magritte, and others. We went along to try it out.
Movies & TV

Box office hits and misses: ‘Get Out’ bumps ‘Lego Batman’ for huge debut

Jordan Peele's directorial debut was a big win for the Key and Peele co-creator, with thriller Get Out knocking off The Lego Batman Movie with an impressive $30.5 million opening weekend.

Cricket's unlimited data customers could soon see speeds cut during peak hours

Bad news for unlimited data customers on Cricket Wireless: the prepaid carrier has announced it will begin throttling those who have used more than 22GB in a month during times of network congestion.

Spectators no more: New feature lets you buy games on Twitch

Don't just play games on Twitch. Buy them, too. On Monday, the Amazon-owned live streaming video platform announced its entrance into the computer video game market. You can buy games or in-game content via a new "Buy" button.
Virtual Reality

HTC talks release dates, pricing for Vive peripherals, offers headset payment plan

HTC has announced when its Vive Tracker and deluxe audio strap peripherals will be made available to developers, as well as how much they will cost. It also detailed a new payment program for the Vive headset.
Home Theater

Youtube becomes even more ubiquitous, lands on Comcast’s Xfinity X1 service

On Monday, Comcast and Google announced that YouTube will is coming this year for subscribers of Comcast's Xfinity X1 service, following previously added services like Netflix and Sling TV.

MIT’s ‘Super Smash Bros. Melee’ AI can beat world’s top-ranked players

Researchers at MIT have been able to train an artificial intelligence to play Super Smash Bros. Melee well enough that the bot beat human competitors who are ranked in the top 100 players worldwide.

Best Buy, Target, and GameStop to have limited Nintendo Switch stock for walk-in customers on launch day

The Nintendo Switch may make it to the masses eventually, but, currently, pre-orders are hard to come by. Here's where you can currently find the new console listed for purchase.
Social Media

Facebook is working with local partners to build infrastructure in Uganda

It may have over a billion monthly users, but Facebook still isn't done connecting the world. On Monday, the social network announced a new initiative "to build shared fiber backhaul connectivity in Uganda."

How to pick the right MicroSD card for the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch uses cartridge-based games, but its internal storage may fill up quicker than you'd think. Here's what you should consider when picking out a microSD card to expand your Switch's storage capacity.

Volvo’s next-gen XC60 will turn heads with its Swedish style at the Geneva show

Volvo will introduce the second-generation XC60 during the Geneva Auto Show. The model will ride on the same SPA platform as the XC90, but it will feature a look of its own and a much smaller footprint.
Home Theater

Change to Dolby Vision HDR means it may come to a wider range of equipment

Dolby Vision is lauded as possibly the best HDR technology available, and now it is available in software form, meaning it could come to an even wider range of hardware than the competing HDR10 standard.