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Periscope’s new Couchmode feature lets you explore random streams fast

Periscope's new Couchmode for desktop lets you easily hit random streams to see whatever folks around the world are doing on the app. You don't need to sign up or sign in, so it's a great way to see what Periscope's all about if you're not in the know.

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Rich kids flaunt wealth on Instagram and Snapchat, will make your blood boil

Rich kids are taking to social media to rub their parents' wealth in everyone's faces. The "Rich Kids of Instagram" and "Rich Kids of Snapchat" accounts display in-your-face wealth.

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Facebook uses Lollapalooza to test a new live-streaming feature

If you can't get to Lollapalooza this weekend, Facebook has you covered: The world's biggest social network is testing a new Snapchat-style feature for streaming posts from live events.

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Chris Pratt calls for fan-created Facebook cover photos, hilarity ensues

Chris Pratt has launched a fan contest that will save him the trouble of having to create his next Facebook cover photo. Instead, he'll just have to wade through thousands of fan entries.

Facebook’s Aquila is a solar-powered drone that beams Internet down to earth

Facebook's testing autonomous, solar-powered aircraft capable of beaming Internet down to earth from the stratosphere. They haven't yet entered the testing phase, but Facebook expects them to deliver downlink speeds of up to 10Gbps.

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This guy quit his high-paying job to Periscope full-time

In June, Jon Jacques gained the courage to quit his high-paying job so he could Periscope full-time. Now, he's turned his hobby into a career and is helping those in need with donations he receives.

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Zuck says VR is Facebook’s next big thing as company reports healthy Q2 figures

Before Facebook gets into telepathy, Mark Zuckerberg says trends suggest virtual reality will soon become a major part of his social networking service. The CEO was speaking following the release of Q2 figures that beat expectations.

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Want to argue about politics and religion? Take it to this new social network

If you shy away from discussing big topics like politics, religion, and social news on the big-name social networks, but are still keen to make your voice heard, you'll want Roust. The new, invite-only social network positively encourages it.

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German privacy group pushes Facebook to allow the use of pseudonyms

Facebook insists on its users presenting their real name. A German privacy group takes issue with the policy and believes it to be a violation of privacy. Hamburg Data Protection Authority intends get users the right to use pseudonyms.

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Twitter’s U.S. user growth stalls as revenue jumps

Data published Tuesday for Twitter's Q2 showed sluggish global user growth, while in the U.S it didn't increase at all on the previous quarter. Better news came in relation to revenue, which jumped 61 percent on a year earlier to reach $502.4 million.

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Getting too many notifications of Periscope broadcasts? New ‘mute’ feature limits the noise

If you're an avid Periscope viewer but feel a little put upon when notifications from an over-enthusiastic user pop up on your phone a little too often, the live-streaming app's latest feature helps quieten things down.

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Google+ cuts its ties with YouTube, but don’t delete your account yet

Google announced that it will separate Google+ from YouTube, so users can upload videos and comment without the need for a Google+ account. However, if you have a YouTube channel, it would be a huge mistake to delete your Google+ account right now.

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Hulk Hogan stokes the flames, equates his use of the N-word to Obama’s

Hulk Hogan is floundering, retweeting a comment that implies his recent firing for using the N-word is similar to Obama's use of the word in a frank discussion about race, which came from a recent interview with Marc Maron.

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Hacker takes down website with stories of alleged Cosby victims

Parts of New York magazine's website were temporarily offline after the publication launched a story about victims of Bill Cosby's alleged sexual abuse.


Snapchat to let more publishers use its Discover feature, report says

Snapchat is allowing more publishers to use its Discover feature. This means more multimedia content available for its users. Publishers who are reported to come on board include Buzzfeed and Vox.

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