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Facebook’s ‘Safety Check’ tool lets friends know you’re OK when a disaster hits

Although many people already connect through Facebook to check up on the safety of friends caught up in a disaster, a new tool rolled out by the social networking giant on Wednesday aims to make the process even simpler.


‘We got carried away with ourselves': Bono says sorry for pushing album to iTunes users

Bono said the band got "a little carried away" with its recent 'Songs of Innocence' promotion that saw the album pushed to millions of handsets via iTunes. Speaking during a Q&A session on Facebook, U2's frontman apologized to disgruntled iTunes users.


Imgur launches Project GIFV for creating animated GIFs that look like video

Despite its popularity, the animated GIF uses old technology that's no longer efficient for modern Web browsing. Imgur has created the GIFV format, which converts large GIF files into smaller-file MP4 videos that function like animated GIFs.


Don’t joke about ebola on an airplane or a hazmat crew will detain you

So a man walks onto a plan and says, "I have ebola. You're all screwed!" Then people in hazmat suits take him away to a tiny room for questioning.

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Get ready, Snapchat users – ads are coming soon, CEO confirms

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel confirmed Wednesday that the ephemeral messaging app will soon include ads as the startup sets about monetizing the service. Marketers' content is likely to appear first in Snapchat's Stories feature, Spiegel said.


Another one out: Twitter news chief quits in latest executive departure

Twitter's head of news announced Wednesday she's leaving the company after less than a year in the job. Vivian Schiller joins a growing list of executives who've departed Twitter in 2014.

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Twitter sues US government in bid to share more information on state surveillance

Twitter announced Tuesday it's suing the US government in an effort to obtain permission to publish details revealing the full extent of the surveillance of Twitter users by state agencies.

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Study: U.S. teens abandon Facebook and cling to iPhones

With approximately $2,700 to spend on clothing, electronics and other items this year, U.S. teens are flocking to the Apple store for new iPhones while ignoring Mom and Dad's friend request on Facebook.

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Top 10 tweets from the iPhone 6 #Hairgate Scandal

Owners of the new iPhone 6 are now complaining about #Hairgate and #Beardgate. It's turned into a big joke on Twitter. Here are the best tweets we found.


Facebook Messenger is ready for mobile payments between friends

Facebook Messenger may soon support mobile payments. A Stanford student uncovered the feature hidden in the code of the app. Facebook could charge for the service.


FireChat downloads spike as Hong Kong protesters turn to the off-the-grid messaging app

Off-the-grid messaging app FireChat has seen a spike in users in recent days as pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong download it in their thousands. The app is unaffected by congested cellular networks and cannot be easily blocked by the authorities.


Facebook could soon take more of an interest in your health

Facebook has plans to get into health and fitness, according to new reports — dedicated groups on the site and spin-off mobile apps could be used to help look after the well-being of users.

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Here’s what Google, Twitter, Instagram, and other sites would have looked like in the 1980s

These YouTube videos give you a glimpse of what today's popular websites and services like Google, Instagram, Skype, Spotify, and others would have looked like back in the 1980s. Tubular!


New Google messaging app rumored for 2015, with no Google account needed

Google could be working on a new app to compete with WhatsApp, Line, and other popular instant messaging apps. If you're wondering what's wrong with Hangouts, this new app may not need the user to have a Google account.


Twitter invests $10 million in MIT social media research lab

Twitter has invested $10m in the creation of a new social media lab at MIT, with researchers planning to analyze the various ways in which people use social media to engage with one another and share information.

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