Anonymous steps into Kaitlyn Hunt story

Internet collective Anonymous has, again, gotten involved in attempting to right a social wrong with the release of a statement about the ongoing prosecution by Indian River County authorities of a Florida teen for having a younger…

How to stay anonymous online

You don't have to be a secret agent or a notorious hacktivist to care about anonymity. Consult this guide to learn tips, tricks, and best practices for staying anonymous and keeping your online activity private

Anonymous raises $50,000+ for a ‘citizen journalism’ news platform

Anonymous' campaign for social justice is taking a somewhat unexpected step, as the faceless organization raises more than $50,000 to fund a new website dedicated to breaking news and journalism as an alternative to the mainstream media.
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Hacker group Anonymous sets its sights on North Korea, vandalizes Twitter and Flickr accounts

Hacker group Anonymous appears to have targeted North Korea this week, plastering offensive images at various North Korean websites and overtaking others. The group also indicates its next attack would be coming later this month.
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Reuters social media editor may face jail time for colluding with Anonymous to deface Tribune site

Reuters' social media editor, Matthew Keys, is facing potential jail time for divulging to Anonmyous the Tribune Company's server's log-in credentials. He's been suspended from his position with Reuters, and could face jail time.

Anonymous attacks Westboro Baptist over threat of Newtown protest

Unleashing a hefty dose of digital vigilantism on the Westboro Baptist Church, Anonymous is attacking over exploitation of the Newtown tragedy.

Teenage hacker sentenced to six years without Internet or computers

Fifteen-year-old, Cosmo the God, pleaded guilty to a series of felonies and is sentenced to supervised web and computer access until he's 21. For a kid who shows a lot of talent for computers and hacking, this could be detrimental to his…
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All the Facebook news you may have missed this week

We've rounded up the Facebook stories from this week that we've missed and you should know about.
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New report looks at hacking trends, warns that security firms are looking in all the wrong places

Imperva's report highlights trends in hacker conversations via forums and organized online communities -- and says the security industry is dangerously overlooking all this.
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Anonymous, Amanda Todd, and the dangers of vigilante justice online

A slew of reports out this week have irresponsibly labeled a Canadian man as the person who blackmailed 15-year-old Amanda Todd, which ultimately led to her suicide last week. Here, we sift fact from speculation in a search for the truth.

Anonymous withdraws support for Wikileaks, promises dossier of unethical activity by site workers

Asking for money isn't just an annoyance when it comes to Wikileaks' latest fundraising efforts - It's also led to a withdrawal of support for the site by Anonymous, the online hackers collective who are now promising the release of a…

Digital publisher BlueToad claims to be unwitting source of leaked Apple UDIDs

BlueToad, a digital publishing company, has said it was the unwitting source of last week's leaked Apple UDID codes.